Date: 20/5/2019 21:43

Customers Q&A on Crosman 1077W Repeatair CO2 Rifle

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  • john from USA asked:

    What is the trigger pull on the Crossman 1077W?

    • Jed from USA asked:

      What is the best pellet to use and what grain weight?

      • james from USA asked:

        Crosman site say the plastic version is built in the USA, no such note on the wood version, can anyone confirm the country of manufacture? Would really like to support the Crosman US based folks and purchase a rifle model that is still being manufactured domestically.

        • james from USA:

          Ok I took the chance and ordered one anyway, so I'll answer my own question. Yes it is made in the USA! Or at least assembled here which is a positive in my book. I'll add an observation, the wood on mine is significantly darker than the picture above or examples I've seen online, not a complaint just an observation. The examples I have seen are very close to the tone of my 10/22 the 1077 I relieved is more like a dark furniture color.

      • pavo6503 from USA asked:

        Would it be possible to get a replacement barrel that isn't rifled? I'd like to shoot steel BBs from this but the rifling would make the BBs wildly inaccurate.

        • Douglas from USA:

          Purchase lead BB's instead, than you can shoot them in a rifled barrel. Rifling will make them more accurate. Muzzle loaders use rifling with round balls.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Does anyone know what the barrel diameter is?

        • Matthew from USA asked:

          What pieces of the gun are metal?

          • swamprocker57 from USA:

            Pretty much just the barrel!

        • Bill Horosz from USA asked:

          What's the difference between a1077 and a 1077W ?

          • Paul from USA:

            The 1077w is a wood stock that's all.

          • Stanley from USA:

            This version comes with a wood stock (only difference).

        • JimA2 from USA asked:

          What is the weight of this wooden 1077? The specs list it at 3.75lbs the same as the plastic version. That makes no sense.

          • Paul from USA:

            I wouldn't doubt it's in that weight area.I'm now testing one for Hard Air Magazine and it is really quite light Courtesy of Pyramyd Air.

        • Bert from USA asked:

          Does this gun have a metal or plastic receiver?

          • Keoki from USA:

            The receiver is Plastic.

          • mike from USA:


        • john from USA asked:

          when are you gonna get the wood varient back in stock

          • Carlton from USA:

            The wood version is available now at PA. I just received one 1-29-15. One of my best purchases of many from. PA. Exceed expectations.

          • Paul from USA:

            My understanding is Crosman is making an exclusive run of wooden stocks for Pyramyd Air. As of 5-13-15 they are back in stock but they will probably will sell out quickly again.

          • Keoki from USA:

            Well, I was going to say "never say never" since I just bought one last week (4/10/15) but they seem to be selling out quick. Pyramyd Air has already bumped up their estimated in stock date twice since they sold out again in the middle of April.

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Since the only review on this rifle is from '07, I would say never.