Date: 16/2/2019 15:32

Customers Q&A on Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 1 Air Rifle

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  • Omar from USA asked:

    Are you going to have the walnut stock

  • Jonathan from USA asked:

    Hill mk4 pump only goes 300 bar is this good enough for this.. P.s i dont mind the work out

    • Stanley from USA:

      Description states fill pressure is 300 bar or 4350 psi, so you should be good to go. So if your under 300 bar it just means you'll have fewer shots.

  • Kazuki from Japan asked:

    It does not make sence, but the photo of the black stock barrel is a lot longer compared to Walnut stock gun. And they both say same overall length and same air volume. Are those size correct?

    • michael from USA:

      shroud is shorter on black stock but guns are the same they do it that way to make them look differrent to tell them apart i gess this is what i was told ,do the after market moderater if ur going to hunt with it out of tree stand or blind

  • Whiteleather from USA asked:

    Is anyone shooting this Ataman bullpup in 9mm? How loud? How many shots per fill? Is it shooting only pellets, or can one use it for slugs? Any chance it can be loaded single shot...that breech looks pretty narrow.

    • Alexander from USA:

      You do not need the hearing protection outside (field, woods…). Not very loud. Around 20-25% comparing to firearm. The magazine drum made of plastic with rubber band. The bullet size and shape is limited to JSB, Domed. The other pellets falling down.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    Is PA planning on selling the Ataman airguns with the carbon fiber stocks that are mentioned on the Ataman website? 8.8lb is very heavy compared to some of the other bullpups in this price range so a lighter stock might make it usable. Otherwise, might as well buy an FX Wildcat, Cricket or Vulcan etc...

    • rojer from USA asked:

      What is loudness of this air rifle? thanks.

      • Tyler from USA:

        It's on the louder side. I'd say around a 4 on a 5 scale.

    • rmas from USA asked:

      Our you able fill it with a marauder fill probe or is what type of adapter is needed for scuba tank with a din connecter

      • Tyler from USA:

        The gun comes with two fill probes, one that has a male quick disconnect (like the marauder uses) and one that has a threaded fitting (1/8" bspp). If you are set up to fill a Marauder already, you won't need any other adapters.

    • rmas from USA asked:

      How loud is this gun and is it backyard friendly

      • Tyler from USA:

        I'd say 4 out of 5 loudness. Wouldn't consider it backyard friendly unless you've got a good bit of land.