Date: 27/1/2021 20:12

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded


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  • baker from USA asked:

    when is Benjamin/Crosman gonna make a big bore air gun that isnt so darn forsaken ugly? its hard to buy and support american business when they are so far behind on market trends, the same ugly gun with nothing new for this long is a shame. forced to buy another Hatsan.

    • baker from USA:

      Hey Benjamin most of us are not interested in a gun that looks like a 2x4

  • Michael from USA asked:

    Will someone please recommend a DONNYFL suppressor for this gun. Thank you.

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Hey why am I feeling air hit me in the face when I shoot my bulldog? Im not using the clip but that should not matter because its not part of the seal.

      • Timothy from USA asked:

        I want to buy a Bulldog, but am confused about what I need to fill it. I want to get a Ninja 48/3000 because I like that it's small yet can provide 4 refills. I have no idea what adapter size I need on the high pressure hose. Any idea?

        • Timothy from USA:

          To be clearer, my question is what size is the fill nozzle on the gun?

      • Jim from USA asked:

        Descriptions in this QA and elsewhere describe a 5-year warranty. The manual states 1 year limited warranty? Which is correct and where can i find 5-year in writing from Crosman?

        • Mark from USA:

          Just after the Bulldog was released Crosman extended the warranty to 5 years.

      • eric from USA asked:

        Can u d Shoot arrows out of this airgun and what kind

        • Mark from USA:

          The AV airbolt can be shot from the Bulldog.PY-P-1424 $99.99

      • Nathaniel from USA asked:

        Rifle double loaded, which direction should they be pushed out?

        • Mark from USA:

          Remove the magazine. Push toward the open breech. The shortest distance. Lock the gun in a padded vise.

      • Dennis from USA asked:

        Can you attach a bottle to this gun?

        • Mark from USA:

          You may be able to attach a remote bottle with a hose. It would require some custom fittings.

      • dan from USA asked:

        What is the best laser scope for the underside of the benjiman bulldog?

        • David from USA:

          I chose the Leapers UTG Instant Target Aiming BullDot Green Laser SCP-LS289S. Your needs and budget may vary, though.

      • DARNELL from USA asked:

        Can you still shoot arrows after installing a mega moderator

        • rafajpg from USA asked:

          Hi!, I just got my Bulldog and the air cylinder is empty should I send it back? I am reading that should be full, please advise

          • David from USA:

            I suppose that the odds of being filled with air increases if you get the 10 for $10 service.

          • Mark from USA:

            We do not fill airguns before shipment.They sometimes may come with some air in them,from the factory, but it is not usually done.

        • dan from USA asked:

          Does the benjamin bulldog slowly leak air while not in use? I filled mine two days ago and it was at 3000 psi two days later its under 3000 psi.

          • Mark from USA:

            If the decrease is only 100 PSI or so that is the airfill cooling. When you fill the gun the air is hot. It cools down and contracts. If the decrease is several hundred PSI the gun is leaking. It needs to be serviced.You have a 5 year warranty thru Crosman.

        • Dean from USA asked:

          Okay so I was thinking of buying this gun and I have an air Ventura hand pump and it has a different tip that won't fit this gun so I was wondering if there's a different fitting I can buy to make my hand pump work with this gun

        • Michael from USA asked:

          I just bought the Benjamin Bulldog from you guys and you sent me 357 round when I tried to use it, it jammed and the cartridge is stuck. Do I just depressurize my riffle and then try taking a cleaning rod down?

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes. Empty the air fill in the gun and then you can try removing the pellet.

        • Drew from USA asked:

          Is the pellgun oil that came with it okay to lubricate the o-ring where you load the mag? Sorry I'm not too privy to the appropriate term...

          • Mark from USA:

            You can use Pellgun oil. A silicone oil is better.

        • Luck from USA asked:

          After few shots I heard a continuous air leaking from barrel (gauge was passed from 70% to empty in less 30 minutes). Which part I need to replace to solve this issue (stem valve, o-ring,....) ? Do you sell it ? Thanks.

