Date: 22/3/2019 5:29

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Trail NP, Nitro Piston, air rifle combo

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  • Ali from Kuwait asked:

    I think it is not easy to aim this gun .. what do u think ?? Specially 25 cal ... very disturbing recoil .. am i right?

    • Mike from USA asked:

      I have a benjamin trail N/P about 2 years old I have shot about a tin and a half threw it the barrel has locked up it is a break barrel 22 cal I can'nt cock it any one know what I can do ? I thought this gun would be better than this let me know if any one has any Idea's .

      • reene from USA asked:

        Gun don't shoot like it don't have enough power can it be fixed left that cock too long

        • Chevota from USA:

          Several things can cause power loss, but significant loss is almost always because the nitro spring has leaked. Contact Crosman for a new one, either free if under warranty or $26 if not. You can tell if it's the nitro by the peak cocking effort, which is typically 30-32lbs, so if below 28lbs it leaked by however much easier it is to cock. When cocked the pressure is higher and the seal is against a different part of the shaft so it's very possible leaving it cocked caused it, but likely it would've leaked sooner or later anyway.

        • Brian from USA:

          I have the same problem.. it means your nitro piston is wearing out ... i bought a new one and it fixed the problem ... i don't know who all carry them anymore but search cr nitro piston and you'll find one for sure :) i hope this helped you

        • Joe from USA:

          Might need to have nitro piston swapped, but it's unlikely due to it being left cocked. Call Crosman!

      • Mike from USA asked:

        Benjamin Trail NP XL 0.177 - What is the FPs & Ft/LBS with lead pellets using 7.9 pellets

        • Chevota from USA:

          It depends on the condition of the gun you get, but this Trail AW in 177 will be ~16ftlbs +-2. Tuned it'll be 18-19. The Trail XL which is what you asked about is more like 22 +-2. The XL does much better in 22 because 177 is too small for the gun, so a 22 will be an extra 2-4ftlbs, and ~28 if tuned. An XL also shoots 177 too fast, so again 22 is better.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Around 1,000 fps / 18 ft lbs.

      • Mike from USA asked:

        1200 fps is that with lead free pellets on the bengamin trail NP 0.177 cal & Does this rifle come in a wood stock Edition

        • Chevota from USA:

          Something to consider if they don't have exactly what you want: You can buy the parts cheap, so you can convert this Trail AW in 177 to wood for ~28, or convert a Trail in wood to 177 for ~$17. I prefer the wood stock and 177, but it's nice to have 22 as well. For another $12 in parts you can make the other barrel complete with all the little parts so you can change caliber in a few minutes. If anyone plans on doing this they should probably ask me for details to get it right first time; chevota at hotmail. Crosman is nice to deal with, but not good with parts info.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Yes. Yes, only currently in .22: Benjamin Trail NP Nitro Piston....

      • Janice from USA asked:

        Does The 8 Pounds Include The Scope?

        • Chevota from USA:

          Mine is 8.0lbs without the scope. The scopes vary in weight, but I'd say ~20oz is typical for that one, so a total of 9.25bs. It's the stock that adds weight compared to the wood version. My syn stock is 24oz heavier than my wood one. Some people like the weight to help tame the gun, but I prefer it lighter so my syn stock is a Mk1 Mod1 dust collector. Btw, I answered this before but either they don't take or are deleted? This has happened many other posts too.

      • Gary from USA asked:

        One review I read said he got a tin of Crossman hollow points free with his gun, anybody heard of this?

        • Joe from USA:

          it was probably one of the pyramyd air promotions running

      • Joseph from USA asked:

        What sling would you recommend for this rifle? Thanks.

      • Chris from USA asked:

        I purchased this rifle about 4-6 weeks ago, and have shot nearly two cans of Crossman precision .22 cal pellets through it. Very early on, it suffered what I guess was a seal failure, Making an escaping air sound, with a series of puffs thereafter, not moving the projectile at all. I cocked, and fired once again, and it shot fine. I began noticing an increasing loss of power, and upon buying some weighted, Gammo hunting pellets, which caused a failure every time I tried, and never would shoot these. A couple of days ago, it quit shooting any pellets, experiencing the failure as heretofore described. Has anyone else suffered this fate? I assume that I must return it to Crossman to have it repaired. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this gun! It's sturdy, smooth, and it shoots extremely hard, and well at around fifty yrds, and the included scope is very nice. I would rather have the Trail NP XL. My father, who's computer ignorant (can't even turn one on!) actually purchased it at Academy Sports and Outdoors, without doing the research, such as I do. Do you think Crossman would allow a person to pay the difference Upon return of the broken gun I currently possess, and send me the XL model? Thanks for any advice!

        • Chevota from USA:

          Actually a guy emailed me with similar problem. A new nitro spring fixed it. It perplexed me as to how it could've been the spring because he said it hadn't leaked, but the end result is a new one worked... Should be under warranty, but of not it's $26 from Crosman.

      • Jack from USA asked:

        What pellets work best with this gun? I have yet to find my NP's favorite pellet. Thank You!

        • Chevota from USA:

          I have good luck with JSB, but the barrels vary so much it's impossible to say which one will work for sure. As Matt mentioned his liked certain sizes because apparently his barrel is larger than normal. If you strike out you can try looking at the gun and scope, maybe tuning it. If all fails I'd just buy a new barrel.

        • Brent from USA:

          Crosman Premier domed 14.3gr work better than any JSB pellets I tried. I yet still have to try the H&N FTT 14.66gr. I did a test yesterday with the JSB 14.35gr 5.52mm head size and the Crosman Premier's 14.3gr and the Crosman pellets fit in the barrel much tighter and had an average FPS of about 675. Where as the JSB 14.35gr pellets shot at only 565fps! So get at least a large head size like a 5.53mm to a 5.54mm head sized pellet.

      • Janet from USA asked:

        Does it also come with a sling? I have the 177 version of this purchased from pyramid that did come with the sling.

        • Val from USA:

          These no longer come with the slings (they used to last year).