Date: 20/9/2020 7:27

Customers Q&A on Beretta APX Blowback Air Pistol


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  • Brian from USA asked:

    doesn't it come with a magazine? clips are used to load magazines

  • kyle from USA asked:

    Will it fire smaller pellets? I had bought it cause it had originally said metal slide 19 rd Pellet clip..

    • Mark from USA:

      The APX shoots BB's not pellets. BB's are .177 cal.

  • William from USA asked:

    When it's out of bb's does the slide kick back and lock?

    • Jacob from USA:

      Yes it does

  • Hook from USA asked:

    Anybody having issues with the magazines not having enough spring tension to retain the bb's at the top end of the mag? This thing was solid at first, not many shots through it, then sat for a couple of months. Took it out to shoot (very cold day) and as soon as I put spring tension on it, all the bb's puked out. Tried again later in normal warm conditions with the same result. And I always follow the spring up until it makes contact with the stack.Have to treat it with extreme caution or the mags will unload themselves in a hurry.

    • Ted from USA:

      Having the same problem after only a few weeks, so does anybody know?

  • GLENN from USA asked:

    What sense does it make to have a blow back slide that does not cock the mechanism and chamber the next BB..? ,,, I mean, if you gotta work the double action on each shot and the blow back is just needlessly spent CO2.

    • David from USA asked:

      Can this be field stripped like the real pistol or at least be capable of stripping the slide off.

      • William from USA:

        I seriously doubt it

    • Colton from USA asked:

      Does this gun use standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges? This gun only fire bbs, not pellets right?

      • Val from USA:

        Yes, it does. Look under the recommended accessories below.

    • John from USA asked:

      Any word on when extra magazines will be available? They are available in Europe.

      • Val from USA:

        by end of March/mid-April

    • Charles from USA asked:

      how many shots can you get from one cylinder?

      • John from USA asked:

        OK, is it double action all the time even with blowback action? IT's one thing to have double action with the hammer uncocked, but to have to cock the hammer with the trigger is useless for a BB weapon. On a real firearm the blowback action cocks the hammer for single-action as well as ejects a spend case and loads a fresh round. On a BB pistol if this blowback action doesn't cock the hammer it's a useless and trivial waste of CO2.

        • Tanstaafl from USA:

          The Beretta APX is double action only, just like the firearm. The reason is that it's a replica of a striker fired pistol. There is no exposed hammer. During it's travel, the slide should strip a new BB from the magazine and cock the striker, resetting it for a shorter trigger pull for follow-up shots. But even if the trigger pull remains the same (and if the first stage of the trigger pull is what transfers a BB to the chamber), the blow-back feature would still add realism for those using this gun to maintain firearm proficiency. And besides that, it's just fun, and that's why a lot of us collect and shoot replica airguns.

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        Can it be modified to full auto

        • Tanstaafl from USA:

          The Beretta model 92A1 [Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto...] is available (to pre-order) here on the Pyramyd Air site. It has the option of fully automatic firing as a standard feature. Even if the Beretta APX could be modified, it would likely require parts fabrication with a high degree of precision -- not to mention voiding any warranty. How about it Pyramyd Air staff? What do the experts have to say?