          • Mark from USA:

            The gun is defective. Return it.

        • Don from USA asked:

          This is my first pcp experience , i bought the air venture mk4 pump, how long does it take to fill up the air tank on this rifle.

          • Mark from USA:

            Approx 25 min. pump 50 pumps let your self and the pump cool down. (200-250 pumps)

        • Dustin from USA asked:

          It says hunting does that mean like deer and Elk or medium game

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes. You can hunt Deer.

        • cody from USA asked:

          Where is the serial number located? I want to register my recent purchase but can not find the serial number.

          • Mark from USA:

            The serial number is located by the trigger guard.

        • Bruce from USA asked:

          A friend told me i could use the .357 bulldog to shoot the approved arrows which go to the pioneer---i need to see this in writing i guess-any help?? is this true?

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes: you can shoot the 357 airbolts from the Bulldog. We advise removing the shroud end cap when shooting the airbolts.

        • Avis from USA asked:

          How loud is it in decibels? Is it backyard friendly? How does it compare to a 22 rimfire?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Compared to a super sonic .22 LR, it's a little quieter in terms of dB. But it's still not backyard friendly. Over 110 dB last I tested.

        • Durwood from USA asked:

          Has anyone tried Lee Precision six cavity .356 hand/cast molded bullets in their Bulldog?

          • Sean from USA asked:

            Anyone Hunting with this in Massachusetts?

            • jeff from USA asked:

              Is it possible to shoot .357 plastic shotshell with shot from a bulldog?

              • Dustin from Canada asked:

                How if possible can I aquire a Benjamin Bulldog .357 in Canada. I have my Pal, I just don't wanna bother with the costumes issues and would rather buy direct from a registered Canadian seller..? Thank you

                • KEVIN from Canada:

                  I live fairly close to the US/Canada border and asked at Canada Border Services. They told me there is no problem bringing /importing an air gun (over 500 fps) as long as you have a valid PAL. That being said shipping an airgun (over 500 fps) to Canada is usually tricky. I plan to have any airgun purchases shipped to a US address where I will pick them up and legally bring them into Canada myself. I will present my Valid PAL to Canada Border Services and pay any required tax. The box it is delivered in is considered a case and all is well. So if you live reasonably close tot he border and can locate a parcel receiving service you are all set. Hope this helps.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  You'd have to ask either a Canadian dealer that sells Crosman or ask Crosman directly. Pyramyd cannot ship this to Canada

              • cj from USA asked:

                Can I use this gun for coyotes and foxes

                • Tyler from USA:

                  depends on the legalities in the area you intend to hunt

              • Chad from USA asked:

                I live in Long Beach, California. I had no Idea air rifles made such a tech advance. I have a couple colt co2 air pistols. I want this! All my buddies bought AR-15's a couple years ago. Im jealous now. I would be very happy with a few or more of these pcp air rifles. Ive seen what they can do on youtube. Can you ship them to California?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Yes, can ship them to CA without a problem

              • john from USA asked:

                Would this be hard to fill with a quality hand pump up to 2,000 to 2,500 psi

                • Tyler from USA:

                  No harder than any other gun with a similarly sized cylinder. Should be very doable if you have the strength

              • jake from USA asked:

                Im looking for the o ring for the breach can anyone help me?

                • Gary from USA:


              • Jason from USA asked:

                Can a felon ex felon own the Benjamin in Washington? Also can it be hunted with here? My goal is to start hunting for big game again. I bow hunt now yet would love to experience this again...

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Anyone can purchase an airgun in the U.S. Hunting regs, you'll have to check with your DNR or state wildlife department.

              • Dean from USA asked:

                Its Dec 2017 ... I'm reading to many questions involving leaks ... Has this issue been resolved as of late in newer stock ?? Wanting to buy . But having doubts

                • Dean from USA:

                  Thank you Tyler .

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Yes, initially there were a fair number of leakers reported, but I have not heard of too many recently so I would say it has largely been resolved.

