Date: 19/8/2018 18:56

Customers Q&A on Ataman M2R Carbine Air Rifle

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  • Zachary from USA asked:

    Can the .177 cal have the regulator pressure lowered so that the energy is closer to 18 ft-lbs, making it legal for field target (and to get more shots off the regulator)?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it can be done. Though, you really wouldn't need to. You can likely make all the changes needed via the hammer spring tension adjustment at the back of the action.

  • Zachary from USA asked:

    On a 3000psi fill, how many shots are regulated on the .177 cal?

    • ted from USA asked:

      If I can only fill the .35 cal version to 3000psi, how many good shots could I expect ?

      • Gerald from USA:

        You get 11 shots on the regulator in 35cal...20 in 30cal...35 in tells you in the description & pyramid air did a review on this gun in 35cal....the only 2 shots n fall off the regulator, the guy who said that as an answer isn't correct at all

      • Tyler from USA:

        The regulator is set around 170 BAR, so you would only get about two good shots before it falls off of the regulator. The lower caliber regulators are set lower and would yield more shots.

    • Mark from USA asked:

      Will this airgun come in .30 cal. Or is that a special order item. Thanks

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes the M2R Tact 1 Carbine in stock 7-29-16 .

    • Christian from USA asked:

      is this the bolt action listed on the Ataman website? or is this the side lever? any details?

      • michael from USA:

        bolt action sucks anyway you ever take a deer with headshot if ur off a little you dont want to see him flonder follow up shot is verry quick

      • michael from USA:

        those are older pics

      • Tyler from USA:

        It is a side lever. All of the rifle actions Pyramyd sells from Ataman are side levers.

    • zachary from USA asked:

      What kind of 9mm pellets can I use ?

      • Gerald from USA:

        81grn jsb..they did a review on this gun in get 10 good shots at 907 fps ..143 45 yards 3/4" hole that was 5 shots...has a built in regulator, you can load it without taking out the clip.300 bar fill..comes with 2 probes as well..go on pyramid air website,is were u say it..he did say it was a lol heavy..overall perfect gun..little crack to it also..

      • Tyler from USA:

        The JSB pellets are what they test with and are what will likely shoot best.