Date: 21/10/2020 3:18

Customers Q&A on Beeman QB78S CO2 Air Rifle

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  • zed from USA asked:

    What material are the sights made of? Are they plastic?

    • Mark from USA:

      The sights are made of metal.

  • Terry from USA asked:

    Is the length of pull any longer than the wood-stocked QB's?

    • Mark from USA:

      It is the same size.

  • Kevin from USA asked:

    is there a way to attach a larger c02 cartridge that screws under the barrel instead of the two 12gr co2s ?

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      is there a adapter that I can buy so that it will take a bigger co2 cartridge ??

      • Mark from USA:

        There may be. We could not find a tank adapter.

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      Can the barrel be taken off for breach cleaning?

      • aiden from USA asked:

        How do you load the co2 ?

        • Tyler from USA:

          It loads from the front of the tube under the barrel. It is a threaded cap that removes to load the cartridges. The manual has a few pics that show it

      • robertmichael from USA asked:

        does anyone know the barrel diameter on the synthetic model?

        • Juan from USA:


      • Julien from Canada asked:

        Is there any way us Canadians will ever get a version with 50 fps less? This gun is no where to be found in Canada yet it's so close to being available. Please, help us Pyramydair!

        • Bill from USA asked:

          I saw a you tube video on this rifle, the wood stocked version. He took the rifle apart. My question is about the safety. When he removed safety it looked like to me it could be reversed for left handed use?

          • Bill from USA asked:

            Can you add a Williams peep sight?

            • stephen from Canada asked:

              what do you think of pairing this up with a utg 3-12x40 hunter scope and high rings?

              • Francisco from USA asked:

                Again, what is the length of this 22 caliber barrel, and was the pellet used to shoot the "550 fps" a 5.0 grain, or 14.9 grain? Does anyone have data on pellet weight, velocity, ambient temperature when first shot fired? Because velocity drops in about 30 seconds after each shot, and it takes approximately 3 minutes for the CO2 powerlet to fully acclimate back to ambient temperature. The velocity loss might not be very noticeable if plinking. The best case scenerio for the 0.22 caliber is 10 fpe at a hair below the critical temperature of 87.98F, or 31.1C which gives 1,072 psi then you experience lockup unless you increase the hammer spring to overcome the valve being held by the 1,072 CO2 psi, which is why I need the barrel length, pellet weight, velocity, and ambient temperature data. And yes I agree it is a beautiful gun and it shoots fast, and...

                • Francisco from USA asked:

                  What is the barrel length? What was the weight of the pellet that gave the "650 fps" velocity? And what was the ambient temperature when the CO2 gun was fired? I'm thinking that it was fired at 87.97 degrees Fahrenheit (31.05 C) and a 3.5 grain pellet was used.

                  • NickOLAS from USA asked:

                    I dont see overall length measurments for this rifle.

                    • Garrett from USA asked:

                      Will the .22 humanely kill squirrels

                      • Carlton from USA:

                        It is possible with the right weight pellet and at relatively close (10-15yds) and good placement.

                    • mr.chuck from USA asked:

                      how much does the rifle weigh?

                      • stephen from USA asked:

                        I would like to know barrel length if you could.

                        • Carlton from USA:


                      • Hunter from USA asked:

                        Same gun as the original?

                        • Carlton from USA:


                      • William from USA asked:

                        How much does it weigh?

                        • Tony from USA:

                          six pounds