Date: 1/6/2020 19:48

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Armada Air Rifle

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  • John from USA asked:

    Who is manufacturing the barrels for the Armada .25cal

    • Mark from USA:

      Crosman is making their own 25 cal barrels.

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Alright my fellow airgunners. I've been shooting my Armada for almost 3 years now with no issues and my gun finally decided to start losing pressure. So, I took the thing out and cleaned the thing and discovered some debris around the orings on the thing. I got it all put back together now, but I noticed that the jam screw is missing. Ya know, the tiny set screw that houses the metering screw that adjusts the velocity? My question is this. Will the gun perform ok while the "jam" screw is missing? Also, should I bottom the metering screw out until I order, or find the jam screw that keeps it from vibrating out of the gun completely? Can the gun even be shot when the metering screw is tightened all the way down?? Please help I can't shoot until I figure this out. Thanks for your time my friends.

    • kevin from USA asked:

      i had to replace the barrel do to a jammed pellet and tried fixing in the field. anyways new barrel in but now seems like mag and bolt and barrel aren't lined up properly whats the best way to fix this?

      • jeff from USA asked:

        Just got my Armada .25. I also for an air tank for filling up the rifle. I took the tank to a dive shop and they filled it up for me. There is a gauge on the tank but it doesn't show how full the tank is. When I fill the rifle up it is only going to 2500psi. I open the valve all the way on the air tank and it just stops at 2500. Is it something on the rifle not letting it go above 2500 or is the tank now full enough? Thanks

        • richard from USA:

          I would say your tanks regulator is possibly set to 2500

      • Travis from USA asked:

        I had my armada 25 all most 5 months and love it but I need more power how can I achieve this

        • richard from USA:

          mine is regulated to 2200psi and with my custom valve hanner and spring set up i can get 925 with predator poly mag at 3 clips

        • Jordan from USA:

          Adjust your hammer tension is a quick and easy way to do it. Just keep count of your rotations because there is no factory spec to set it back to normal and if anything goes wrong it will most likely void warranty.

      • Kevin from USA asked:

        Hi was wondering if the marauder bolt and barrel would fit this stock

        • Mark from USA:

          The Armada action is the Marauder action. The Armada has a different stock.

      • brady from USA asked:

        Im having significant accuracy issues with my Benjamin Armada .177. Right now Im getting 1.5 inch groups at 15 yards with about 1 out of 5 shots going way outside of that. I have a nice scope on it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

        • richard from USA:

          Would def say gotta find the right pellet. I have the 25 cal version and it loves predator poly mags and H&N barracudas. Should rarely have to clean and if u do use soft cloth no brushes

        • Tyler from USA:

          What pellets are you using? Have you tried various types and brands of pellets? Have you cleaned the barrel?

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Armada 177 feeding multiple pellets. We just got this gun yesterday and set it up today. The first magazine feed fine but when I put in the second it stared to feed multiple pellets. After looking at the mechanism I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. There is one post here on this but not much for solutions. Any help?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Sounds like an issue with the mag. That said, it cannot double feed unless you remove the bolt from the magazine. So if you load a pellet, don't shoot it (or didn't pull the bolt back far enough to cock the gun) and then pull the bolt back the magazine will cycle to the next pellet. Sounds more like a bit of user error to me

      • Don from USA asked:

        I was hoping I can Convert this to .30 Cal Does anyone know where I may buy the Parts needed Thank You in Advance

        • Don from USA:

          Like he say a Barrel and also You can get a Bolt sleeve.

        • Tyler from USA:

          There are a fair number of parts you'd need to make. Obviously the barrel is the first piece, then you'd need a bolt to fit it. Probably need to mod the internals as well to get reasonable power out of the larger caliber as well.

      • Jim from USA asked:

        Can anyone tell me how loud this rifle is in dB? I'm curious as to how it compares to other PCPs and .22s.

        • richard from USA:

          fairly quiet for what it is. Get a "moderator" and install.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Depends on the caliber, but in the 85-90 dB range

      • Richard from USA asked:

        Trouble airing my Armada

        • Tyler from USA:

          Be more specific. What's going on?

      • Vada from USA asked:

        Is it normal for the Benjamin Armada to make a ping sound when shooting?

        • richard from USA:

          yes that is the transfer fer of air through the tube and valve. They have a factory "de-pinger" installed to help quiet that. Look online for possible other ways to cut it down.

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Larry from USA asked:

        what kind of mil dot reticle is the scope that comes with it?

        • Stanley from USA:

          This particular rifle doesn't come with a scope.