              • christie from USA asked:

                can a ex felon or felon federal or state process a benjamin bulldog in the state of alabmama

                • Tyler from USA:


              • Kyle from USA asked:

                Can the bulldog be fired left handed without switching the bolt?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Sure, though you'll be resting your cheek on the cocking lever, and that won't be very comfortable.

              • Robyn from United Kingdom asked:

                Can I get this for the uk

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Possibly, if you have an FAC. But you would need to go through a UK based dealer to get it.

              • Dustin from USA asked:

                Can you run helium in this? If you can do you think you could hit super sonic with a lighter load?(maybe around 1200fps with some 85grain???)

                • David from USA:

                  Nitrogen would be better. It's also used to fill automotive tires to minimize pressure variations with temperature changes. Hence, it's likely easier to find. Check with Crosman about warranty issues, though.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Just from a warranty perspective, I wouldn't recommend it.

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Am I incorrect in that it is recommended to not shoot .357 copper jackets hollow points through my Benjamin Bulldog?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  You are correct. It is NOT recommended

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Why do you recommend not firing copper jacketed ammo through for the Bulldog 357.

                • Ryan from USA:

                  Because it doesnt have the power to push it out the other end copper is not as soft as lead

              • Cameron from USA asked:

                Hi! I have had this gun for about a year, no leaking issues. But I accidentally loaded a second round into the barrel. Once I finally was able to figure out how to get the damn barrel out and back together, I now have a leak issue where the tank drains once I pull the trigger and the round doesn't fire...I've had the gun apart and back together twice now. What's my issue here? I don't see a way to take apart the actual chamber where the bullet loads and that's where the problem is.... HELP

                • Benjamin from USA:

                  Never ever take it apart, it voids the warranty. Next time take an oak dowl rod and drop down the end of the barrel and slowly tap the round out in reverse. This should only be done with lead not jacketed rounds. Swnd your weapon to the factory to have sealed but they will charge you.

              • Juan from Mexico asked:

                Hi, can you adjust the trigger on this gun, I have a new one and I would like to lighten the trigger a bit is this posible? Thanks,

                • PMF from USA asked:

                  The Bulldog looks very similar to the Airbow. Can you use the Airbow bolts in the Bulldog?

                  • Tyler from USA:


                • tom from USA asked:

                  I know nothing about this air rifle and seeking your knowledge. what is the viewing port under the shroud used for? It looks like a sight but you have to put your cheek on the butt to view through it?

                  • Carl from USA:

                    It just a cosmetic feature in the stock covering the end of the air tank. It is closed and solid polymer, no port to see here.

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    The viewing port? Not sure what you mean.

                • James from USA asked:

                  I live in Canada can I get the Benjamin bulldog shipped to Canada without pal and all that or jus the air guns that are small caliber

                  • Val from USA:

                    No you cannot.

                • Skinnymitch from USA asked:

                  Is it okay to leave your Benjamin bulldog charged at 3000 psi for long periods of time I received my gun fully charged and won't have time to shoot it for at least a month maybe two

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    Yes in fact it best to leave it charged for long periods of time . It keeps the seals working right.

                • samuel from USA asked:

                  can i fill it with the benjamin hand pump

                  • Skinnymitch from USA:

                    The answer to your question is yes if you have a Marauder Woods Walker or just the regular Marauder you will need a different fitting at the end of the hose the pump that came with my Benjamin Bulldog kit has the female 1/8 npt fitting at the end mine did not come with the fitting that fits the marauder not sure if you buy the pump separate if it comes with that both fittings or not you could always call who you're buying it from and inquire

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    It could but ready for workout .

                • Christina from USA asked:

                  This looks good do I need a gun permit or special license to buy it

                  • Tom from USA:

                    No you don't. Air guns aren't regulated like firearms. ??

                • Jonathan from USA asked:

                  Has the leak issue been fixed or was like a 1 in a million?

                  • Skinnymitch from USA:

                    Most of the reviews I see on the Benjamin Bulldog leak are 6 months to a year old so I believe Crosman fixed that problem with the D gassing screw hole leak I just bought one and it came fully charged so far it's holding air have not seen any recent reviews or posts on the leak issue

                • Hunter from USA asked:

                  Where is the bleed valve screw that causes this guns leak located on the gun, and is Teflon tape a good fix for the leak.

