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Customers Q&A on Crosman 1077 Air Rifle

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  • Eduardo from Philippines asked:

    What is a maximum weight of the pellet .177 can use for Crosman 1077?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I wouldn't go over 9 grains personally.

  • Nathan from USA asked:

    Can this gun be dry fired?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Carter from USA asked:

    What seal does my air gun use model 1077

  • Mark from Mexico asked:

    Safety button won't release from fire position. Only releases if I remove cartridge and pull trigger. Some advise on on fix or info.

    • Destry from USA asked:

      How many FOOT POUNDS OF ENGERGY is the 1077

      • Tyler from USA:

        5-6 FPE

    • Wayne from USA asked:

      Just purchased this rifle - instructions say not to leave CO2 cartridge stored in gun. Called factory and they said not even for overnight as you can blow seals out. I am going to use the rifle to discourage fish eating birds that come into a large pond I have in my front yard- so need to have it ready to go at all times. Can't see taking the CO2 cartridge out every night(even if only used for a few shots) and replacing with new every morning..... but don't wanat to ruin the rifle either. Your thoughts on this ??

      • Chevota from USA:

        Interesting... I'd just leave it in there anyway and see what happens. If the seal fails then replace it. Of the few CO2 guns I've had the only seal that failed is the one that seals the end of the CO2 cartritge itself, and those seem to have a short life no matter what. Up to you but no way I'm wasting cartridges that still have juice. Like for you, insert new CO2, take shot at said bird, then vent it? No way. If you don't want to leave it in then i guess I'd do like Sanley said and get a different gun. PCP are nice but $pendy. A different CO2 gun like a QB78 that has a refillable tank should hold fine, plus they hold hundreds of shots worth of CO2. A break barrel is fairly cheap and you can leave then cocked. They say not to leave coil spring guns cocked but I don't believe that and I've left then cocked w/o issue. A gas spring version is an option but my problem with those is they leak. I seem to have worse luck than most in that dept, but those are your options. This gun is rather weak so if you want to kill I think it's the wrong choice. If you just want to put a hurtin on 'em then maybe a Daisy Red Ryder? Or maybe an airsoft?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Use a rifle with a different powerplant say PCP, break barrel or under lever or multi-pump like a daisy 880 there are so many choices.

    • GLENN from USA asked:

      It says in the description cartridges(plural) does the 1077 hold one CO2 12 gram cartridge or 2 in the tube under the barrel...?

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Chris from USA asked:

      Just got mine. When shooting it burps. Only get about 12 shots before cartridge empty. I don't hear any leaking or see cold spots. It feels like its sealed properly.

      • Airgun junkee from USA:

        If you are not already doing that, try adding a drop of pell-gun-oil or transmission fluid to the tip of the CO2 cartridge before inserting it into the gun. That might help fix the problem.

    • Ian from USA asked:

      what size pellet does this gun take and can it kill a squirrel

      • Chevota from USA:

        Squirrels are pretty tough so I'd get something more powerful. Most of the break barrel guns are super popular for squirrel, like the Titan, Venom, Vantage etc and any of the NP2 guns.

      • Stanley from USA:

        177 caliber and it can depending distances.

    • Jerry from USA asked:

      will the 1077 work on pigeons

      • Jairam from USA:

        Yes....This will definitely, for sure, kill a pigeon, or any other small bird....I know that by experience and honestly, I was not a big fan of that experience.... But Use this rifle, it is accurate as hell, esp with a scope and fresh CO2....Just never ever leave it in the sun...or it will start to leak and then suck forever.

    • Gary from USA asked:

      Is it possible to switch the fiber optic sight for a tradtional blade sight?

      • Paul from USA:


    • Frank from USA asked:

      How do you hook up 88gram to this I was reading Tom Gaylords or BB Pelletier article he stated that is what he was using.Thanks

      • robert from USA:

        you can but they discontinued the adapter. if your lucky amazon has one once in a whie

      • Colin from Netherlands (Holland):

        you have to purchase an 88 gram convertor kit on amazon or from

    • Dan from USA asked:

      next question: what is the wall thickness of the straw barrel?

      • Dan from USA asked:

        Does the 1077 have a solid barrel or a straw barrel with a shroud over it. Thanks, Trim Tab

        • Dan from USA:

          In answer to my own question, Yes it is covered with a shroud.

      • Jami from USA asked:

        My gun won't fire with co2 loaded co2 is pierced what could be the problem

        • Jairam from USA:

          I would say: Make sure that the little tabs that stick out on either side of the top of the gun are in the higher position closer to the butt of the gun, otherwise the barrel wont be in contact with the rest of the action and it wont shoot. **it looks like this from the right side [ -_ ] make sure the tabs are back where the - hyphen is not down and forward where the _ underscore is.

      • Charles from USA asked:

        What scope should I get for this?

