Date: 24/3/2019 12:17

Customers Q&A on Beeman R7 Air Rifle

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  • Randal from USA asked:

    Do the current R7s have an issue with the cocking arm galling?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I have seen it before but very rarely.

  • joe from USA asked:

    If I wanted to put a gas ram in it for more power. What all would I have to purchase?

    • Paul from USA:

      If you need more power why not get a rifle that has more power all ready like a Weihrauch 50 it's only about $70.00 more. Then your all set to go. Then you don't have to stress the HW30.

  • Alexandre from USA asked:

    It comes with rings/mounts? Which model if yes?

    • Paul from USA:

      My mistake there are rings included. Look under description.

    • Val from USA:

      It comes with Mantis rings Mantis 1" Rings, Medium, 3/8"...

    • Paul from USA:


  • Brock from USA asked:

    I have an R7 I purchased from Beeman many years ago (30, 35?) and want to have it tuned. It hasn't been used much for a long time and trying it recently it seems to be detonating (seems more than normal dieseling). I'm looking for recommendations on excellent tuners. Although distance isn't a major issue, I live on the West Coast so between two really good tuners, a Western location could be a tie breaker. Thanks

    • KENNETH from USA asked:

      Please let me know if I should purchase a droop compensation mount with the R7. I plan on using a weaver 4x28 rim fire scope. Thanks!

      • Paul from USA:

        If that scope is not air gun rated it will not last long. It's hard to tell if you'll need a droop compensator until you mount the scope.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      Hi. Other than no scope, I assume this R7 is identical to the one sold as part of the Elite Series Combo?

      • Joe from USA:

        correct, it's the same gun, but this one is gun-only

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      620 FPS in .20 Caliber? What pellet was used to get this rating?

      • Todd from USA:

        With Beeman it's typically a lead pellet, but the lightest one possible. I don't know about .20, but some years ago he used 6.5gr lead in .177 which is why all his guns were rated at higher velocity that the mfg. Beeman doesn't make anything btw. This for example is a Weihrauch 30 with a shorter barrel and no open sights. Better to get the 30 and add a muzzle brake. Actually better to get a 35, 50, 85, or 95 which are similar in price but more powerful. If you want .20cal for whatever reason then I'd certainly want a more powerful gun than this to push it.

    • nik from USA asked:

      Can I hunt squirels with this at close distance?

      • DONALD from USA:

        I easily take squirrels at least 15 yards w/ a Red dot sight. I have an older R7, if that means anything. I love it.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Within 10 yards, you should be fine with a head shot or vital organ shot.