Date: 17/2/2019 18:9

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Jim Shockey Steel Eagle NP2 Air Rifle

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  • Slick from USA asked:

    Hello, I just purchased this gun and upon opening the box i set up the scope and went to take a shot, when i clicked the safety off a small pin fell out of the gun and the safety became loose. Now the safety bounces around and i can't tell how the pin fits into the gun. I don't have experience taking one of these guns apart at all and was wondering if this is common, and if so is there an "easy fix"

    • Jerry from USA:

      See if you can return this rifle. It sounds like this is a manufactures defect.

  • Zachary from USA asked:

    I accidentally dry fired it.... did I damage the gun?

    • Vincent from USA:

      I doubt that you damaged it with one accidental dry fire. Just try not to make a habit of it or else you will. However, go about breaking in your air rifle as normal and if you notice after about a thousand shots that it's shooting very inconsistently at its target. Then you may have damaged the piston head. I would also purchase a better scope for this particular air rifle. Because, the one it comes with is cheap and is not reliable past 6 magnification.

  • Vincent from USA asked:

    Why don't you have a recommended scope for this rifle? I find that to be a bit odd. Is it because you have no good, heavy recoil scopes for it? The scope it does come with gets beat up really good by this air rifles heavy recoil.

    • Trigger from USA asked:

      Will the UTG Dragon Claw Bipod fit on this? Is the barrel between 11mm-19mm? Can you tell me how many mm's the thinnest AND thickest parts of the barrel are? Christmas present for my father so time is of the essence. Thank you.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Gamo makes a bipod for its break barrels that is said to fit.It looks to to be the same thickness all the way.

    • wayne from USA asked:

      How do get the AO scope upgrade when buying this gun?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Order the scope when you order the rifle.

    • Nicholas from USA asked:

      can I put on a bipod

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes try Gamo or UTG . Measure your barrel.

    • David from USA asked:

      In the Pyramid Air catalog, the max velocity is listed as 1400. That's a significant difference, but which is correct?

      • Carlton from USA:

        1400 is for the Eva Shockley Golden Eagle .177 version.

    • Jean Francois from USA asked:

      On the Crosman brochure, it says that this model comes with a 3-9x40AO scope, is this the case with this one? You have it listed as 3-9x32. Thanks

      • Carlton from USA:

        This is an upgrade version kit that includes 3-9x40 scope and sling.