Date: 21/1/2021 6:16

Customers Q&A on Beeman P1 Air Pistol

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  • Larry from USA asked:

    Will a laser fit the Beeman P1 pistol?

    • Jeffrey from USA asked:

      Is it normal for the cocking arms to rattle so much?

      • Mark from USA:

        It should not rattle. Check the hinges and other fittings. Something appears to be loose that should not be.

    • KC from USA asked:

      Will a laser fit on it?

      • mike from USA asked:

        what is pyramid classifing as refurbished .

        • Tyler from USA:

          A refurb Could be an item returned by a customer, could have been used for photography and/or could have been used for promotional purposes. Guns in this category may have been shot. May show evidence of handling and normal wear from use.

      • Chris from USA asked:

        My friend's HW45 has glowing dots on the sights. The P1 photos don't show them. Anyone know? My friend also has the HW75... I don't like the slot sight.

        • pcp4me from USA:

          My P1 does NOT have any glowing dots, and I prefer it that way!

      • William from USA asked:

        I bought a Beeman P1 .20 caliber. Literature says it has 2 power levels. The manual that came with it doesn't say how to get the 2 power levels. The video says only the P1 .177 has 2 power levels. Which is correct?

        • Stanley from USA:

          According to the Pick Your Option Tab all three calibers have two power levels?

        • pcp4me from USA:

          AGAIN, have to back up here. Was just shooting my .20 caliber P1, and SURPRISE! It DOES have two power levels. Never noticed before, but it has a low at about 90 degrees barrel to frame angle, and high at about 165 degrees barrel to frame angle. Never noticed before because I never knew it was supposed to have two power levels! Imagine!

        • pcp4me from USA:

          I have to back up here. Currently the site says the .20 caliber has TWO power levels. IF so, you cock the gun to the first click (90 degree angle to the frame) for low, and cock it to the second click (180 degree arc from cocked and locked.) for high power. If there is no click at the 90 degree point, you have only one power like my .20 P1.!

        • pcp4me from USA:

          As far as I know, Stanley is correct. Only the .177 has two power levels and to me even that is superfluous! I would always use the highest power level any way. My .20 cal P1 only has one power level.

        • Stanley from USA:

          Only the .177 has two power levels .

      • Gregory from Canada asked:

        Is the Beeman p1 really the exact same pistol in every way as the Weihrauch hw45?

        • pcp4me from USA:

          They are the same. They may be ADVERTISED at different velocities, but than again, different manufactures may use different pellets for their velocity numbers!

        • Greg from USA:

          They are the same gun made in the same German factory and use all the same interchangeable parts. They are just stamped differently depending on whether the gun is to be marketed by Beeman or Weihrauch.

        • Robert from USA:

          No. They are different velocities.

      • Fred from USA asked:

        Will the grips on the HW75 fit on the P1 and if so, can I purchase?

        • Robert from USA:

          They should. Both guns are, or were made by Weihrauch. I have a 1980's Beeman P1. I had installed Pachmayr combat grips for a colt 45, and currently am using Beeman exotic hardwood combat grips. Anything that will fit a Colt .45 should fit a P1.

      • Keith from USA asked:

        In shooting a P17 I had difficulty inserting the pellet. Is the P1 as tight quarters in the loading chamber?

        • Douglas from USA:

          You mean P3 or HW40 knock off

        • pcp4me from USA:

          By the way, the P17 is one hell of a gun for the price! Very accurate! Not in the same class as a P1 for materials, as it is mostly polymer or plastic. But for the price a good gun for practice!

        • Robert from USA:

          I have a P1 I purchased in the 1980's. The P17 is a cheap knock off of the P1, so the general dimensions are similar, and so the loading of the guns is very similar. The rifled barrel for the P1 is hand made of German ordinance steel and is nicely beveled where the pellet is inserted. I watched a youtube video to reference the P17. The video explains how the pellets are a really tight fit in the barrel. The video never mentioned the brand of pellet used, but I use high end German pellets made for Beeman, like the Beeman H&N Match .177 Cal 8.18 Grain Wadcutter. The loading process is about the same, but the pellets and barrels on these two guns are not in the same league. I doubt that P17 barrel is German steel, or even ordinance steel, and no way was is hand made. A gun that cheaply made cannot have the kind of tolerances of a P1. My P1 is also partly T6 aircraft aluminum and exotic hardwood, where as the P17 is not. However, we are talking apples and oranges here. A vintage P1 is hand made in Germany and costs more than ten times what a P17 costs. Kind of like comparing the family car to a formula 1 racer. Different worlds entirely.

      • Fred from USA asked:

        What is the scope mounting rail 11 or 14 mm??!

        • Stanley from USA:

          Specs say 11mm.

      • Steve S from USA asked:

        Howdy. Several years ago I purchased a .177 P1 from Pyramyd. Now, for whatever reason, I'm in the mood for a .22 P1. I can see that the barrel is retained by just a few screws and clip. Would it be possible for me to purchase a .22 barrel from you and install it myself? I know I would probably have to shoot on the high-power setting only, but that's all I ever use anyway. Thanks, Steve

        • pcp4me from USA:

          I called their tech department. It is not as simple as just switching barrels. According to tech support, you must ALSO adjust the valve tension for each different caliber barrel. They will do this for you if you buy from PA and ship the gun to get the barrels changed, but you would have to change it again if you ever want the original barrel back on. So mostly impractical! And support told me if you DO NOT adjust the valve tension, you could ruin the gun! Bummer!

        • Val from USA:

          Please call our tech. department and see if they have .22 barrels available. 888-262-4867