Date: 25/3/2019 17:24

Customers Q&A on Colt 1911 A1 CO2 pellet gun

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  • Wheeler from USA asked:

    Is it possible to fit a laser to the trigger-guard of this gun?

    • Francisco from USA asked:

      Two questions in one, but related and a single answer is worthless without both answers. First, what was the ambient temperature of the air, or CO2 powerlet when the "425" fps was fired, and Secondly, what was the mass, in grains of the pellet that shot out the muzzle at the "425" fps. I'm sure the weight of the pellet was between a 4.2 grain alloy pellet and a 20 grain H&N Pile-driver lead pellet. The 4.2 gr would give a Ke of 1.685 fpe, and the 20 gr would give a ke of 8.0234 fpe. I would like to buy two because they're small.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Is there a Lothar Walther barrel available for this pistol?

        • Tyler from USA:

          No that I have seen

      • Mark from USA asked:

        Why is this gun so expensive compared to other 1911 pistols? I bought the commander for much less.

        • Daniel from USA:

          Different design and shoots pellets, read higher production cost due to lower production numbers, many of the others are the same except for branding so machining cost is essentially shared between brands of the same KWC pistol!

      • Lee from USA asked:

        Is this blowback?

        • Douglas from USA:

          No this is not a blowback pistol - which means with a 5 inch barrel higher fps numbers.

      • Terry from Canada asked:

        Does this pistol come in a case with at least two 8 shot clips like the CP88?

        • Robert from USA asked:

          The Umarex website says the front blade sight on this pistol is replaceable under details. Are the replacements different heights to adjust for different points of impact? Is the replacement difficult to do? Or is it required to send the gun to the factory ?

          • Robert from USA:


        • Robert from USA asked:

          How about getting Umarex to have available an adjustable target rear sight that Colt 1911A1 Pellet owners can purchase and install themselves.

          • Robert from USA asked:

            I see the Umarex Colt combat classic comes with a rear adjustable sight and is $99.99 . Why not the Colt 1911a1 Pellet @$229.99 ?

            • Richard from USA:

              Umarex Colt Combat Classic = BB gun / Colt 1911 A1 = PELLET gun

          • Robert from USA asked:

            Is the rear sight replaceable with a 1911 adjustable target sight? has anyone done this yet? Is the rear slide sight cutout a Bomar? Can the slide be milled to a commercial cutout such as Bomar, will the metallurgy allow this without ruining the slide?

            • Robert-Jackson from USA asked:

              Is it possible to use an ambidextrous safety?

              • Stanley from USA:

                Not this one safety is operated by the right thumb .

            • Van from USA asked:

              Can you shoot this pistol as single action 95% of the time?

              • Stanley from USA:


            • Tim from USA asked:

              Can you field strip the 1911

              • Val from USA:

                not this one

              • Poorman Plinker from USA:

                From looking at the owners' manual I will say this it is not a Cot 1911 though it might look like it on the outside... So it is assembled but your 1911 experience will be of little use.

            • marc from USA asked:

              What exactly is the reason for the much higher price on this pistol? Am I missing something?

              • Robert-Jackson from USA:

                Pellet gun

              • Val from USA:

                Made in Germany.

            • Martin R from USA asked:

              Is this the Colt 1911 A1 (Co2 Blowback) Semi Auto - 100th Anniversary Limited Edition? If not is it avaikable?

            • Douglas from USA asked:

              This pistol was already overpriced at $199. Why the $20 price increase? Has the gun been upgraded?

              • Val from USA:

                Price increases Pyramyd passing to customers? It's made in Germany.

            • iphuc from USA asked:

              Blowback action on this gun ?

              • Val from USA:


            • Louis from USA asked:

              what are the trigger pull specs on this double action piece?

              • Robert from USA:

                Just reverse these trigger pull values.

              • Richelle from USA:

                For single action the trigger pull is about 6 pounds and for double action the trigger pull is about 2 pounds.

            • stephen from Canada asked:

              Does anybody have experiance or knowledge of put grips from a real 1911 on these guns? Steve

              • Poorman Plinker from USA:

                I am not sure why Tyler said that... since looking at the owners' manual I read up on some forums and they say that thin grips will work if you drill out the back to allow for the larger bushing size and the bracket. "Umarex went for a non-standard fitting on the right hand side to accomodate the clip system for the removeable grip for changing the CO2 cartridge so some machining would be called for." Hope my grip order placed on Tyler's word got cancelled in time LOL

              • Tyler from USA:

                Yes it is a true replica, you can replace them with real 1911 grips