Date: 21/10/2020 10:5

Customers Q&A on Colt SAA Peacemaker 7.5" CO2 Pellet Revolver, Nickel

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  • richard from USA asked:

    I heard that to fit the co2 cartridge in the grip frame they had to use a different frame than the SAA. I heard it was the 1860 army frame. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • mark from USA asked:

      does this gun come with both wood looking and ivory looking grips? i heard it did so i wanted to make sure.

      • richard from USA:

        I just received my colt 7-1/2 barrel ivory grip revolver and the brown grips were in the box under the cardboard

    • Wes from USA asked:

      Is the barrel rifled or smooth bore ?

      • Paul from USA:

        Read the specifications, it clearly states rifled.

    • peter from Canada asked:

      why does the colt peacemaker 7.5 inch with ivory grips shoot 30 fps slower then the one with dark grips

      • Darren from USA asked:

        is the blue'd version of this UK only??

        • Tristan from USA asked:

          Will this fit in the 6 inch holster sold by you guys?

          • Thomas from USA asked:

            I live in canada, does this gun meet the requirements to be considered a replica and therefore restricted? i cannot find a definitive answer. also, is there an age restriction in Newfoundland?

            • peter from Canada:

              I have 4 from the colt collection . no problems . I even send them to a us address and bring them across the border myself . just pay taxes . if u ship to the us its free

            • Kade from Canada:

              You should have no problem getting it to Canada I got mine to BC without any hiccups. No Newfoundland doesn't have any restrictions.

          • gerald from USA asked:

            Well the shells that fit the 5.5 colt revolver fit this 7.5 colt and are the pellet and bb shells the same shells .so basically can I use my 5.5 colt bb shells in this 7.5 colt pellet revolver

            • stephen from Canada:

              People have put pellets in the bb shells that come with the 5 1/2 in bb model and they do work in the bb model. The pellets have to be seated a bit deeper tho.

            • BOXU from Canada:

              This is a pellet version which has a rifled barrel, don't use BB for this, the 5.5 pellet shell will fit this gun with no problem

          • deerflyguy from USA asked:

            I was able to secure a close out on 5-1/2" blued and nickel finishes, and bought a quantity of each to sell at a local gun show. By far, the people wanted the blued version, and I sold out of them quickly. I also sold out of the nickel version, but only after the blued versions were gone. I want to buy some of these new 7-1/2" guns, but want them in blued or weathered versions with simulated wooden grips. I know that they will sell better than the nickel/ivory versions. Are they available, and if so, will you be carrying them soon?

            • Kade from Canada:

              What I heard was they weren't going to make the blued ones unfortunately because I much preferred them as well.

          • Bob M from USA asked:

            Why do the white plastic grips cost $20. more than the brown plastic ones ? Are they something altogether different ?

            • Val from USA:

              No, but Pyramyd Air has to buy grips separately and install them...

            • Kade from Canada:

              No not likely, just a money grab.

          • Kade from Canada asked:

            Is there any say on when the Blued and the weathered finnishes will become available.

            • Jed from USA:

              Weathered is available at Umarex - NRA edition.

          • Michael from USA asked:

            380fps? The shorter 5.5" barrel SAA makes 410fps , therefore a longer 6.75" barrel SAA should make an est. 450fps to upward of 510fps. Pyramid please address this velocity info couriosity. Thank you.

            • michael from USA:

              Have my doubts about about 10 for 10 crony results they are always much lower than what is reported elsewhere , will probably pick up a rony and start doing my own

            • John from USA:

              Michael you are correct, I just received the 7.5" pellet version and chrono'd it today. 78' F, nice day, I was shooting RWS Super-H-Point 6.9 gr pellets, I shot 6 rounds over the chrono, the High was 455 FPS and the Low was 437 FPS. The additional 2" of barrel does make a difference, basic physics. Also the 5.5" BB version is rated at 410 FPS the 5.5" Pellet version is rated at 380 FPS. As you can see the longer barrel does give you an increase in velocity.

            • monty from USA:

              the 410 spec is actually for the BB gun version. The 5.5 barrell in pellet was 380fps. But I agree, you would think the pellet would travel faster with the longer barrel. When I get my gun in I will measure the two for comparison

            • Val from USA:

              No, the 380 fps is accurate. While it SHOULD make for higher velocity according to UX it does not. We will test it soon, and report if it is in fact faster.

          • Harald from Norway asked:

            Is this from Umarex just like the following? Colt SAA CO2 Pellet Revolver,... - If so, is it identical in function to the aforementioned revolver? Any idea why there's no Colt logo on the grips? - If not, who made it and where can I find additional info?

            • Val from USA:

              It is by Umarex, same functionality in every way. UX chose not to put logo on the grips this time. The ivory grips are the same as used on other Peacemakers and also don't have the logo. PYR is the one installing those (swapping the brown grips for ivory ones).