Date: 23/3/2019 15:26

Customers Q&A on Colt 25 Black Airsoft

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  • REAM_QUADZ from USA asked:

    Some kind of kolibri stuff goin on here XD

    • Edward from Canada asked:

      will the colt 25 black airsoft ship to canada? it may be a lot of fun at that price at the cottage this fall.

      • Jaacobe from USA asked:

        What happened to the metal model of this gun? It was my favorite toy! I took it EVERYWHERE with me till I tried to field strip it and wound up breaking it. I am dying to get another one.

        • Miles from USA:

          They now are hard to come by but there are plenty of other brands that sell a near exact copy other than the branding that I would look into.

      • Melinda from USA asked:

        How far will this shoot and is it duriable?

        • Jaacobe from USA:

          My friend got this plastic model and I got the metal one. We were both surprised. The plastic one had some insaine hop up. And its durable enough for a plastic gun. But you could break it with your bare hands if you tried. All in all it was a fun little gun for its price and packed more punch than we expected.