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    The screw is located near the compressed air input. The tiny screw that holds the Air Bleed sealer (a ball bearing), is not sufficient in many of the cases to seal the air bleed high pressure completely, thus, I got a longer screw with the same threading, lined the screw threads with the Teflon Tape. Then, I cranked it down and the result was nom more air loss. I do not know why, but these guns are incredibly notorious for leaking. I decided to fix the damned thing myself rather than trying 3 or 4 times sending the Rifle back and then maybe getting another leaker. In any event, the gun is a great gun, accurate, well balanced, and a lot of power! Too bad Crosman cannot admit the mistake and recall all of the guns for a fix. I paid $999- for my Gun and was quite disappointed to see the leak. I have several Airforce guns, including the .45 caliber Texan, and has no leaks, ever. Anyway, good luck with your gun. Let us know how it works out for you. If you feel you cannot fix the problem on your own, spend a few $ and take it to a machine shop.

                • Billy from USA asked:

                  I have been looking every were for the average velocity of the 145 Nos/Ben. round out of the Bulldog and does anybody know what it is out of the Airforce Texan.

                  • Michael from USA:

                    I read somewhere that the Air force Texan .45 cal. Was the velocity as the Colt Python 45. Cal pistol if that helps.

                  • Skinnymitch from USA:

                    On the Benjamin bulldog the Nosler 145 grain is just under 800 feet per second 800 FPS Max do not know about the Airforce Texan

                • Leonard V from USA asked:

                  If you're considering a big bore air rifle but don't want to deal with this leaking issue, get something else. Like many of my fellow Airgunners who've purchased this expensive, futuristic thing-a-ma-jig. We've received something that doesn't hold the charge. Some leaking slower than others.. But a leak is a leak! And unless you have your own compressors to continuously fill the tank; don't care if it leaks or not; or would rather send it back to Crosman.. Well, good for you on any of these accounts. For sending it back; I'm sure all Crosman will do is test, find a fix (to the problem we all already know), while you wait for them to return your repaired or replaced air rifle.. Which also may have a leak (sorry Roscoe). That's also fine if you like having your air rifle spending more time in the mail than with you. I've found a fix... like Mike's and Jerry's solution, it works! I went to a hardware store and picked up 3 things... (4 if you need Allen wrench). Socket Cap Screws #10-32x3/8in, it doesn't matter if it's stainless or regular steel. Bonded Sealing Washer #8, if you can't find this, get a metal and nylon washer. Loctite 222 (purple) threadlocker. All you have to do is assemble the Socket cap screw and sealing washer, put a bead of loctite on the threads and replace this for the bleed screw. Anyways, replacing the socket set screw for a cap screw and sealing washer took care of the leak. Under $2 if you already have the tools. My next one is the Texan. Haven't heard any headaches from them.

                  • Larry from USA:

                    Let me simplify this. Remove all air from this rifle. Then, SLOWLY remove bleed screw but look out for tiny ball bearing. I wrapped the screw 2 or 3 times in PTFE (Teflon plumber's tape) just as an experiment while locating a replacement screw. That was 4 months ago. Haven't shot it. Stays @ 3000 dead on. Used to leak bad. After this simple fix, rifle is WELL worth it IMO.

                  • Mike from USA:

                    Thank you Leonard. I've had this rifle for over a year now and noone has bitched about or offered any fix for this obvious problem. The fix you describe is what originally set out to do. What stopped me is the socket cap screws that are so common where I work require removal of plastic around the trigger. I didn't spend 999.99 on a air gun to do reverse engineering for Crosman. Sure, it's a lot cheaper than the European counterparts and possibly better than the Korean pot metal disintegrators. Crosman has a winner with this gun if they fix the leak. Mine still doesn't leak and I love it.

