Date: 24/11/2020 21:8

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

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  • RICK from USA asked:

    Where can you get this filled? Or a tank to take with you?

    • Irving from USA asked:

      I'm having a very hard time filling my pioneer airbow. When using HPA compressor it doesn't allow the tank to fill past 900-1000 in the yellow. It just completely stops. Anyone have any ideas?

      • Paul from United Kingdom asked:

        Can the power of this Airbow be reduced, ie spring reduction or filling the regulator space. As for my needs I would prefer a better shot count over power 15-20 shots would be ideal. Ive seen a rebuild video but can this be done easily to gain shots over the 450 fps. Many thanks

        • Ernesto from USA asked:

          I just bought unit, had it filled at scuba shop. Worked great, Went to refill using air canister 48CU 3500psi tank. Tank filled air into line, but it would not go into airbow. Reseated multiple times. Do I need to have cocked first? Any thoughts?

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes. Cock the gun first.

        • Bruce from USA asked:


          • juseok from Canada asked:

            Can you shipping to canada?

            • Donald from USA asked:

              Looking for advice as to what broadhead works better, expandable or fixed? And what brand is recommended?

              • Jonathan from USA:

                I've heard ramcats recommended, have not tried myself

            • jhm757 from USA asked:

              weight says 7lbs is that including scope? Or what is the weight with scope?

              • DARNELL from USA asked:

                Has anyone tried shortening Benjamin air bow rest to 22 inches for better speed and accuracy.I make my own custom air bow arrows to fit

                • Eugene from USA asked:

                  It seems there is nothing said about the trigger system. Is it tied to the air or is it mechanical. If the trigger is mechanical what is the set lbs and ozs. Please explain the reality of the trigger mechanism. Thank you

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    It's a mechanical trigger, typically comes in around 4 lbs in my experience

                • Dale from USA asked:

                  Can the arrows be modified to be used for fishing?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    I'm sure it can be done

                • Jeff from USA asked:

                  Can this be taken and fired underwater? Would I be able to use it for spearfishing? If not are there plans to design one that would. Seems it could be calibrated to hook straight to SCUBA sights, spearfishing arrows/tips and gear....everyone is thinking deer hunting but I'm wondering about underwater improvements...

                  • Alvin from USA asked:

                    Can I use a paintball canister to fill my airbow and if so what adapter do I need

                    • roy from USA asked:

                      Where can I find the male connector with 2 orings that fits into the front of the airbow?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        If you're talking about the fill probe, give Crosman a call, they should be able to get you one.

                    • roy from USA asked:

                      Where can I find the male connector that charges the air bow?

                      • Val from USA:

                        Right here. Click on the PCP Hookup tab and choose your airsource (pump, etc). It will tell you if you need any adapters.

                    • james from USA asked:

                      my air bow is leaking air when sitting

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        I would call Crosman about getting it repaired if you are outside you return period.

                    • Bobby from USA asked:

                      What are the male and female quick connect that charges the gun

                    • Josh from USA asked:

                      Is it better to use a fixed blade broadhead with the airbow or can a mechanical broadhead be used

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        You can use either. You'd want to test and see what is more accurate for you.

                    • Colin from Australia asked:

                      Has anyone had air leaking from around the trigger system ?

                      • matthew from USA asked:

                        I am having a difficult time sighting in Airbow. It is shooting 4 inches low at 30 yd pin.I have scope adjustment all the way up. I also have a 20 MOA rail . I know I can use a lower crosshair on scope, but that will cut me off from shooting over 60 yds. Any ideas?

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          The only thing you'd be able to do would be to either shim the rear scope ring, or get adjustable rings. Shimming would be the easiest way to go. Just a thin layer from a business card or something like that on the rear scope ring under the scope tube would help. Just be sure to loosen the front scope ring when you do this and take care when tightening it back down.

                      • phillip from USA asked:

                        Got airbow tried to sight in at 20 yards shooting low adjusted vertical adjustment all the way up still shooting low

                        • Nico from USA:

                          Use the first big line under the crosshair as your 30yrd line should be dead on

                      • leon from USA asked:

                        during hunting season do i need to let all the air out everyday?

                        • matthew from USA:


                      • Grant from USA asked:

                        Are there any concerns/problems with condensation or power loss when using the airbow in cold temperatures?

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          No. PCP guns are relatively unaffected by cold weather.

                      • Charles from USA asked:

                        What are the best broadheads to use for the 450 fps?

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          Your mileage may vary but I've heard and seen good things from Ramcat broadheads

                      • Barbara from USA asked:

                        could you use a tank of nitrogen with a regulator gauge?

