Date: 26/9/2020 2:0

Customers Q&A on Beeman Double Barrel Air Rifle

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  • Larry from USA asked:

    What's the point?

    • Kelly A from USA:

      Fun , what's your point , besides negative . For running target , rabbit or mechanical this rifle is KILLER :-) I'm getting 860 fps on the Chronograph firing both barrels at once with RWS Rifle .177 Meisterkugelns . NUFF SAID !

  • Quinn from USA asked:

    does one trigger pull fire both barrels? or is it like a one-trigger shotgun where one pull fires the top or bottom barrel and the second trigger pull fires the other barrel?

    • Carlton from USA:

      I am expecting one tomorrow 6-28-16. . .both barrells .177. I contacted Beeman and they said that this version double barrel shoots both barrels at once. They have another that is dual caliber .177 & .22 double barrel that has a selector switch to shoot individual barrels.

    • Kelly A from USA:

      They make this model with a selector , its on the breech itself , blocks one port or none . This isn't that issue rifle, but you still have to cock it each time

    • Chevota from USA:

      The only way it could work is to fire both barrels at the same time with the one trigger pull. You would not have the option to fire it single shot unless you blocked one transfer port, which is possible. Imo the gun is just a novelty.

    • Kelly A from USA:

      I just got mine yesterday FED EX , shoots both barrels at once , no selector lever , only in .177 both barrels . Its 8.0 lbs. Nicely made all in all.

  • lance from USA asked:

    Beeman imports this from someone. Is this Chinese manufacture?

    • Kelly A from USA:

      This is a Beeman " Sport " , all are imported from China . NOT same division as Beeman that imports exports from Germany under HW .

  • Kade from Canada asked:

    Is there any word on a Canadian version that can be shipped to Canada?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Have not heard or seen anything along those lines

  • Omar from USA asked:

    What would the FPE be in this rifle?

    • Kelly A from USA:

      Edit , just arrived , only .177 both barrels

    • Kelly A from USA:

      It says 700 for .177 , the .22 barrel will be shooting less