      • Andy from USA asked:

        Brand new armada having feeding issues. First of all I pull the bolt back till I hear the click mag doesn't go in. Have to pull back bolt and hold it back while i put mag in. Tried to load a round and it jams have to force bolt forward. Double feeds. What am i doing wrong???

        • Don from USA:

          Not that I endorse it but There are mods You can look up to fix that with the Cycle Issue. I had the same problem till I Modded the mag with the Spring. I did mine a little different what they suggested as for me it worked well. No more jams.and cycles each round perfect

        • Andy from USA:

          I am trying the jsb kings that everyone loves using in these rifles. I may have popped out the o ring at the breech. Going to replace that and try again.

        • Tyler from USA:

          That is normal. You pull the bolt back on the rifle and then have to hold the bolt back that extra bit before inserting. What pellets are you using? Is it tough to load a round with multiple kinds of pellets? If you haven't tried more than one pellet, I'd recommend doing so.

      • Tyler from USA asked:

        So just recwntly my gun started to like swirl when i shoot it. Like i can see the pellet going to cirlces as it goes thro the air.... Whats going on?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Pellet instability can come from a number of places. If it has been an accurate pellet for your rifle in the past, the first thing I would do is clean the barrel. If that doesn't help, check your velocity. It's possible that you could be pushing it too fast.

      • DARREN from United Kingdom asked:

        Benjamin Armada .177 bolt change. On my rifle 2 of the cap head bolts are blocked so can't be removed, which means I cant change the bolt position or service it. Has anyone else got this problem in the U.K.?

        • Don from USA:

          On These gen 2 Rifles removing the Bolt is different then in most videos You see. You can reverse the Bolt by looking under the breech for screws that will let You remove or or change the direction. but in order to do that You have to have the Trigger housing removed just be careful You do not break the Sear like I did lol

        • Tyler from USA:

          Darren, you may want to reach out to Crosman/Benjamin directly. Maybe it's there way of putting an anti-tamper on the rifle?

      • Constantin from USA asked:

        Today I received my Benjamin armada 25 cal. Combo, I installed the pump and I filled up with almost 3000 psi. After that I Tried to pull the bolt to lets the pallets magazine in, and the bolt its going only half way backward. I don't know what I have to do.

        • Don from USA:

          Besides Looking up the Correct way to load the Mag so that the Pellet skirt lines up with the Bolt as the instructions are not clear.There are several answer online You can find answers. As far as Jams or Mag not Cycling properly Not that I endorse it but There are mods You can look up to fix that with the Cycle Issue. I had the same problem till I Modded the mag with the Spring. I did mine a little different what they suggested as for me it worked well. No more jams.and cycles each round perfect

        • richard from USA:

          P.A. is very good with this stuff on their customer service. Call em. If you wanna look at it will void any warranty.

      • Robert from USA asked:

        So I have a Benjamin Armada in the 25 caliber. I have shot about seven hundred rounds with it and it worked amazingly with Incredible accuracy even out to a hundred yards. And then all the sudden it seem to lose power so I refill the tank 3000 psi and still little power I tested it it was a corner graphs and I'm only getting between 400 - 420 feet per second. Anyone have any ideas as to why it would I have such a power loss even with a full tank.

        • richard from USA:

          i would suspect that the valve assy is sticking or the transfer port is obstructed. if you are good with air rifles then i would degas and pull valve apart and look at transfer port. any issues let me know with a post on here and ill help as much as i can as i have 1 and do all my own work

      • Cypress_Stalker from USA asked:

        Here is a question I have not seen answered. How much power is lost with the suppression system? I know the Suppression system increases accuracy a bit but at what velocity cost?

        • richard from USA:


      • james from USA asked:

        Can you hog hunt with the 25. caliber.

        • Cypress_Stalker from USA:

          Yes you can BUT! There is a series of things needed to do to accomplish to create the FPE necessary to drop a hog. You need 60++FPE and precision shots to drop a hog.Primarily head shots, or center mass shots with the tuning and modifications At the factory stock settings it is around 36-45 fpe with out the manufacturers tune, with the manufacturers tune around 45++'ish(the tune is referenced in the owners manual). You can get between 60-80+ fpe with modifications (but the mods can possibly violate your warranty) and heavier rounds. At 60-80 fpe is sufficient enough to hunt medium hogs with a competent shooter. There is a lot of videos that refer to that question. They will answer your question. Most people use the Armada/Marauder for hunting small-medium small game.

      • Adam from USA asked:

        Does anyone know my armada. 25 is twice as loud as my marauder. 25? I'm under the impression that the guts are the same, just a different chassis.

