Date: 20/10/2020 21:47

Customers Q&A on Beeman R9 Elite Series Combo

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  • Christopher from USA asked:

    What is the model number of Leapers scope that is included in this gun/scope package?

  • rick from USA asked:

    Which pellets do you find most accurate?

    • Carlos from USA:

      I got a really tight shot group with RWS Meisterkugeln pellets, once I zeroed the scope. Contrary to what is advertised, the scope was not mounted and ready to go. This is a very accurate rifle!!!

    • Mark from USA:

      We suggest a 10-13 grain domed pellet. It will take pellet trial shooting to find the most accurate one.

  • Rod from USA asked:

    Review by Paul C and Steve S. I noticed that Paul's gun did not have the honk twang that Steve's did with the hw 95 . Just wondering why. Is one better than the other? Thanks

    • Daniel from USA asked:

      what country is this rifle made? china?

      • Paul from USA:

        NO! the R series of rifles are made in Germany by the Weihrauch company.

    • Frank from USA asked:

      Catalog states the R9 scope bundle includes muzzle brake,but under specifications it does not mention it. Can anyone clarify. Thanks Frank

      • Mark from USA:

        The R9 no longer comes with a nuzzle brake. It is only available with the hooded front sight.

    • Jake from USA asked:

      Will this rifle still be available for purchase in a month or 2? I heard one of the beeman rifles got discontinued (maybe the r1?) So I would like to know that it will be available. Thanks!

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, they will still be available

    • daniel from USA asked:

      Is bundled scope a mill dot scope??

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Martin from USA asked:

      What is the make and model number of the scope that comes with this rifle?

      • Kevin B from USA:

        Bushnell Elite 3x12x40

      • Stanley from USA:

        Its a bushnell banner 4x12x40mm A.O.

    • Ed from USA asked:

      What is the Almagard grease Tyler is referring to for the spring?

      • Cory from USA:

        It is a Red tack grease and that is the name of the specific grease.

    • Tilemachos from Greece asked:

      Is there any possibility of this coming without the scope? I want to order one and silly Greek weapon laws don't want scopes coming over.

      • Stanley from USA:

        The R9 is sold without a scope for a hundred dollars less ...

    • doda from USA asked:

      why are beeman air rifles so expensive

      • Carlos from USA:

        Concur with Paul. Gamo rifles made in Spain are adequate but not in the same league.

      • Carlos from USA:

        Because they are the best! RWS Diana rifles are excellent as well, and slightly less expensive and also made in Germany.

      • Paul from USA:

        If you have ever shot a cheap spring rifle then one of these you'll understand.

      • Val from USA:

        The ones that are expensive are made in Germany. German quality and reliability does not come cheap.

    • doda from USA asked:

      does the r9 come sited

      • doda from USA:

        why are beeman pellet rifels so expensive

    • Gary from USA asked:

      What lube do you use on the R9 for the Main Spring? Thanks everyone. Gary

      • Tyler from USA:

        If you are looking to lube the spring while it is still in the compression tube, gear oil will work well for you. If you have the gun apart, Almagard grease would be recommended for the spring.