Date: 22/3/2019 17:12

Customers Q&A on Colt Commander CO2 Pistol

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  • Hector from USA asked:

    why does my magazine not come out 75% percent of the time???Am I doing something wrong?? it works well when its in use

    • Tyler from USA:

      Could be the feed lips/valving are just catching the blowback mechanism in the slide. Probably nothing you're doing. If you purchased another magazine for it, there's a fair chance it would not happen.

  • Phillip from USA asked:

    has anyone had an issue where the slide stop does not work?

    • James from USA asked:

      How long can you leave the gun loaded with a full canister, without causing problems with the seals.

      • John from USA asked:

        Can I field strip my crosman pfam..and if yes will that good the warranty

        • jose from USA asked:

          Does a .45 acp compensator fit this commander?

          • Kevin from USA asked:

            Do the bb's go into magazine tight? I have to push down with a tool to get through entry hole. First couple of shots may be air only then gun runs okay

            • Carlos from USA asked:

              Is it possible to find a replacement slide for this BB gun?

              • Matthew from USA asked:

                Will a hammer to a real colt work on this gun. I have a broken hammer and do bot feel comfortable giving information over the phone to order a new one. If not what other options could I turn to in order to fix it?

                • Ken from New Zealand asked:

                  How many shots does this give from a 12gm canister of gas ? Mine is new and only giving appox. 50 shots per canister which seems to be fairly low even for a GBB.

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    50 is about average .

                • Lap from USA asked:

                  does anyone have a problem with the magazine release? mine is sticking and the magazine doesn't come out smoothly (i have to pull it out). i can see it's starting to scratch on one side, should i smooth it out somehow? i was going to ask for a replacement but then saw the 20% restocking fee if they deemed it not defective so i would rather see if i can fix it myself.

                  • Hector from USA:

                    I'm having the same problem, idk whats the deal. i ordered it from amazon and they refunded my cash n told me to keep the colt.

                • Carlos from USA asked:

                  Where can I get metal skeleton grips that fit the Colt commander

                  • Carlos from USA asked:

                    What is field stripping?,I'm new with guns,and Is this a good choice for a first BB gun?(your opinion)

                    • Kade from Canada:

                      its when you can take the gun apart with ease and little to no tools. and id say its okay for a beginner its good quality and reasonably priced

                  • Keith from Canada asked:

                    Does it field strip like the real one? Thanks

                    • Stanley from USA:


                  • Michael from USA asked:

                    Roughly what would you guess the maximum effective range is on this?

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      Maybe 15 to 20 feet ?

                  • Matthew from USA asked:

                    Can I buy replacement parts. Specifically the hammer?

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      Call Umarex at 479-646-4210 ask for the service department. Per manual.

                  • joseph. c from USA asked:

                    does the safety engages only when the hammer is cock or is there another way to engage it need to know the safety works but only when the hammer is cock is that the way it works

                    • Stewart from Canada:

                      With my Colt Commander the manual / thumb safety will NOT engage UNLESS the hammer is cocked.

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      The manual safety can engage anytime the hammer is in the full cocked position or not , just like the real ones.

                  • joseph. c from USA asked:

                    Hello I have the black water r2 1911 will that magazine fit this colt commander they look so much alike

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      It is said to be one in the same .

                  • joseph. c from USA asked:

                    Hello I have the black water r2-1911will the magazines for that gun fit the colt commander they look so much alike

                    • Chris from USA asked:

                      I'm having a problem with this pistol jamming up when I shoot it. It's brand new and I've been using 4.5mm BBs and 12 gram CO2 cartridges. If i load up a clip and fire a few shots several BBs get jammed in the back of the barrel and it won't fire until I clear them. Do i just have to break in the gun or try using higher quality BBs and/or CO2. I use crosman CO2 and some cheap type of either silver steel BBs or copper colored glossy magnetic BBs (must be steel). I just learned that I'm only supposed to use steel BBs. The mags seem to be loading two BBs back to back sometimes and i took it apart and the mechanism that pushes BBs into the barrel and shoots the CO2 slides and sticks instead to springing back. Any thoughts?

                      • Tom from USA:

                        Quick, before your mag is damaged, switch to any other brand of CO2 than crossman. Mine blew a valve in 2 waaks, and I think that was caused by the crossman carts. Umarex told me to use their carts, and I bought some. They have a completely different neck length and shape. They are much better quality too, and about the same price.

                    • Matthew from USA asked:

                      Can it be field stripped, for easier cleaning?

                      • Val from USA:


                    • John from USA asked:

                      Someone asked if the grips were removable, but are they changeable with aftermarket grips like Pachmayr 1911 Legend Wood/Rubber Grip 0423?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Yes, you can.

                    • John from USA asked:

                      Do you remove the mag to reload BB's

                      • Ashley from USA:


                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • Luis from USA asked:

                      Can i remove the co2 cartridge after a few shots, almost full of gas, without damaging the pistol seal?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        You won't damage the seal, but the cartridge will be under pressure and will leak out when you unscrew the retaining nut.

                    • Gregory from USA asked:

                      Can a new loaded magazine be inserted for the empty one without losing CO2?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • Dario from Canada asked:

                      can you remove the grips? it looks like you can but I was just wondering

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Yes, the grips are removable.

                    • Hritvik from USA asked:

                      Can Colt Special Combat CO2 BB Pistols Magzine Be Fitted In It ??

                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • MICHAEL from USA asked:

                      How does this pistol compare with the Tanfoglio Witness 1911

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Very similar and I actually like it better. Takes the same mags.

                    • richard from USA asked:

                      whats the trigger pull on the colt

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        between 2 and 2 1/2 lbs

                    • John from USA asked:

                      Can magazines for the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 be used in this pistol?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • RifledDNA from USA asked:

                      I've been meaning to ask, and this one just pushed it, why are companies building these high quality bb pistols, all the bells and whistles, with substandard velocity???? How can a 30-40$ gun, regardless of blowback, get 400+ fps, but this does not. Id like to see this get 500 fps. I see it say 300 anything and Im looking right over it. 400 is the new standard and the only reason you should be not hitting that is if your going over it.

                      • Jason from USA:

                        Are you from earth?

                      • Val from USA:

                        Well, if the pistol has blowback then some of the CO2 is used to move the slide, hence the loss of velocity...

                    • Huss from USA asked:

                      what color is this 1911 & what color are the grips? and does it field strip?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Black on black. Yes, it field strips.