                • tacgirl2000 from USA asked:

                  I don't know which direction this thread goes and was wondering if there was a final best way to solve the pressure bleed screw leak problem? Thanks!

                  • Larry from USA:

                    Bleed all air from rifle. Slowly unscrew bleed screw rest of the way, look out for tiny ball-bearing. Wrap the tiny bleed screw in white plumbers tape 2 or 3 times. Or as many times as you like. 2-3 worked to fix a bad leak on mine.

                  • Leonard V from USA:

                    I guess the best way not to inherit a problem is to not get into one in the first place. The way it looks, this leaking bleed screw is hit or miss if you buy. My friend has one that's solid, and the reason I purchased one. Mine leaked, his did not. So if you want a bulldog, call in to have it tested for leaks first before you buy, or you'll end up fixing it yourself or sending it in for repair. What Crosman needs to do is reevaluate their quality control staff. This is too expensive to have 50/50 on quality control.

                • Ethan from New Zealand asked:

                  Am really interested in the bulldog but as I live in new Zealand was wondering if you know of any restrictions on importing? How many of these have had leaking problems is it very common? Also is it possible to fill using an ordinary air compressor providing you keep an eye on the gauge, or would the compressor be too powerful?

                  • James from USA:

                    you can NOT fill this or any other PCP air rifle with an ordinary air compressor it requires 2900 PSI to fill it to operating pressure. Benjamin sells a hand pump that will fill it if you have lots of energy and time.

                • Roscoe from USA asked:

                  Yo, I bought the bulldog and a bunch of bullets and such over 1100 bucks total. The first gun I received leaked 1000 psi in 48 hours. Now the replacement seems to have a slow leak. What's the deal? Is it gonna get worse? I didn't expect this as I have a first gen Marauder that I also purchased from pyramyd years ago and it has never leaked even one bit.

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Roscoe and Mike, if you noticed my prior answers on the leak issue, I had gone to a machine shop and had the little tiny air bleed screw removed (which holds in a ball bearing that seals the air bleed valve) and had a huge screw placed in there. I'm nearing a year, 1000 shots, and no longer a leak! Let a reputable machine shop do it. Obviously, there is a manufacturing, quality control, and/or design issue with the valve and the undersized retainer screw. Please read my prior posts below. No sense in continuing to replace the gun as it seems to happen a lot. So, just have the machine shop fix it for you. It worked for me! Let me know how it works for you guys. In any event, my next gun will be the AirForce Texan (.45 caliber). These guns do not leak, have a lifetime warranty, and produce 500+ foot pounds of energy. Air Force is made in USA while a of of Crosman stuff is made offshore!

                  • Mike from USA:

                    If you look at my earlier post, that fix worked for four days until I fired the gun. After firing 30 shots on a Saturday I went to shoot again on Sunday and saw that the gun had leaked 200 psi overnight. Rather than going through the ordeal of removing the screw again, I got the original bleed screw from the gun and put a .22 sized ball of black Permatex RTV on the end of it. After letting it cure overnight I lathered up the threads with more RTV and sandwiched the ball between the screws and let it cure overnight. It's been three weeks now and the gun has held 2900 psi at all times. I'm sure there is a better way of doing this, but I'm not going to take this gun apart until Crosman comes out with an EVP. I don't like the plastic and this gun is butt ugly, but, it is a hoot to shoot. When it holds air, that is.

                • juan from USA asked:

                  How many magazines does the package include?

                  • Thomas from USA:


                • M. P from USA asked:

                  Is it possible to mount a LDC on the bulldog? I love the rifle but would prefer a quieter "bark" from the rifle.

                  • Wolfgang from USA:

                    Pitbull sells an LDC for it. They have several models.

                • Jerry from USA asked:

                  Anyone shoot a 230 grain (9mm) bullet from this gun yet? Of course, it would have to be loaded singly instead of the multi shot rotor (too large)? If so, anyone Chrony it?

                  • Angela from USA:

                    I have shot some 200+ grains bullets but they won't fit in the magazine. Pitbull airguns makes a single shot tray if you want to shoot larger bullets than 164 grain.

