Date: 22/5/2019 15:51

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle

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  • Jesse from USA asked:

    Anyone know what kind of velocity this will produce with CO2?? I'm assuming quite a bit less than with air since CO2 doesn't compress to much over 800psi.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, usually in the 600 fps range with 14 grain pellets

  • Jason from USA asked:

    What is the shot count on a 177 on one fill of co2

    • pcp4me from USA asked:

      I wonder what weight pellet they used for the 900 fps rating. With light lead pellets in the 12.56 gr weight they give only a 10 shot average of 836 fps for me! With a full air charge in the cylinder. I suspect they used some light alloy pellet, but I sure as hell wish they would tell what pellet and what weight was used. Else the information is USELESS!!! Just a manufacturer advertising gimmick to SUCK YOU IN!! I also wish the manufacturers would be FORCED to only use one weight of light pellet and one of medium weight and one of heavy weight for the caliber to rate their guns. Same pellets for ALL guns of same caliber!'s a thought. Maybe the manufacturers could/would come to such an agreement. Or at LEAST an agreement to publish the brand/weight of pellet used for their velocity claims!! Because these claims of 900 fps for this gun are not substantiated in MY gun with even light lead pellets!!

      • John from USA asked:

        Do I have to have the degassing tool for safety reasons or is it just something else to buy

        • pcp4me from USA:

          Do as you wish! I have no degassing tool, and on the RARE event I want to release all the gas, I just shoot it empty till no more air is left!! Yeah it takes longer than a degassing tool, but is less expensive! You choose!

      • brandon from USA asked:

        How many FPE can a .177 Benjamin discovery get

        • Tyler from USA:

          Around 20 FPE with a heavy pellet

      • Heath from USA asked:

        can I fill my Benjamin Armada air rifle with CO2???

        • Stanley from USA:

          The manual says ( Use Only Compressed Air No Other Gases ) ? I have read were people fill them with dry nitrogen ? Use your own judgement or contact Crosman to be sure.

      • max from USA asked:

        A pin came up by my cocking to put my pellet in and it won't cock a pin is blocking it what should I do or get?

        • Ulyssew from USA:

          Try contacting Crossman

      • Manuelito from Philippines asked:

        do you have any branch in the philippines?

        • Val from USA:


      • Ken from USA asked:

        Can anyone recommend a diopter rear sight for this gun using the existing factory front sight? Or a suitable replacement front sight if necessary?

        • Mel from USA asked:

          What is the length of pull on this gun?

          • Iamscotticus from USA asked:

            My new Disco has some air come out through the trigger area and back to my face with each shot. Is this normal?

            • Shane from USA asked:

              Does this rifle come with a degassing Tool

              • Iamscotticus from USA:


            • RifledDNA from USA asked:

              In the customer images, is that wood stock switcharoo a mrod stock mounted on? How compatible is that? It looks AWESOME, wiah it came like that!

              • Dennis from USA asked:

                What air pressure does the Discovery operate on 3000 or 2000?

                • Dennis from USA:


                • Mark from USA:

                  2,000 PSI

              • Nick from USA asked:

                what do I need with this gun to start shooting?

                • Mark from USA:

                  just a high pressure pump. You can choose one on the PCP Hookup tab.

              • Nick from USA asked:

                Do I only need the hand pump to make the gun work, besides pellets and oil?

                • Mark from USA:


              • Eugene from USA asked:

                How accurate is this rifle? Anywhere near the challenger?

                • Mark from USA:

                  not as accurate as Challenger.

              • jerry from USA asked:

                how many fills from a 20 oz c02 bottle?

                • monty from USA asked:

                  Is the answer 7-10 good powered shots on a fill of CO2 correct??

                  • Mark from USA:

                    on air

                • 65BAJA from USA asked:

                  Can you leave the paintball tank hooked up? Like if I'm at the range and don't want to disconnect the bottle to shoot all day.

                  • John from USA asked:

                    Just want to get this straight: This Disco will function just fine on CO2. Can I use a 9oz paintball tank installed on it?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      You need to fill the tank that is part of the rifle (under the barrel) and fill that with the CO2.

                  • James from USA asked:

                    Im looking for an adaptor that will allow me to fill my gun with an 88 gram co2 prefilled tank.I have a remote hose with the 3/8 female end but cant attach an 88 gram co2 tank to it with the ability to turn it on and off.

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      There currently is no such adapter. You need to use refillable co2 canisters.

                  • matee from USA asked:

                    my discovery cannot fill air because when I fill it leak to my vent . what should I do.

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      Contact Crosman at 1-800-724-7486 and tell them about the problem.

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Contact Crosman at 1-800-724-7486. They can set you up with a service center to get the gun looked at and repaired.

                  • Nick from USA asked:

                    i am looking to hunt hogs what pellets should i use?

                    • Jeff from USA:

                      Heaviest lead your Disco will sling! My MRod grouped well with both JSB Monster 25.39 domes (31 ft lbs @ Average 747 FPS) and H&N Rabbit Magnum II 25.62gr (30.9 ft lbs @ Average 737 FPS). Most of the 18gr pellets fall into the mid-20s in muzzle energy, in my case. I suggest getting your hands on a Chrony, and then test some heavy (18gr and up) pellets to see which ones group well, and hit hardest. I'm no expert hunter, but you might want to leave the big pigs to a higher caliber (.25 and up?). Best of luck!

                  • Nick from USA asked:

                    I am looking to shoot a hog up to 100-150 lb what would be the best pellet?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      None, this is a squirrel airgun, not a hog airgun.

                  • tyler from USA asked:

                    What degasser tool do I need?

                    • Cory from USA:

                      The preferred way to degas is to shoot it without pellets until empty as covered in the manual.

                  • Allan from USA asked:

                    If I get the Syder 20 oz refillable CO2 Tank, what adapter do I need to hook to the Discovery?

                  • Garey/Ace Custom 45s from USA asked:

                    .22 caliber velocity with discovery on CO2 with `14.3 gr. pellets and approximate # of shots . Thanks

                    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                      About 750 fps. Around 7-10 good powered shots

                  • FC from USA asked:

                    I bought a Benjamin Discovery .22 air rifle and LE AccuShot 3-12x44 SWAT 30mm scope. What accessories do I need to mount the two?

                  • cris from USA asked:

                    Will an air compressor, instead of a hand pump, work for filling this rifle?

                    • craig from USA:

                      A standard air compressor does not produce enough pressure. The high pressure air compressors are expensive. To fill pcp rifles with a high pressure hand pump from 1000 psi to 2000 psi is fairly easy to do. If starting out with pcp guns the hand pumps are the way to go.

                  • ronald from USA asked:

                    Looking for a scope for my disco ,I like the bug buster but everyone says its a pain to mount?

                  • MARK from USA asked:

                    my new rifle just arrived and the safety pin fell out immediately. It looks smaller and is doesn't protrude either side. Also it is unpainted silver colored. Can I get the right pin and install myself?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      You gotta be careful with the trigger. Contact Crosman at 1-800-724-7486, they should be able to help you.