Date: 20/5/2019 21:47

Customers Q&A on Colt Python .357 CO2 Pellet/BB Revolver

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  • Lawon from USA asked:

    Where can I get the screw for the bottom where you put the co2 in I lost it.?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Give Umarex USA a call

  • GLENN from USA asked:

    Why didn't Umarex include a weaver block on top so I can mount a red/green dot...?,, it would only help sales.

    • Luis from USA asked:

      How large is it?

      • GLENN from USA asked:

        Is there a top rail to mount a red dot sight...?

        • timothy from USA asked:

          Would this gun work for killing snakes? I want to use this gun for pest control

          • timothy from USA asked:

            Will crosman pointed .177 caliber fit in this gun?

            • Kenneth from USA asked:

              where can i get extra pellet clips i do not like bb they rico.too much i shoot in my basement

            • Adrian from Germany asked:

              Hi. Can you please tell me about how many shots/cartridge do you get? Thank you!

              • Stanley from USA:

                Reviewers say 90 shoots per cartridge .

            • Michael from USA asked:

              Is it all plastic?

              • 103David from USA:

                Mostly but seems to have metal where it's needed.

            • frank from USA asked:

              Does it have a rifled barrel?

              • 103David from USA:

                Yup, but don't waste time on BBs. Pellets only worthwhile.

            • William from USA asked:

              Well with my answer to jims question leads me to ask my own, I'm looking for a rifle that I can get about 1,000-1,200 fps that will kill a crow & woodchuck giving you make a good shot the head or neck. Is the AR or M4 platform the way to go or am I overlooking something else? I wanna be able to shoot up to 45 meters & I don't want co2 So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know by answering this question. Thanks & have safe firearms fun

              • JimA2 from USA asked:

                1) The description says it comes with 4 magazines but there are 6 in the picture. Which is correct? 2) Does the entire cylinder rotate or just where the magazine (in the rear) fits in?

                • Greg from USA:

                  You get 2 additional (rear) BB cylinders and 2 additional (rear) pellet cylinders along with the BB cylinder that comes with the revolver - making 5. Only the rear part of the cylinder rotates. This is the only Colt mfg. Python that comes with a rifled barrel and shoots pellets, although they are rated at 360 fps vs 425 fps for steel BB's.

                • William from USA:

                  I only see 4 round cylinders not 6 & as far as the rotation goes, the whole thing rotates as you shoot. I have one of these for up close varmit shooting. I've taken woodchucks, crows & other black birds out with it using pellets & shooting from 1-10 meters. My grandson target practices with it when he's over. I just wish the co2 would last longer, other than that it's a great colt .357 replica air gun.