                  • Wolfgang from USA:

                    The heaviest bullet I shoot out of it is a 174gr FN Elmer Keith style one. You can get the mold from Accurate Molds.

                  • Todd from USA:

                    They don't make 9mm that heavy, but a cast .358 might be worth a try. I think at that weight it would be awfully slow, like low 600's.

                • chris from USA asked:

                  Is there away to stop the leaking issue. Only thing from holding me from buying this.

                  • Darius from USA:

                    That bleed screw seals air with the factory ball bearing you removed!

                  • Mike from USA:

                    After enduring the annoying slow leak for about a year and the gun finally leaking down to zero, I decided to fix it. After removing the set screw, no amount of PTFE tape, thread sealer, or thread locker would slow the now FAST leak much less stop it. I researched set screws and found a 10-32 x .25" long nylon tipped set screw. $20 for three of these shipped was painful but effective. I now have NO LEAK.

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    I've had mine for 6months and have had no leaks and I keep mine full all the time . you probably got a defaulted gun that's the problem

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Yes, use a larger screw (flat head or Phillips head) with same threadings and use teflon tape on the threads the length of the screw. This worked for me! Crosman should know a decent gun and they give you an undersized bleed screw. Probably, the screw from China. Anyway, my gun has held 3000 psi now for several weeks and NO Leak!

                • sheldon from USA asked:

                  Has anyone tried helium in this rifle??:)

                  • Angela from USA:

                    I have and power was AMAZING!!!. i blew out the breach O-ring after a few shots and had to get a better one from Pitbull Airguns

                  • Jim from USA:

                    Helium is going to charge the barrel faster than heavy large molecules like Oxygen and Nitrogen in normal air. It would increase energy transfer. It would also increase the likelihood and severity of any leaking concerns. That is the why. As to the original question. I have not tried such a scheme to tweak performance of any PCP.

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Why would you do this? Makes no sense!

                • Robert from USA asked:

                  I had a Rogue so I have to ask: Does The bulldog have any leaking issues and how is the accuracy?

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    I don't know what's wrong with the accuracy on your gun probably your scope but mine has been hitting everything I am at for 6 months now

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Yes, use a larger screw (flat head or Phillips head) with same threadings and use teflon tape on the threads the length of the screw. This worked for me! Crosman should know a decent gun and they give you an undersized bleed screw. Probably, the screw from China. Anyway, my gun has held 3000 psi now for several weeks and NO Leak! The accuracy and power is great! I suggest using the .357 JSB-81 grain Pellets!

                  • Cell from USA:

                    The accuracy is OK. Very fast twist rate of 14 so slugs have been a challange. I had a Rogue too, this is a better gun in my opinion, I had too many problems with the electronics on the Rougue.

                • ted from USA asked:

                  What is the shroud made of ? Is it plastic/polymer or aluminum ?

                  • Barry from USA:


                • Scott from USA asked:

                  I like it, but no spare tank?

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    It has an internal tank there's no way you can change it out when you can't even see it

                • Scott from USA asked:

                  What kind of grouping did you guys get with the JSB pellets? Side note- It only has to be .35 or larger to hunt deer in Michigan with an air rifle.

                  • Dave from USA:

                    357 Benjamin bulldog at 35 yards Created: 10/02/15 09:22 Description: JSB exact 81.02 Notes 1: Notes 2: Distance to Chrono(FT): 9.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000 Bullet Weight(gr): 81.02 Temp: N/A °F BP: N/A inHg # FPS FT-LBS PF 10 831 124.25 67.33 9 845 128.48 68.46 8 859 132.77 69.60 7 877 138.39 71.05 6 882 139.97 71.46 5 896 144.45 72.59 4 907 148.02 73.49 3 915 150.64 74.13 2 920 152.29 74.54 1 914 150.31 74.05 Average: 884.6 FPS SD: 31.3 FPS Min: 831 FPS Max: 920 FPS Spread: 89 FPS Shot/sec: 0.1 True MV: 885 FPS Group Size (in): 1.00

                • walter from USA asked:

                  Can I make my own bullets if yes what size mold .357 or 9mm, there is a difference.

