Date: 24/6/2019 6:12

Customers Q&A on Beeman P3

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  • Christopher from USA asked:

    Can the sights be changed or are they fixed?

    • Christopher from USA:

      I meant to say replaced, not fixed.

  • Theophile from USA asked:

    P3 Iron sights or Fiber Optic-What do\did you choose and why?

    • Christopher from USA:

      I would choosw Iron sights. Fiberoptic are for self-defense weapons for quick acquisition of target. I'm a target shooter. We should have a choice! I would buy this if it had target sights.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    Besides price , what's the difference between this and the p17 ?

    • Brandon from USA:

      Germany made the p3 and China made a copy with the same gun but Eveything cheaper called the p17 so honestly There is just the price defence that's it you the buyer's make the choice they both are easy fixed guns and the same just a major price defence and the cheaper p17 shoots faster in all tests

    • Q from USA:

      Quality of materials mostly, the P17 is known to leak after so long and often has an issue with the trigger

  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Does this pistol have tru glo inserts in the rear sight or just the front sight?

    • Timothy from USA:

      Tru Glo both front and rear. Although the close up picture does not show that. Great pistol but I wish it did not have tru glo.

  • Lee from USA asked:

    What are some good pellets for 10-meter target shooting with the P3?

    • Q from USA:

      HN FTT shoot 25 fps faster than RWS Meisterkugeln out of mine and are every bit as accurate

    • Paul from USA:

      Martin I think you mean RWS hobby's.

    • Martin from USA:

      Jsb hobbys

    • Jerry from USA:

      JSB 7.33 grain JSB Match Diabolo Exact RS...

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      RWS r-10 match pistol, H&N match pistol and H&N Finale match pistol.