Date: 25/11/2020 23:38

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Marauder Synrod Combo

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  • Shawn from USA asked:

    What the difference between the two barrels

    • Mark from USA:

      Crosman makes the standard barrel. The other is by Lothar Walther( German made) Many high end gun lines use LW barrels.

  • Workbench1 from USA asked:

    will the Traveler portable compressor # BJ-BPC4500 fill this rifle? thx Dennis

    • Val from USA:

      Yes, it will

    • Val from USA:

      Yes, it will

  • Carlos from USA asked:

    Whats the formula to getting the foot pounds ?

    • Douglas from USA:

      FPE = m x v^2 / 450240 where m is projectile mass in grains, v is velocity in feet/s.

  • Anthony from USA asked:

    Does the Internal shroud include a built in silencer?

    • Val from USA:

      Yes, the shroud has baffles inside.

  • Allen from USA asked:

    Are the Marauder Pressure Tubes interchangeable between Gen l and Gen ll rifles?

    • John from USA asked:

      How many pumps per fill?

      • Allen from USA:

        With an MK4 it took me about 300+ on an empty tube. I simply did that as a test. I actually use a compressor and SCBA for filling and the pump as a backup.

    • JamesW. from USA asked:

      Is there any way to mount iron sights?

      • Allen from USA:

        Because the barrel is shrouded you would have to get creative with a band type of front mounting although alignment might shift due to the slightest bit of shroud movement / turning. A scope is really the better way to go on this rifle.

    • Liam from USA asked:

      What game can this hunt?

      • Gary from USA:

        It is up to your department of fish and game or natural resources. Always choose the caliber for the game you are after and the ranges you may be facing. I would recommend small game up to coyote size animals. As with all hunting, shot placement is the key.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      What is the best pellet to use for this gun @ 30yds, 50yds, 75yds & 100yds?

      • William from USA asked:

        The description says, "Can be adjusted for different velocities." What is the lowest velocity this rifle can be adjusted to? Our Scout range is limited to <600 fps.

        • William from USA asked:

          Are there iron sights that can be installed on this rifle?

          • Gary from USA:


        • nick from USA asked:

          What's the difference between this and the regulat synthetic stock Marauder?

          • Stanley from USA:

            This is a combo that includes a scope , mounts and a sling , otherwise the same.

        • randy from USA asked:

          What is the twist rate of this barrel?

          • Josh from USA asked:

            Is there an adapter included

            • Val from USA:

              Adapter for what purposes? Have you tried using the PCP Hookup tab on the right?

          • Josh from USA asked:

            Will this pellet gun shoot crossman hunting pellets or is it just the flat nosed pellets as it says on the side of the gun

            • Val from USA:

              It will shoot any pellets that fit into the magazine. That includes pointed pellets.

          • Stephen from USA asked:

            How does the decibel level compare with the .22 stock Maurader?

            • Val from USA:


          • ignacio from USA asked:

            the charger is included?

            • Stanley from USA:

              If your asking about a hand pump then no it is not included .

          • Joey from USA asked:

            Will leaving air in the gun damage it?

            • Stanley from USA:


          • cara from USA asked:

            What is the synrod? Is this the same rifle as the other synthetic one that doesn't have the scope and sling?

            • Stanley from USA:

              Correct same rifle with a scope and sling combo.

          • billy from USA asked:

            should i buy it here or from crosman?? please answer back asap.Thankyou-Billy

            • Mark from USA:

              Of course from Pyramyd Air!

          • Squirrel terminator. from USA asked:

            Can this gun take hogs and coyoets

            • Mark from USA:

              There are videos on YouTube (one by Kieth Warren, who is a well known hunter) harvesting smaller hogs with Gamo break barrels. Kieth takes two with a Gamo .22 break barrel and another hunter takes one with a Gamo .177. It's all about shot placement.

            • Johnny from USA:

              If you are using the .25 caliber it will kill anything with a headshot including hogs and coyotes. There are even videos of this gun taking down a deer.

            • JD from USA:

              coyote: maybe a close headshot, but wouldn't recommend. hogs: no, it will bounce off their head, might not pierce hide.

          • True from USA asked:

            Will the breechblock from the Benjamin Armada fit on the Benjamin marauder

            • Liam from USA:

              No, the Armada does not have a breach, neither does the Marauder.

          • John Emm from USA asked:

            Will the mrod perform well if it is bulk filled with CO2?

            • True from USA:

              No it does not work with CO2 do not attempt

          • ricardo from Spain asked:

            Is there an elevation scope adjustement sheet for the scope?

            • Cory from USA:

              There is not a sheet of listed hold overs for the scope and rile combination. It would depend on the pellet used. You would want to do real world test with a given pellet to get your adjustments.

          • jay from USA asked:

            How many magazines does the Synrod come with?

            • Val from USA:

              It comes with one magazine