Date: 18/12/2018 17:19

Customers Q&A on Colt Python 2.5" .357 CO2 Pellet/BB Revolver

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  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Is shooting BBs in rifled barrel a great idea?

    • Tyler from USA:

      A great idea....probably not, but can you do it, yes

  • Gregory from USA asked:

    Can use load pellets in the BB magazines?

    • 103David from USA asked:

      Much plastic, but does not seem to affect performance. Metal in rifled barrel & lockwork. Metal where metal needs to be. Relax, it's inexpensive.

      • Gregory from Canada asked:

        Is this revolver made of metal or plastic?

        • Peter from USA:

          Plastic (at that price!)

      • Steve from USA asked:

        Does it have a metal frame?

        • Peter from USA:


      • DENNIS from USA asked:

        Is this the new, replica type made of metal?

        • 103David from USA:

          Much plastic, metal where metal needs to be.

        • Peter from USA:


      • Jeff from USA asked:

        what weight pellet do you, or is, recommended for this pistol?

        • Tyler from USA:

          7-8 grains is going to be best

      • half from USA asked:

        How many shots per cartridge at room temperature?

        • Tanstaafl from USA asked:

          Are there likely to be any issues with using pointed pellets? Specifically, are any pellets, particularly lead-free pellets, likely to be on a 'do not use' list in these rotary magazines? Some pellets will not work with some guns due to the length of the pellet. A useful specification that Pyramid Air could provide would be the maximum length pellet recommended for use with semi-auto airguns with removable magazines.

          • montemon from USA asked:

            What parts of this revolver, if any, are metal?

            • Peter from USA:


          • Stephen from USA asked:

            Arrived in a nice printed box! Much more of a value for collecting purposes. Does anyone know if the 6inch model is now boxed or still shipping in the insulting blister pack?

            • 103David from USA:

              The rifled 6 inch BB/Pellet version comes in a box, like what you got with yours only shows a picture of an 8inch instead. No bubble pack with rifled versions, box instead.

          • Mike from USA asked:

            What is the overall length of this revolver?

            • Paul from USA:

              Under specifications it states 8 inches.