Date: 20/2/2019 21:45

Customers Q&A on Beeman QB78 Deluxe CO2 Air Rifle

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  • James from USA asked:

    Is the stock real wood or synthetic? Mine seems too perfect to be real wood.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it is real wood

  • Gasd from USA asked:

    whats the average fps and is this a good gun for small game hunting

    • stephen from Canada:

      I haven't hunted with it yet but it had a high of 538.72 and a low of 506.18 fps with rws hobby .22 cal. 11.9 grains.

  • Gasd from USA asked:

    Does the gun come with a scope? If not, Could you recommend the best scope for this gun

    • stephen from Canada:

      I have several leapers scopes and love them. The adjustable objective is a must for airguns. I like the bugbuster on this gun. The ao can be dialed right down to three feet and you will have a crystal clear view.

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, best scope is going to depend on your budget. But this is a good choice and comes with mounts that will fit. Leapers UTG 3-9x32 AO Rifle...

  • Pedro from USA asked:

    What is the proper pellets grains...???

    • Tyler from USA:

      Depends on what caliber you get but anything up to 11 grains is okay in .177 and anything up to 18 in .22 is okay as well.

  • Julian from USA asked:

    Is this gun powerful enough to kill rabbits or squirrels (.22)

    • Ken from USA:

      YES!!! Many other countries have restrictions on power levels, this meets that at 12fpe. This power level is used worldwide to take lots of small game. I take squirrels at forty yards with my 10fpe 2400KT.

    • Daniel from USA:

      I don't think that a humane kill would be possible. The max fps is 550 and that will be with the lightest allow pellet, A heavier lead pellet will lower the velocity. While the muzzle energy will increase due to the weight of the pellet, the lower velocity (fps) makes this a plinker, not a hunter.

  • Garrett from USA asked:

    Will the .22 humanely kill squirrels

    • Ken from USA:

      As it is a 12fpe gun, YES!!! Many European countries are limited to that and take lots of small game. Know your distance and kill zone.

  • Jon from USA asked:

    Someone else mentioned that the seals are not the best, is this really a fact. If so do they need to be replaced frequently?

    • Charlie from USA asked:

      Has anyone used the Williams Diopter Sight with the QB78? Should be a good fit being made for 11mm rails. The rear leaf sight obviously would have to come off, but does the front sight stand too tall (or short) for good sight picture? I own a Crosman 160 with an S331peep and is a very good shooter and would love to have a similar gun in .177 with a peep. Thanks, Charlie

      • Walter from USA:

        Williams WGRS-54, some minor filling with a triangle file will be required on the bottom of the sight. Williams FP-GR will fit right on dovetail. Recommend .150 aperture, as these sight only come with .93

    • BackyardPlinker from USA asked:

      what is the diameter of the barrel at the muzzle?

      • Paul from USA:

        "Same as Sheridan 2260MB and other Crosman barrels" doesn't answer the question.

      • Paul from USA:

        The diameter is15MM or App. 0.59 inches

      • BackyardPlinker from USA:

        Same as Sheridan 2260MB and other Crosman barrels?

    • michael from USA asked:

      Have seals been upgraded ghe ones that come on the Chinese made Archer versions are poor and rob velocity . a cheap seal upgrade gives a 50-75 fps boost This should be standard

      • Paul from USA:

        All QB78s are made in China.These Beeman QB78 deluxes are identical to to QB78 deluxe air rifles sold by other U.S dealers including the ones by Archer Air. And finally the seals are the same in all of them.

    • Ken from USA asked:

      Can anyone recommend a windage and elevation adjustable peep sight that will mount successfully on this rifle?

      • Paul from USA:

        The AR2078 peep sight will not fit on the QB78 because of the hump on top of the circular breech between the scope rails.I don't know of any peep sight that will fit.

      • John from USA:

        Why don't you take a look at the one that comes on the AR2078?

    • Ken from USA asked:

      What windage and elevation adjustable Peep Sight can you recommend for this rifle?

      • John from USA:

        It looks like Pyramyd doesn't have that peep sight any more. So, what might be a better idea anyway is the Williams. Look here: Air Venturi Williams 64 Peep Sight. It's under $40 and your in.

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      What! Semiautomatic/ shot capacity one bolt action? Who wrote these specs?

      • Laura from USA:

        Our apologies for the error. The gun is a single shot, bolt action rifle.

    • Nathan from USA asked:

      Not semi-automatic. This is a single-shot, bolt action rifle. Please correct description.

      • Laura from USA:

        Correct. Not semi-auto. Description is updated. Thank you.

    • Ed from USA asked:

      Wonderered if these were synthetic or wood. The writeup mentions both.

      • Laura from USA:

        Hardwood stock on this rifle.