Date: 20/2/2019 21:44

Customers Q&A on Beretta PX4 Storm CO2 Pistol

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  • Michael from USA asked:

    I replaced my Umarex PX4 Storm CO2 plunger end piece and click plnger and spring and I can't get it all the way in. Any ideas on how I can get this corrected?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Have you contacted Umarex USA? They should be able to better assist

  • Wally from USA asked:

    Does the blow back feature reduce the amount of shots per CO2 cartridge?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, blow back will always use some of the CO2, but how much is really impossible to say since there is not a non blowback version of this gun

  • artemio from USA asked:

    My Px4 storm is not puncturing the co2 cartridge all the way. How can I fix that.

    • Richard from USA asked:

      I have a new Beretta PX4 and I am also new to shooting. I am having trouble with my shots going high. I am shooting wadcutter pellets. Any suggestions on how to improve my target shooting? Thank you, Richard

      • James from USA asked:

        Bought a Daisy 408 pistol. I cannot get a 12 gm CO2 into the chamber. Does it take a smaller cylinder than the Crossman or is the gun defective?

        • Kohl from Canada asked:

          I have 4 magazines for this gun, all of them have one side that stays in securely, however the other side of the magazine seems to slide out about half an inch whenever fired or if the gun is moved fast. Why might this be happening, and how can I fix this problem?

          • Edward David from Colombia asked:

            I have loss my Rear Sights. Is possible to buy a new one? And, where can i but it in Colombia? Kind regards

            • jose from Mexico asked:

              Every time i shot the magazine pops out, someone knows why and how to fix it?

              • Brian from USA:

                1. Remove the screw holding clip release. 2. Remove the small plastic nub on the clip release. This will allow the clip release to go in further and will stop the clip from coming out when firing. I have 2 of these and this resolved the problem.

            • jose from USA asked:

              does this gun suports pointed pellets?

              • Tyler from USA:

                Some. It all depends on the length. I would recommend sticking to flat head or domed pellets

            • zac from United Kingdom asked:

              I have broken the co2 piecing knob on my px4 storm and am having trouble finding a replacement any advice on where to get one?

              • Stanley from USA:

                Contact umarex at 479-646-4210 service department.

            • Cat from USA asked:

              Can a bullet (of any caliber) fit into a Beretta PX Storm pellet gun? If so, can a bullet (of any caliber) be fired from a Beretta PX Storm pellet gun?

              • Stanley from USA:


            • Don from USA asked:

              Are the sights adjustable, shoots 1 foot high.

              • Richard from USA:

                I was wondering if you ever resolved this issue?

              • Stanley from USA:


            • Michael from USA asked:

              Is there any way to get the slide to lock back or is the slide release just there for looks?

              • steve from USA asked:

                What type rail mount system is equipped on the Baretta px4 storm co2 handgun

                • Tyler from USA:

                  The underside of the frame has a single picatinny slot for accessories.

              • miguel angel from Mexico asked:

                estoy interesado en esta px4 co2 tienes envio a mexico? c.p. 30040 gracias por tu respuesta

                • jose from USA:

                  ningun proveedor te enviara estas replicas a mexico por problemas de importacion con leyes aduaneras mexicanas, se necesita un permiso MUY especial de la SEDENA, verifica otros vendedores mexicanos como co2aigunsmexico o mercado libre aunque te salga mas caro.

              • Emilio from USA asked:

                My Beretta PX4 CO2 pistol has a bb or two stuck o the barrel,I cant get them out :( I purchased this from you guys a few years ago never had a problem .

                • Stacey from USA:

                  You should be able to push them out with a .17 caliber rod with the magazine out.

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Hi mike from USA. What is Double Action and Single Action THANK YOU.

                • Stacey from USA:

                  If you cock the gun by hand, then the trigger does one thing, fire the gun, this is single action. Double action allows you to use the trigger to both cock and fire the gun. You can expect single action to be easier to pull the trigger.

              • nona from USA asked:

                Why is magazines sticking?

                • Stacey from USA:

                  With the magazine out and holding the slide back, you can see the top of the magazine and usually a pellet partially in the barrel, a thin pin can be useful to nudge the pellet back (or just do like Emilio)

                • Emilio from USA:

                  it happens to mine some times i just keep a small screw driver with me that would help :)

              • reid from Canada asked:

                What is the actual MUZZLE volicity of the PX4 Storm?

                • Shaun from USA asked:

                  My magazine is stuck. How can I get it out?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    You can use a small allen key or dental hook to slide into the bottom rotary unit on the magazine and pull it out. You must depress the mag release to do this

                • Shaun from USA asked:

                  My magazine is stuck.How do You get it out

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    See Above Answers

                • MOHD ISWANDI from Malaysia asked:

                  Can this pistol use Dome pellets?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Yes. Typically anything in the sub 8 grain range that is domed will work without an issue

                • Aashish from India asked:

                  Can we use gamo .177c armour piercing pellets?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Which Gamo pellet are you specifically referring to? The standard PBA raptors or platinums will fit the magazine.

                • Jimi from USA asked:

                  I am having a problem with the safety not fully disengaging when in the fire position. Is there a way to disable the safety or is there a way I can fix it so it works?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    No, there is not a way to disable the safety.

                • Jimi from USA asked:

                  Is there a way to disable the safety on a Beretta px4 storm air pistol?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    No, there is not.

                • Shogun from USA asked:

                  Is there a way to make this gun scopeable if so how and where can I buy the components?

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                    There is not

                • Vijay from USA asked:

                  Is this metallic of build with plastic material.

                  • Richelle from USA:

                    This pistol is plastic with a metal slide.

                • bradford from USA asked:

                  Can it fire longer pellets like the red or blue flame pellets by gamo?

                  • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                    No, the pellets tend to get jammed in the magazine

                • Caliber7707 from USA asked:

                  Can a removable silencer be attached to this gun? Not for functionality, but for looks?

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    No, buy the storm recon model. It already has one.

                • clyde from USA asked:

                  can i use gun oil that I got when I bought my blank firs pistol

                  • ghost from India:

                    its always better to fire and exhaust the first cylinder first and then on every consecutive cylinders u can oil the barrel with crossman pellet gun oil 2 drops max and there u are ready for next shooting competition .