Date: 24/3/2019 22:38

Customers Q&A on Browning Buck Mark Air Pistol

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  • Russell from USA asked:

    Will it hurt the gun if I keep it cocked and loaded for a long period of time?

    • Gregory from Canada:

      Yes, this is a spring piston pistol and the spring can be damaged if left cocked for a while. It is best to just cock it, load a round and shoot.

  • john from USA asked:

    Is the browning buck mark pistol rebuild able? O-rings ect!!

    • Gregory from Canada asked:

      I just tested my buckmark urx with my new chronograph, and crosman 'fast flight' penetrators were blazing over the chronograph up to 413 fps!!! Amazing for a pistol rated for 360 fps

      • Wayne from USA asked:

        Will the Walther Competition II Top Point Sight, 24mm, Green Dot, 10 MOA, work on this gun?

        • Gregory from Canada:

          Yes, I have the same sight.

      • Gregory from Canada asked:

        Has anyone done a diy mod on the rear sight to make it better?

        • Gregory from Canada asked:

          Is there some way to tear this air pistol apart for modification or maintainence?

          • micheljgaudet from USA:

            As silly as this may sound, the answer is YES... a good screwdriver, good light, and a table with a cloth to keep the tiny WHATEVERS from bouncing off onto the floor. If, for some reason I could come up with for opening an air gun that RARELY should need any sort of 'maintenance' (high power air guns are a whole different world), I would contact the manufacturer and find out if I could get me a parts blow-out diagram, which is NICE when time to put things back together. The only GOOD reason for even considering opening this one up would be to replace the spring for more power, which then defeats the wonderfulness of this pistol. I can't speak for anyone else, but at twenty feet, I am getting dime-sized groups with two-hand hold using a red-dot, and the main reason is the power. Most match-grade target pistols are not that powerful at all, but VERY dead-on. As for THIS pistol, I wish it did NOT shoot to the left so darn much without the rear sight being ALL THE WAY to the right. I LOVE MY DOT SIGHTS! :-)

        • Gregory from Canada asked:

          Will crosman's Pellgun oil be fine for using on the breach seal ring?

          • micheljgaudet from USA:

            I believe he asked if it would be okay to use on the seal. Yes, Crosman 'red oil', as THEY call it, it will not hurt the seal. But ALWAYS bear in mind that there are some that will.

          • Gregory from Canada:

            I got my answer someplace else and it is No, the breach seal shouldn't need to be lubed because it gets all it needs from inside the gun when it is fired.

        • Coy from USA asked:

          Is it possible to put a stock or alternate grip on this gun?

          • Cory from USA:

            I am not aware of any that are made for this model.

        • Anthony from USA asked:


          • micheljgaudet from USA:

            Unless you have a specific red-dot mount made for a singular gun, pretty much always the answer will be YES. Just be sure the RAIL on your gun matches the sight you want to use.

          • Anthony from USA:

            Would a Swiss arms red dot reflex sight fit on a browning buckmark air pistol