Date: 24/5/2019 12:4

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Armada PCP Air Rifle Combo

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  • kenney from USA asked:

    Is the scope a side focus adjustable objective

    • Tyler from USA:

      The scope is a side parallax adjusting scope

  • pedro Francisco from Mexico asked:

    los envios de a mexico tienen costos extras , adjunto al precio de lista ?

    • jake from USA asked:

      I have the armada in .22 and i have a leak a the pressure gauge but I can't find the o-rings anyone know?

      • Lisa from USA asked:

        Is this air rifle hand pump compatible

        • Eric from USA asked:

          How many yards in 1100 feet?

          • Tyler from USA:

            366 or a calculator is your friend

        • Robert from USA asked:

          Is there a way to increase the velocity? It seems as though the gun is weak for some reason? Is there a way to turn it up / adjust?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Well you have multiple adjustments including the transfer port adjustment and hammer spring tension adjustment, both can increase the velocity.

        • ANDRE from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

          Good day folks! , just a simple question. Can i get this rifle shipped with a smooth bore barrel?

          • Tyler from USA:


        • Andrew from USA asked:

          What happened to the Magpul version? Seems to have disappeared from site.

          • Richard from USA asked:

            Where can you attach a rear swivel for a sling?

            • jeff from USA asked:

              Are the rings on this scoope 30mm?

              • Stanley from USA:

                Yes a centerpoint 4x16x50mm with 30mm rings.

            • Donald from USA asked:

              How many magazines are included, and is the single shot tray included?

              • Tyler from USA:

                One magazine. Last I saw, the single shot tray is not included.

            • Andrew from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

              is the barrel on the benjamin armada .177 smooth bore or is it sprial.

              • Tyler from USA:

                It is a rifled barrel

            • Kyle from USA asked:

              If you fill the air tank and only take a few shots, is it ok to leave it? Or do you need to empty the tank when not in use?

              • Tyler from USA:

                It beats the heck out of having to shoot the gun down to empty if you do ever need to degas it to work on it or something like that. It's a good tool to have.

              • Matthew from USA:

                If we're supposed to leave it pressurized at all times, then why did I just spend $15.00 on a de-gassing tool? Lol

              • Tyler from USA:

                Yes, you want to leave the rifle pressurized at all times. It helps keep dust and debris out of the gun.

            • Daniel from USA asked:

              In .22 cal does it shoot 14.3 grain very well or are they Wild??!

              • Tyler from USA:

                I would recommend a heavier pellet like a JSB Exact Heavy or H&N Baracuda

            • Scott from Canada asked:

              can dry nitrogen be used to charge this gun?

              • Stanley from USA:

                It depends on who you ask ? The manual says no other gases but HPA ? Some reviewers say they fill it with dry nitrogen ? Do so at your own risk or contact Crosman first . Your call.

            • Ronald from USA asked:

              look for smooth bore air rifle to buy

              • richard from USA:

                This barrel is rifled and choked which makes for superior accuracy

              • Stanley from USA:

                This one is rifled.

            • wille from Sweden asked:

              Which silencer can you use on this gun?

              • richard from USA:

                This is very quiet to start with theres alil info out there about the internal baffels but as is i shoot mine in my back yard an i live in an HOA

            • Kasey from USA asked:

              Is this a shrouded(spiral) barrel or a smooth bore barrel?

              • richard from USA:

                I think what you are asking is this barrel rifled and the answer is yes it is rifled and also choked to give superior accuracy

              • Stanley from USA:

                The barrel is shrouded . And not smooth bore.

            • Paul from USA asked:

              Will this rifle accept a camera mount?

              • richard from USA:

                I use my iscope on mine

            • Fernando from USA asked:

              What are box dimensions?

              • Errol from USA asked:

                Will this gun run on CO2?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Reading the owners manual it states use no other gases H.P.A. ONLY .

              • Errol from USA asked:

                can gun be used with co2?

                • Stanley from USA:


              • Aldo from Chile asked:

                It includes everything you see in the picture?

                • Tyler from USA:


              • ace from USA asked:

                is the stock tube mill spec 1.7 in. or is it the civilian 1.5 in. ?

                • james from USA asked:

                  Is the exact same type of barrel on the armada as the same marauder.

                  • richard from USA:

                    Every thing is ths same except the body same barrel, and action assy.

                • Daniel from USA asked:

                  Is the barrel on the Armada supported like on the Moderator? Or does it totally free float?

                  • ace from USA:

                    it free floats

                • leland from USA asked:

                  Can you get rubber recoil pads for the .25 Benjamin armada

                  • richard from USA:

                    No you would have to buy a new butt stock if you want it padded or add padding to it. Its a basic AR grip and butt stock so they are readily available everywhere you can buy AR accessories

                  • Iamscotticus from USA:

                    I doubt a recoil pad is needed

                • Eric from USA asked:

                  how much is the service charge to swap the bolt to a left hand action ?

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    At the bottom of this page it states 25.00 to swap the bolt to the left side.

                • Dante Gaston from Argentina asked:

                  hello, make shipments to Argentina? I need to contact me in Spanish to meet the payment and shipping method. Thank you

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Sadly we cannot ship to Argentina at this time

                • Jacob from USA asked:

                  Will after market stock and grip fit this gun

                  • Iamscotticus from USA:


                • Stevo from USA asked:

                  does it have smooth bore versions to this gun?

                  • richard from USA:

                    NO ONLY RIFLED

                • Mark from USA asked:

                  What's the biggest grain pellet will fit in this riffles magazine?

                  • richard from USA:

                    I shoot 49 gr close range good power an accuracy but on the norm i use poly mags... they only fit in the newer version.

                • Don from USA asked:

                  Who makes the barrel? Is it the same barrel used on the Marauder?

                  • richard from USA:

                    it is a green mountain barrel if i am not mistaken

                  • richard from USA:

                    Yes it is

                • David from USA asked:

                  What is the make, model, and reticle of the scope?

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    Description says 4x16x56mm. Video review says its a centerpoint 30mm mil dot reticle.

                  • Joe Shooter from USA:

                    The scope is a Centerpoint 4-16x56AO

                • Scott from USA asked:

                  Will this also convert over into the Marauder Syn stock?

                  • Joe Shooter from USA:

                    Yes, the action of the Armada will drop into any of the Generation 2 Marauder stocks.

                • Scott from USA asked:

                  Will this also convert over into the Marauder Syn stock?

                  • Joe Shooter from USA:

                    Yes, the action of the Armada will drop into any of the Generation 2 Marauder stocks.

                • Guillermo from USA asked:

                  exist this model in 6.35mm?

                  • Iamscotticus from USA:

                    .25 available now

                  • Val from USA:

                    no, only .22 (5.5mm) for now

                • Michael from USA asked:

                  Is this as quiet as a Marauder? Can I add aftermarket parts such as the de-pinger and silencer?

                  • Glenn from USA:

                    yes a marauder silencer fit this gun