        • richard from USA:

          everything is the same just diff body moderators are the same however there are a few mods found online that will quiet the gun up even more.. i have done mods with mine (spring, moderator mods) is super quiet power and accuracy amazing

      • J from USA asked:

        I have the .25 version. To remove the mag, is it normal to have to pull the bolt back beyond its resting open position?

        • J from USA:

          From crosman ".yes with the Armada guns you do have to pull the bolt back past the resting position to use the clip..."

      • Avery from USA asked:

        Is the barrel threaded for silencers

        • richard from USA:

          there are mods for the internal moderator to quiet this up even more maybe 50% more. you can find these online

        • Stanley from USA:

          No already comes with a suppressed system.

      • gonzalo from Spain asked:

        how many jules have? at 22 calibre

        • Kevin from USA:

          depends on the weight of the pellet used and the tuning of the gun, ( 1 Joule = 0.737562 Fpe), look up what people are getting with different pellets and tuning, go to GTA for best answers to your Question, since it is basically the same as a Marauder, the spec should be the same.

      • Booger from USA asked:

        Why doesn't this version come in .177 while the others do?

        • Kevin from USA:

          look again, it does come in .177

      • Kareem from USA asked:

        How wide is the picatinny rail?

        • Kevin from USA:

          most air guns are 11mm dove tail, Picatinny rails are Mil spec, same as an AR platform.

        • Kevin from USA:

          widest point is .835 in (+/- .005), mounting groove slot .617 in ( +/- .010), Picatinny and Weaver Rails are the same widths just different slot dimentions

      • jeffrey from USA asked:

        Is the butt stock mil spec or commercial?

        • jeffrey from USA:

          Actually, just read the owners manual, it IS mil spec, NOT commercial.......

        • jeffrey from USA:

          I don't see where it says that...... So I ordered both stocks for my regular armada, lol. Went with OD green!

        • Joe from USA:

          commercial. Here is Magpul version: Benjamin Armada Magpul PCP Air...

      • Michael from USA asked:

        What height rings to mount a scope with a 44mm objective?

        • Trini from USA:

          I had to rotate the scope caps 90 degrees and they work. Just that the cover turns sideways rather than upwards.

        • Kevin from USA:

          Google (scope mount ring height chart) for best fit, as close to the barrel as possible with out touching is the best set up.

        • J from USA:

          My 50mm utg scope fits with medium rings perfectly. The bell clears the rail by about 1/8 inch. So "perfect" but i can't put on the scope caps.

        • Tyler from USA:

          High rings would be best

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Other than the scope and bipod what is the difference between this rifle and the Magpul edition?

        • Don from USA:

          You can still Swap out the Stock an Grip with AR15 ones even if You have the Non Magpul version of this Rifle

        • Tyler from USA:

          The butt stock and grip are not Magpul.

      • Mike from USA asked:

        Made In China, assembled in America like the Maurader?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Made in America with globally sourced parts is the wording Crosman uses.

      • Elías from USA asked:

        Can you put iron sights on the Armada? If yes, which model could work best with this rifle? Thanks!

        • Cypress_Stalker from USA:

          Yes Magpul MOE MBUS's will work on the gun but you have to tinker with the distances between the front and rear sight (I found I moved the front sight back to around 17'is inches and that had a level and accurate line of sight. They are not meant for this low of a velocity so therefore you have to tinker with the distances. The front sight is lower in profile from the rear so the farther back you move it the higher your point of aim will be). There is a lot of real estate between the front and rear ends of the top rail it is very long and the sights are best suited to be around (give or take) 17' from each other.

        • Kevin from USA:

          any AR style flip up or battle sight will work as long as they are a matched set, don't mix different brands, always use the same brand and matched sets. also make sure you get a sight height adjuster tool too.

        • J from USA:

          I have found that AR 45deg offset sights also work well. Keep in mind that if you mount buis with a main optic you might consider mounting the buis forward 45 offset, or use a quick release scope mount. There isn't much rail on the action to accommodate for traditional scope mounts and a rear buis. I was very pleased to find out that the action pic rail slots line up perfectly to the forend top rail slots over that gap of missing rail. So using a forward mounted onepiece will work. Hope that helps

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, any AR style sighting system would work. You can get the Magpul flip ups. Type in part numbers, Magpul Back-Up Sight, Front... and Magpul Back-Up Sight, Rear....

      • David from USA asked:

        Who manufactures the .25 barrel for this rifle? Green Mountain like the Marauder?

        • David from USA:

          answer from Crosman, "We are not set up to produce .25 caliber barrels, so yes the .25 caliber Armada rifle will feature a green mountain barrel."