                  • Leonard V from USA:

                    agree with William. There's also a 6 cavity for $55. I got the 140gr swc to get close to the Benjamin Extreme Pellets. They work great!

                  • william from USA:

                    yes you can get a lee 2 cavity bullet mold get the mold in .358 die caliber the best bullet for my bulldog is the 105gr swc you can get this mold from ebay for under $30 in my gun shoots just as good a the 82gr jsb up to 80 yards past 80 yards not so good

                  • Cory from USA:

                    You should in theory be able to mold your own projectiles, but I do not have any information on what mold would work. I would suggest waiting until people have experimented with different projectiles before casting anything.

                • Alan from USA asked:

                  Can you mount an LDC onto the front of this airgun? Where is the fill port, and is it Foster? Is this airgun regulated (my guess no for price), but thats OK I guess?, Who makes the barrel for the Bull Dog... Green Mountain? Thanks,

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    I don't know what you mean by regulated but there's no way to change the power level that's what you mean

                  • JC7629 from USA:

                    Yes; Green Mountain barrel

                  • JC7629 from USA:

                    The fill port (Foster) is housed under a cover. The cover is the feature appearing in front of the butt stock and under the gauge in the picture above.

                • chris from USA asked:

                  is this gun made in us with us made parts

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    "Globally Sourced"...probably the undersized bleed valve screw made in Asia...very poor quality. Replace this cheap screw with a better and longer one and it will work great!

                  • JC7629 from USA:

                    The Benjamin Bulldog is made in the USA from a majority of US made parts but may include some globally sourced components

                • jhm757 from USA asked:

                  Will this thing really shoot 900 fps (w/95gr ammo) right out of the box?

                  • Joe Shooter from USA:

                    I get consistent 5 shot strings of 900fps+ with 81gr JSB Exacts

                  • william from USA:

                    i got my bulldog to shoot jsb pellets first 3 shots over 900 fps i got up to 928fps with some adjustments

                  • JC7629 from USA:

                    It is certainly capable. Be aware the 900 fps claim is a maximum claim. Individual mileage may vary. With all things manufactured there is variability. Out of box expectations of velocity w/95gr ammo should fall within an acceptable range of approx 850-900 fps. Again that is out of the box without any adjustment.

                • Edward from USA asked:

                  any chance theyll change the styling to either tactical or carbine

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    Personally I call mine a 357 bolt action carbine because it's so small it looks just like one and if you didn't see the pressure gauge you'd be convinced it was real

                  • JC7629 from USA:

                    At the moment the Bullpup configuration offers the shortest overall length with the 28" barrel.

                  • Brian from USA:

                    I love the futuristic style of this. I'd like to see a version that has a pump cocking mechanism though. I hate taking my focus off targets to reach up and cock my Bullpup 3D.

                  • liam from USA:

                    oh yes the coined word "tactical". I guess this depends if you want or think something black body, picatinny rails and that it is a bullpup design I guess it could be tactical and for a carbine if you want a shorter barrel you will loose the power.

                • paul from USA asked:

                  can you tell me the rate of twist in this barrel?

                  • JC7629 from USA:


                • paul from USA asked:

                  you guys should push to get this one built in .40 cal. this would make it legal to hunt deer with!

                  • Cory from USA:

                    At this time there is only plans for the 9mm model to the best of our knowledge.

                • joe wilson from USA asked:

                  why cant benjamin compete with sam yang on power and price

                  • jasper from USA:

                    Yea from my understanding the recluse has a gew fps on the bulldog

                  • Thomas from USA:

                    This gun has every advantage over the Sam yang multiple shots higher power I can't attest to the accuracy of the San yang but the Bulldog is definitely smaller lighter and easier to carry

                  • Cell from USA:

                    This is way more powerful than the Sam Yang Recluse .357 plus has a magazine and made in the USA. I own both guns and each have an advantage

                  • Val from USA:

                    sam yangs are single-shot. power is there in 9mm