Date: 19/2/2019 19:6

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Mayhem SBD Nitro Piston NP2 Air Rifle

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  • Bros80 from USA asked:

    Hi, anybody notice that the rear sight windage notch just pivots on the axis of the adjusting screw allowing it to move too freely and come out of adjustment?

    • Gary from USA asked:

      The trigger pull seems to be a bit much. is there anything I can do to lighten it up?

      • Chevota from USA:

        There's a spring inside the trigger, the fix is to replace it with a lighter one.

    • Gary from USA asked:

      Anyone have experience with the .22 between 75 and 125 feet regarding accuracy? Is there a graph of pellet drop at different ranges anywhere?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Accuracy will vary too much from gun to gun to give a #. Drop can be seen using the free program Chairgun, or going to the H&N pellet website, they have a simple trajectory calc for each pellet. Just select a pellet you use, then ~half way dwn the page you'll it. Then plug in your power/velocity. Use real power/vel, not advertised

    • Mason from USA asked:

      This gun is super loud and I need something quieter but I keep reading comments on how quiet this gun is and I am beginning to think that it's something wrong with just my gun. Is it because it's new or could there be something wrong with the suppressor?

      • Chad from USA:

        Three possibilities come to mind. Your pellet is too light like said before. Possibly it's still in the break in period. Benjamin says to put 250 pellets through it then everything is smoothed out enough to find out what pellet it likes. Lastly you have a oil residew in the barrel or chamber. Oil combusts under the firing pressure giving you a speed boost and eventually damaging the gun. I gut the .22 and with 14.3gr pellets it is as loud as loudly snapping fingers and the impact on wood at 40 yards is twice as loud. Out of the box right behind the scope it was 83db! I don't think you'll find a quiter break barrel. Good luck

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, use the heavier pellets. It's likely that the lighter weight pellets are breaking the speed of sound (around 1100 fps) which produces a crack noise when you shoot. The heavier pellets will slow the gun down to a velocity that is below the speed of sound and that should show you just how quiet the gun can be

      • Mason from USA:

        I got the .177 gun. I used the Daisy .177 Precision Max 4.5mm and they are 7.2 grain pellets. It's what I had at the moment and I just got Gamo Silent Cat pellets that are 10.5 grain and I also got Crosman copper magnum pellets that are 10.6 grain. So you're thinking the heavier the quieter?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Do you have the .177 or .22? If .177, what pellet weight are you using? Maybe you're breaking the speed of sound and that's why it seems loud to you?

    • Darryl from USA asked:

      Does this come with low profile scope mounts or medium?

      • Tyler from USA:

        They look like low profile mounts to me

    • Ross from USA asked:

      Description says rear sight is included and the photo shows one. Video says there is no rear sight? So is there a rear sight included or not? Doesn't make sense to have a front sight without a rear one.

      • Tyler from USA:

        The video is of one of the other models. This model does come with a rear sight. I agree, why they'd send some of the models without a rear sight when you already have a front makes no sense.

    • Roger from USA asked:

      Where is this gun made?

      • Jerome from USA:

        New York State

    • GySgt John from USA asked:

      Benjamin Mayhem NP2 SBD. How many pounds of cooking force is there.

      • Tyler from USA:


    • cj from USA asked:

      How fast is this gun shooting with 14.3 grain pellets?

      • Q from USA:

        I have a Benjamin Summit and it's doing maybe 825-830 average with CPHP, oddly enough the JSB of the same weight are about 20 fps slower. Same in another spring rifle I have, the JSB are slower than the Premiers