Date: 14/10/2019 20:20

Customers Q&A on Colt Defender BB Pistol

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  • surajit from India asked:

    i have bought a new colt defender.the grip has come off & i cannot replace could i do it.

    • Mark from USA:

      If you are within the 60 day return period return the defective gun.

  • Jason from USA asked:

    What poundage trigger pull does this pistol have?

    • tim from USA asked:

      I recently bought this gun thinking it would be a good one. I've had troubles with it though. The bbs sometimes jam and it's not accurate at all! I can move the end of the barrel in and out and sideways some. Is a screw loose inside the gun or how is the barrel secured?

      • Jimmy from USA asked:

        Why does my colt defender not shoot a bb every time. I have to pull the reloader spring back and re- align the bb's to shoot again.

        • Richard from USA:

          YOU may be the problem. Do NOT put more than 15 BBs in it and DO NOT release the follower in a manner that it snaps back! EASE it back in to the battery position.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Maybe an issue with the magazine spring or the channel that the follower/BBs ride in.

      • joseph. c from USA asked:

        why does my gun shoot two bbs at a time it just started to do this it shoots two bbs at time

        • Tyler from USA:

          Can't diagnose a problem without the gun in hand but sounds like you should talk to Umarex about it.

      • jasper from Netherlands (Holland) asked:

        is it blow back?

        • Tod from USA:


      • Frank from USA asked:

        Can the Defender shoot darts?

        • Stanley from USA:


      • Al in Wisconsin from USA asked:

        Suggestions for a tactical laser for bottom rail please. Please try to keep cost as less than possible. Thank you all.

        • Stanley from USA:

          Try centerpoint quick-acquisition #PY-A-3490 , 24.95 .

      • Al in Wisconsin from USA asked:

        Dan the Man from USA, Jim from USA asked what size is accessory rail. Your respponse was Weaver. Weaver is the type not size unless there is only 1 size.. Is it 20 mm or what? Need to know for purchase of accessories. Thanks

        • Tyler from USA:

          There is only one size. Weaver/picatinny rails are 22mm wide.

      • wayne from USA asked:

        My Colt Defender will not seal at the cartridge needle. Looses air quickly. Is this a replaceable part. Or is there a quick fix.

        • Al in Wisconsin from USA:

          Try a strip or 2 of plumbers Teflon tape (cheap) across top of CO2 cart then insert

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          Have you tried using pellgunoil? That should help. If not, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

      • jim from USA asked:

        what size is the accessory rail

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          It is a weaver.

      • Nicholas from USA asked:

        What size holsterwill it fit in

      • Vincent from USA asked:

        what is the average shots per CO2 cartridge?

        • Dan the Man from USA:


      • clyde from USA asked:

        can i use blank gun, gun oil in bb pistols

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          No, only pellgun oil.