                        • Tyler from USA:


                      • John from USA asked:

                        Can this bow be taken to Africa or new zeland?

                        • Tyler from USA:

                          You would need to check with customs in your destination country.

                      • Mike from USA asked:

                        Manufactured in China, assembled in New York?

                        • Connie from USA asked:

                          How do I cancel a order I just purchased

                          • Steven from USA:

                            Phone 888-262-4867, select option 4. Make sure you have your order number and talk to the person that answers.

                        • Martin from USA asked:

                          Where can i get the adaptor to connect my hill mk4 to the benjamin airbow?

                        • Jaguar from USA asked:

                          can it take a shop compressor

                          • Stanley from USA:

                            You would need a high pressure compressor , one that could reach 3000 psi . Normal shop compressors can't muster that. They are spendy at 3000.00 !

                        • Hunter from USA asked:

                          does the pioneer have the same leaking problem that the bulldog has

                          • Tyler from USA:

                            Haven't heard of many leakers.

                        • gerald from USA asked:

                          Can this air bow be shipped to ILL.

                          • Christophe from USA:

                            I see where you are going with this. As a fellow Illinoisan, I am going to say that you will need a FOID card for this, as it is an air powered projectile, exceeding .177? You would not be able to hunt with this, legally, either. What a great, overly regulated state Illinois is, huh?

                        • Andy from Canada asked:

                          Guys, I'm having one HELL of a time sighting in this weapon!!! I've already "Massacred" 3 arrows(which are not as "Field Worthy" as they make them out to be, In actuality they are very Fragile!, I tried setting up a Heads Up Red/Green Dot on the "Pioneer", on the supplied Riser, and at the sight's lowest setting @ 50 ft, the Arrow went Completely 3 feet above the POA, and went through 6" of my Custom built back-stop, the next 3 shots were very comparable,,,,If this was a Pellet Gun, or Powder-Burner I'd have it sighted in in around 3 shots, but I'm afraid of "Blowing through my remaining 3 Arrows(that came in the Benji Arrow box, not w/ the weapon),,,,any "TIPS" on where I should be setting up the red dot, So that I can at least get close to hitting my target?,,,,,,I was thinking of using a Laser type sighting in tool by sticking it in the Pioneer's barrel, and "Bore-Sighting" it that way,,,,Any thoughts, Ideas, or help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank's a Bunch Amigos. Cheer's Andy.

                          • Andy from Canada:

                            Well Guy's, I solved my own problem!, I ordered myself a "Sightmark Crossbow Laser Boresight ,and I was in the "BLACK" w/ my First Shot!!!, I highly recommend the use of one of these, It WILL! save your Arrow's,,,,and also Allow you to use any type of Scope/ Red Dot, Iron Sights,(Which I also put on in case of Scope/Dot sight "Failure" in the Field,,,,Once I Installed the Front & Rear "Fully Adjustable" sights, I just lined up the Front Sight w/ the Dot, and Voila, My Airbow has a Secondary Sighting system(which are both Flip-Up, and Fold Out of the way when not needed. Cheer's Andy.

                          • William from USA:

                            Don't eat any of the meat where the arrow break you will get them splinters inside you my Benjamin air boat was leaking when I got it

                          • Leonard V from USA:

                            The supplied riser has a 20 MOA cant. That means it gives an additional 20 MOA of upward elevation. It works well with the supplied Centerpoint scope. At 30 yards, my point of impact was 3" down and 1" left. Not bad for out the box accuracy. I hade it sighted with a few clicks. Try using your heads up scope without the riser.

                        • Troy from USA asked:

                          Can the sleeve be screwed out and the .357 barrel Incorporated?

                          • Jonathan from USA:

                            No. But even if it could, where would you load the pellets? Impossible

                        • KENNETH from USA asked:

                          Will this fit inside Plano AW Takedown Hard Case,... (Plano AW Takedown Hard Case, Pluck Foam, 33.50") with the scope attached?

                          • KENNETH from USA asked:

                            Can I fill this with the same equipment I use to fill my Benjamin Marauder or will I need to purchase additional fittings?

                            • William from USA:


                          • michael from USA asked:

                            if the tube that arrow ride on gets broken can it be replaced and how much

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              That will be a question for Crosman directly. Give them a call, 1-800-724-7486

                          • Merlin from USA asked:

                            will this be offered in straight black

                            • Andy from Canada:

                              The "Pioneer" comes "All-Black", with Realtree" stickers that are strategically placed on the weapon by supplied Directions. The "ALL-CAMO" versions seen on video's and such are Special "Pre-Production" models that have been "Dipped", and are not available to the General Public as of yet.

