Date: 19/3/2019 2:50

Customers Q&A on Colt Python CO2 Revolver


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  • Jim from USA asked:

    Can it shoot .177 darts and not just pellets?

    • Frank from USA:

      i wouldn't

  • Michael from USA asked:

    Aside from graphics I'm truly stumped to find a single difference between this and the Swiss Arms 6 inch - however the stats for that claim a 6 inch barrel, while this states 5.5 inches. Can some one get me an accurate dimension please?

    • jose from USA asked:

      Would shells from Dan Wesson revolvers bb work on this gun and speed loader

      • Michael from USA:

        You CAN use Wesson shells but I wouldn't bother. The diameter is so different the performance of the gun is awful. Stick to the Colt shells, TRUST me!!

    • josue from USA asked:

      Can I attach a scope or put a silencer??

      • Melinda from USA asked:

        Hi I got the co2 Carthage stuck in this gun and can't get it out what's the best solution?

        • Jordan from Canada asked:

          How durable is this gun?

          • Melinda from USA:

            This gun is very durable its fun and also really big but a whole lot of fun.

        • Alejandro from New Zealand asked:

          Does this ship to New Zealand? How long would it take? Is this the EXCACT same gun as the one in this video: ? Same BRAND and everything? Is this good quality? Please answer my question as fast as you can if you want, I'm about to buy it but I'd like what I'm buying first. By the way, is it brand new in its original box never been taken out? Many thanks.

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Pyramyd can not ship anything that shoots to New Zealand. Yes, this is a solid pistol, brand new in the box.

        • jim from Canada asked:

          Does this ship to canada and get over the border okay? Can anyone who's ordered one in canada verify?

          • Jordan from Canada:

            Although they may say it was fine coming across the border there might be additional fees at the border if you ordered co2 with it and it is also prohibited to ship replica firearms across the border

          • stephen from Canada:

            I have bought many guns from PA with no problems when they say it will ship to canada. I live on the west coast and it takes 7 days to arrive.

          • Jack from Canada:

            I ordered one and it arrived in Canada without problem

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Pyramyd says it can ship to Canada, so you'll be fine.

        • Ted from Canada asked:

          This is not a question but it is a statement...As in the description it states that Dan Wesson shells are compatible, which is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT!!! JUST BECAUSE IT FITS IN THE HOLE DOESN'T MEAN IT'S COMPATIBLE!!! MY CAR KEYS FIT IN A SEWER GRATE BUT DOES THAT MEAN THEY ARE COMPATIBLE??? NO!!! As it's not recommended to drop your keys into a sewer grate, also do not use Dan Wesson shells in your Colt Python!!! The Colt shells are bigger than the Dan Wesson and this allows for gaps in the CO2 delivery system which could cause damage to the seals....Whoever stated that doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. This gun has a self contained CO2 system which means you can't just replace the mag to fix it, you need to replace the gun to fix it. Just my two cents...and I own a lot of air guns as a collector and enthusiast, far too many to list here.

          • JAMES from USA:

            Shells for the Dan Wesson are smaller in diameter and will flop around in the cylinder that is larger in the Colt Python!

          • Val from USA:

            Why would seals get damaged if one uses smaller shells in the revolver?

        • Charles from USA asked:

          Can you shoot pellets?

          • Ted from Canada:

            I can shoot pellets, yes, but I need to use a scope because they are really small!! HAHAHAHA... and, not with this gun, it's a 4.5mm bb shooter!!!

        • Nicholas from USA asked:

          Can you use plastic bbs instead of metal ones?

          • Val from USA:

            No, it's .177 cal so it can only use metal BBs.

        • Ted from Canada asked:

          Is there a bulk pack of shells available for this revolver?

          • Ted from Canada:

            Currently there is no bulk pack of shells available. I'm certain that Umarex will have them available soon. I don't recommend using Dan Wesson shells because they are smaller and could potentially cause damage to seals with all the CO2 escaping from the gaps. Just wait it out like myself and be happy that your gun works fantastic. After all, it only takes a couple seconds of your life to reload 6 bbs.

          • Val from USA:

            You can use Dan Wesson ones, but they are a little shorter and you will loose some velocity if you do.

        • Bango Shank from USA asked:

          Is the barrel shroud plastic or metal? How's the balance?

          • Melinda from USA:

            Metal the whole gun is metal so the barrel is to

          • Ted from Canada:

            The entire gun is metal except for the grips and feels quite substantial in the hand. The balance is fantastic! It's heavy all around and when holding the pistol aiming at a target it doesn't feel muzzle heavy at all so I would say balance is fantastic.

          • Val from USA:

            It's metal, feels good and heavy in your hand