Date: 17/6/2019 19:59

Customers Q&A on Colt Python CO2 Revolver, Chrome

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  • Charlie from USA asked:

    How/where may I purchase a replacement threaded cap for the C02 cartridge ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Give Umarex USA a call.

  • CARLOS ALBERTO from Peru asked:

    Hi... This is a very beatifull gun, I love it I want to buy right now, I'm from Peru, Can you ship this gun to my country ?please.

    • Ian from USA asked:

      I like the gun although quality is not as good as the german built ones. My main gripe was the super sloppy chamber which was a big problem but with an easy fix! There is a slot head screw above the trigger on the right hand side, loosen it. The whole cylinder will pull out easily. Pull the chamber itself off the eject mechanism. You will see a brass bush on the pivot (it might get left behind in the hole) this is the badly made part. Either get another made by a local hobby machinist to closer tolerances, or, clean the pivot and bush then carefully wrap some pvc tape around it, or thin heat shrink tube. Lubricate and re-assemble

      • Adityaraj singh from India asked:

        Do you ship this gun to india??

        • repeaterrepeater from Canada asked:

          I just discovered this revolver for the first time. A real beauty! I'm surprised, however, that no one has asked the obvious question.: Does this revolver take the standard DW BB shells? Thanks.

          • John from USA:

            No..theses are specific to this gun. The Dan Wesson shells can be put into the gun but you will lose significant power because the shells are shorter.

        • Franta from Czech Republic asked:

          Can I shoot normal BBs with this gun ?

          • Tyler from USA:


        • Conner from USA asked:

          Can it kill a squrell

          • Tyler from USA:

            I wouldn't recommend it for any type of pest elimination

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Specs state this gun has a 5.5 inch barrel yet I can't see any difference between this, it's black counterpart, or the Swiss Arms 6" barrel which, surprisingly enough, specs state has a 6" in barrel. Can anyone give me an accurate measurement?

          • John from USA:

            All the barrels are exactly the same. 5.5

        • Brandon from USA asked:

          Can the grips be removed?

          • Morris from USA asked:

            I love this magnum, do you send to Hong Kong?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • cam from USA asked:

            HOW do you tighten the barrel on co2 metal colt Python ? It is increasingly growing more and more wably and loose. The connection between the barrel and the main body seems to be only connected by the metal bb chamber, any help as to how to fix this would be beyond greatly appreciated

            • Terry from USA:

              I had same problem. The small pin at the top of receiver in front of cylinder holds the barrel in place. Punch this pin out to remove barrel. Be careful. There is a spring that keeps pressure against the cylinder. I mixed some JB Weld and carefully applied on the shaft that inserts into receiver. DO NOT over apply and get any on the moving parts. I inserted, replaced pin, then let it sit upright overnight. No more loose barrel. Of course you will never be able to remove. But there should never be a need. note: Some people replace or add to the spring claiming that added pressure against cylinder will give a better seal. I doubt it would help that much. But maybe...

          • Michael from USA asked:

            How significant of a decrease will I experience using S&W BB cartridges?

            • Michael from USA:

              TREMENDOUS! Honestly, don't even bother! If I had to guess I'd say at least 60 fps... the S&W shells are so much smaller, stick to the Colt/Gletcher shells.

          • Jihwan from Korea (South Korea) asked:

            I live in South Korea. There are two major rules for airsoft gun in korea. One is orange tip, the other is 0.2j power. so I have two questions. first, Do you ship to South korea? second, Can you lower the power of guns to 0.2j and put a orange tip ??

            • William from USA:

              This isn't an airsoft gun. It is steel bb.

          • Carlos Coimbra from Portugal asked:

            Can I buy it from Portugal? There will be any problems with the shipping? Tks in advance for your reply

            • Tyler from USA:

              No current restrictions listed for Portugal. You'll want to check with customs on your end to make sure they will allow it.

          • Bence from Hungary asked:

            If I wan to buy it from Hungary, could there be any problems with the shipping?

            • Tyler from USA:

              At this time there are no explicit restrictions to Hungary

          • Richard from USA asked:

            When will cartridge shells be available, without the speed loader? One is enough for me.

          • osiel from USA asked:

            How do i get this colt python 357 chrome but with the 4" barrel...?

            • Simon from Canada asked:

              what is the outside diameter of the barrel

              • Ron from USA asked:

                What is the triger pull on double and single action?

                • Melinda from USA:

                  Single action is pull back the hammer and the trigger goes back with it and the lightest touch it will shoot double action hammer and trigger stays normal and with every trigger pull has every same function like shooting to at a time with out pulling the hammer back its just mainly shooting faster.

              • Alexandre from Canada asked:

                If I wan to buy it from Canada, could there be any problems with the shipping?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  This pistol can ship to Canada.

              • PATRICK J. from USA asked:

                WHERE IS SET SCREW? FOR tightening cylinder

                • David from USA:

                  Its a hex cap on the bottom of the grip.

              • nee-kevi from USA asked:

                On any one elses Umarex nickle plated Colt Python 357 air pistol, Does any one elses swing out cylinder switch wobble up & down as well as forward and rearward ( to release the cylinder?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  They can be loose. Their is a set screw that can be tightened if needed on it.

              • A from USA asked:

                Did Colt actually produce this weapon ????

                • David from USA:

                  No, it is a reproduction from Umarex USA.

              • thomas from USA asked:

                wanted to know if you have me on the preorder waiting list for the colt python 357 chrome co2 revolver

                • Richelle from USA:

                  We are unable to answer without your last name or address. Please call our main office: 888-262-4867 or email [email protected]

              • Jose V from USA asked:

                Why is it describe as ambidextrous?

                • Jack from Canada:

                  It is because the gun can be operated by both left and right handed people. This is due to the safety being in the centre of the gun.