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              At this time, the camo version is the only one we have seen. I have heard no talk of an all black model.

                          • cj from USA asked:

                            Would this decapitate a squirrel?

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              It could certainly dispatch a squirrel assuming you were within a close enough range to take an accurately placed shot.

                          • peter from Canada asked:

                            since it is an air rifle. isn't required to shoot 500 ft per second to be able to hunt with. I hope I am wrong . looks great

                            • Andy from Canada:

                              It is already "Classified" as a Crosssbow by the RCMP here in Canada, because it Doesn't Shoot above 500fps As soon as I found out the GOOD News I already "pre-purchased" mine, along with 6 extra Arrows/Bolts,,,,,It already has a muzzle velocity exceeding the best Crossbows in the Business,. My Barnett Panzer V that I use for Deer, is getting a "Break" for this Falls Deer Season,,The Benjamin has it beat in the Velocity dept,. by 240fps, and 305 ft/lbs in the M/E dept,.,,,,,,Should make for an Interesting, and much better Hunt this year!

                          • Andy from Canada asked:

                            Doe's anyone know what Brand/Size of the "Optics" are that are Included with this "Package"?

                            • Val from USA:

                              It's going to be Centerpoint. The specs are under the Description tab.

                          • Ray from USA asked:

                            How much noise does this rifle make??

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              It has a loud pop. Hard to say exactly, but when I shot it at a trade show, I'd say it was around a 7 out of 10 on a loudness scale.

                          • Andy from Canada asked:

                            I also wanted to add that if your allowed to hunt w/ "Crossbows" in your state, Then you'rre allowed to Hunt with these, They fall into the "Crossbow" Category, Up here in Canada, I was worried it would be considered a "Gun", But thankfully the RCMP ruled it a "Crossbow",,,,As soon as I read that I jumped for joy, and pre-ordered one,,,,,,I know what I'm using for this yr's Deer season,,,,,and it surely ain't going to be my Barnett Panzer V(w/ a m/v of 240fps) That's for sure!

                            • Troy from USA:

                              Also in PA, it is prohibited to hunt with anything that discharges a projectile with air or gas. Currently legislature is looking at allowing airguns in the state.

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              For those of us in the U.S., this does not apply as of 4/5/16. It is classified as an airgun currently. I know that Crosman is currently working to get the Pioneer into bow seasons in several states. We will have to wait and see what they can do.

                          • Andy from Canada asked:

                            Can Regular "Arrows"/"Bolts" be used as long as you pull the nocks off?

                            • Jonathan from USA:

                              The spine of the arrow should be considered as well. Pretty sure the airbow arrows have a stiffer spine than the typical arrow

                            • Leonard V from USA:

                              If you find arrows with the correct ID to match the OD of the arrow rest (barrel), then yes, it should work. But do this at your own risk! I think by doing so, you void the warranty and can potentially damage the Airbow. It goes without saying, if you never made arrows before or have the wrong fitting components.. You could also hurt yourself. The guys at Crosman, and Victory Archery are very tight lipped about the specs. Believe me.. I asked. I also think I cracked the code to the components. But I also have enough arrows to keep me from trying.. Figure I'll wait for the warranty to expire or the specs sheets to be released. Maybe then.

                            • William from USA:

                              No Crossman patented their own arrows air bow arrows unless you can get some custom- made

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              Give Crosman a call on this one. I am sure they experimented with different arrow weights and types when they developed the Pioneer. They would be able to tell you if there is something proprietary about their arrows or if it's the same as any off the shelf arrow that could be cut to the proper length.

                          • Dwayne from USA asked:

                            Does the bow come with tank that is needed to fill the bow? Also is there a manual pump that can be use to fill the bow

                            • Darren from USA:

                              No, you will need your own air tank and some place to fill it, or you can use any hand pump that is designed to fill PCP air rifles. There are examples of both below in the recommended accessories

                          • Eric from USA asked:

                            Sorry, forgot another question. No mention is made of the bolt length, is it restricted, are 20", 22" and 24" all ok, or does it require a certain length, and are 3 - 4 fletching all ok, or does it require a certain number of veins? Thanks.

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Arrows that come with it are 26".

                          • Eric from USA asked:

                            First, is the arrow ( bolt ) just laying in that wide front end, it does not appear to be centered on a rail like in all crossbows. Secondly, no mention is made of ability to shoot fixed broadheads, I assume it is ok? Last, any word on the legal use for deer hunting where the use of a traditional crossbow bow is ok? Thanks! :) :)

                            • Chip from USA:

                              The "barrel" serves as an arrow rest. A patent pending collar and retainer keeps the arrow center and sealed. We've been successful w/ mechanicals and fixed broadheads and do not recommend one over the other at this time (1/15/16). Crosman is actively lobbying all states for inclusion in crossbow seasons.

