Date: 19/3/2019 12:9

Customers Q&A on Beeman AR2078A CO2 Target Rifle

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  • James from USA asked:

    My favorite CO2 target rifle that I own (and probably my favorite pellet rifle period) is the version of this with a side cocking lever instead of a bolt. It is an AR2078B. I've had it about two years, but I've never seen it for sale on PA. Is it available? I wouldn't mind picking up another because my son likes shooting it so much, too.

    • James from USA:

      I bought it as a Beeman SAG AR2078B-177 from another source. It came with a side lever and diopter target sites like on the thumbhole AR2078. It's a CO2, but I find the small side lever loading far superior to the bolt. After further checking, I bought it in December of 2017. As my 16 YO sun puts it "Dad, why did you even buy any other air rifles?"

    • Tyler from USA:

      I've not seen a side lever version of a QB/AR2078 for sale in the USA...anywhere. Would be interested to know more about it.

  • Tom from USA asked:

    Can the front sight be moved back so a moderator can be added?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It certainly appears to be movable.

  • Terry from USA asked:

    Echoing the question from Ryan, and more: Can any one tell me what inserts are compatible with the front sight? What sizes are the front and rear apertures as delivered with the rifle? Does the Air Arms Front Sight Inserts, 4ct item, item # Air Arms Front Sight Inserts,..., offer larger or smaller inserts? I need to see more of the target, so would like a larger front aperture.

    • Terry from USA asked:

      What rear sight did your 2078 come with, peep/aperture/diopter or open notched blade?

      • Terry from USA:

        I received mine yesterday evening, and it came with both! (neither attached to the rifle).

    • Stephanie from Canada asked:

      How is the CO2 tank filled? Does it take 88 gram cartridges, or does it have to be filled from a separate reservoir with a hose and connector?

      • ryan from USA:

        This one uses 12g capsules. If you want to bulk fill, look into the ar2079a. They make an adapter for the 88g.

    • ryan from USA asked:

      Can any one tell me what inserts are compatible with the front sight? They are supposed to be a copy of an old auschutz design. Where to acquire?