                            • Derek from USA:

                              The arrow has a hollow shaft that slides over the "barrel" like a shroud. So there is not a rail system like in traditional crossbows. When the gun fires a blast of air goes through the barrel and hits the solid end of the shaft shooting the arrow forward. You could say that the barrel acts as an initial guide for the arrow.

                          • Old Air from USA asked:

                            Is this the barrel on this PCP rifled? Will it fire pellets too?

                            • Grayland from USA:

                              Fx airguns offer 2 guns that shoot bolts and pellets

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Smooth bore. NO it will not fire pellets.

                            • Derek from USA:

                              The airbow will not be able to fire pellets as there isn't a way to load pellets. The hollowed arrow shaft slides over the "barrel" for each shot

                            • Eric from USA:

                              Tina, while I do not know for sure, I highly doubt there is any kind of barrel or ability to shoot pellets, I am assuming it is a simple rail system to launch that bolt from. But we will see I guess. They make no mention of any ability to shoot pellets and I would think they would jump on that if it was possible as another big selling point.

                          • justin from USA asked:

                            I have a Benjamin Discovery with a scuba tank adapter, will my current scuba tank adapter work with this new air bow? It appears to charge from the front with a different adapter than my Discovery and I haven't seen any videos of it charging from under the stock like the bull pup. Thanks

                            • Chip from USA:

                              YES your setup will work but keep in mind the Disco is 2000 PSI and the Pioneer is 3000. The adaptor for the Pioneer is included.

                            • Derek from USA:

                              Your scuba tank adapter will work fine. The air bow will use a probe to fill the air tank, however we'll have to wait until release to confirm this. If the probe is not adorned with a quick connect, then all you will need is adapter to convert it over to Foster for about $10

                            • Eric from USA:

                              Good question!

                          • John G from USA asked:

                            What is the noise level?

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Comparable to the Bulldog. Not much more than a crossbow.

                          • paul from USA asked:

                            wonder how loud it is? is it legal to hunt with? not in NYS i'm sure

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Comparable to the Bulldog. Not much more than a crossbow. We're already talking to NYDEC.

                          • Dennis from USA asked:

                            Do you think this would be a legal weapon for deer during archery season in Texas? It seems to be more of a gun than a bow.

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Crosman is actively engaged with all states to get it into a crossbow season.

                          • jim from USA asked:

                            Will this be legal for archery season in pa

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Crosman is actively engaged with all states to get it into a crossbow season.

                          • JOSEPH from USA asked:

                            Will this be legal for hunting applications like crossbows are someday ?

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Crosman is actively engaged with all states to get it into a crossbow season. YOU CAN HELP: tell your wildlife officials you want to hunt with it!

                            • Derek from USA:

                              It will vary with state game laws. Best course of action will be to talk with your local game warden and go up from there. Show them a couple videos and explain how the airbow works, my best guess is that it will be thrown into crossbow legislation. However keep in mind that changing hunting legislation is simply about finding like minded enthusiasts to help bring a case to the State DNR. It's been happening slowly but over the years laws have been changing in favor of bigbore airgun hunting. It starts at the community level.

                          • Andy from Canada asked:

                            Any Idea if this has been approved for the Canadian Market?, I would hang up my Barnett Panzer in a second to use this on my next Deer Hunt!

                            • Kade from Canada:

                              its the RCMP

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Crosman is working with the RMP to gain its approval.

                          • Michael from USA asked:

                            How long are the arrows? Where can you buy more arrows? How heavy of a hunting point can you use?

                          • Michael from USA asked:

                            What do the arrows look like? Is it legal to use deer or turkey hunting?

                          • todd from USA asked:

                            how loud is this? is there a DB rating?

                            • Chip from USA:

                              Comparable to the Bulldog. Not much more than a crossbow.

                          • roger from USA asked:

                            Looks awesome. I wonder which arrows? This looks amazing, but I can't let anyone sit on my 850 bucks for that long.

                          • Theodore from USA asked:

                            How are states classifying this for hunting? Is it a gun or a bow?

                            • Derek from USA:

                              It will vary with state game laws. Best course of action will be to talk with your local game warden and go up from there. Show them a couple videos and explain how the airbow works, my best guess is that it will be thrown into crossbow legislation. However keep in mind that changing hunting legislation is simply about finding like minded enthusiasts to help bring a case to the State DNR. It's been happening slowly but over the years laws have been changing in favor of bigbore airgun hunting. It starts at the community level.