        • Chevota from USA:

          Whatever you get be sure to consider parallax. Airgun scopes are usually set to 100', centerfire rifle to 100 yards. This is why many airgun scopes have parallax adj so you can dial it in to closer ranges. The generic 4x32 scope that come free with many break barrel guns can often be had for dirt cheap on Craigslist since many people upgrade.

        • Jairam from USA:

          You can get any scope for it, all you need is an $8 set of 3/8" wide, 1" (circle) Scope Mounts from Amzn. But I would suggest something that is at least 4x or adjustable from 4x-??x I have used a 4-12x32 and 3-9x40 on it, also a regular 4x32, but I also have a 6-24x50 (but that one would be a bit big for the gun).

        • Stanley from USA:

          It is available as a scope combo for 30 dollars more.It uses a 4x32 scope.

      • Glenn from USA asked:

        How accurate is this airgun? I need an accurate airgun, and the spring-loaded Beeman that I have is just frustrating the hell out of me with every shot being off because of its recoil.

        • Carlton from USA:

          I have both versions. . . .wood & plastic. They are both extremely accurate using 4-7gr pellets both alloy and non-lead.

        • Stanley from USA:

          Reviewers say it is very accurate but Co2 is commonly used in warmer weather , and you can only 50 to 60 shots per Co2 cartridge. Less in colder weather. Try the artillery hold , it does take practice to master.

      • anthony from USA asked:

        is this smooth bore?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Description states rifled.

      • Mannie from India asked:

        Ships to India ?

        • William from USA:

          No they can not ship internationally.

      • yuth_m from Thailand asked:

        Hi. Guy. This model is have a groov on a barral ???

        • Donnie from USA:

          Yes, This model has a rifled barrel.

      • Edward from USA asked:

        I,m thinking about buying the Crosman 1077 and was wondering how noisy it was. I don't have a basement or garage but do have a unused upstairs where I shoot when the weather is bad. I would like a rifle with very low noise level. Thanks.

        • Carlton from USA:

          Very quiet. . .both versions wood & plastic.

        • Keoki from USA:

          I've got staple guns louder than my 1077! These are very quiet for an airgun-especially a CO2!

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          at 89.8 decibels, it should be fine.

      • Charles from USA asked:

        Isn't pellgun oil just transmission fluid oil ?

        • Chevota from USA:

          I believe it's basically motor oil, which is a great gun lube imo, but this stuff is modified to not to ruin the cheap O-rings. Not sure what the oils original use is, or why, but apparently it's a good match for the guns. Trans fluid has similar modifiers to protect rubber, so I've heard, but not sure which is better. Silicone is likely the best for the O-rings and whatever that CO2 seal is. In my experience it's best to buy extra CO2 seals and replace as needed. If you use normal motor oil it'll dissolve the seals inside and make a nasty mess.

        • Mark from USA:

          It's not guarded very well, considering there is an MSDS anyone can view saying it's a motor oil, 20w in this case.

        • William from USA:

          I know tranny fluid can be used on the CO2 cartridges to seal leaks. But pellgun oil is a different ingredient from what I have been told.

        • Anthony from USA:

          Looks like Marvel "mystery oil" to me. Smells like it and feels like it too.

        • Jerry from USA:

          it has other additives, trans fluid will work in a pinch

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          That might be one of the ingredients, but the real composition is a guarded secret.

      • Brock from USA asked:

        Does this still come with the 88g adapter mentioned in the review? I understand that Crossman no longer offers these cartridges so I was wondering if that means no adapter as well. Thanks

        • William from USA:

          The adaptor cost more than the gun itself. Available online still.

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          No, it no longer comes with the adapter.

      • Preston from USA asked:

        how wide is the barrel in millimeters?

        • Richelle from USA:

          Approximately 12.7 millimeters

      • Elvin from USA asked:

        When I place a CO cartridge into my rifle the container leaks out very quickly. is there a solution for this problem?

        • Jairam from USA:

          This happened to my first 1077 after 10 years of use, my replacement had the same problem after a month or two after I let it sit in the sun for 15 minutes THE Problem: the pinkish/white/clear donut shaped seal inside the CO2 tube has been worn out. It is a pain to get out unless you have a giant foot long flat-head screwdriver....but the seals are cheap...I paid 12 for 2 on eby BUT. I also like EDITH's Comment Below...Try that first...I sure wish I had in case it worked

        • Carlton from USA:

          Do not drop co2 cart into place. You can possibly damage the piercing pin which may result in a leaking problem. Insert co2 cart gently into place and then tighten. Use pellgunoil on each cartridge.

        • Robert from USA:

          Quality control with air guns is terrible. I've had a number of guns arrive broken and not being able to hold CO2 (I always use Pellgunoil). You could try some Teflon tape on the co2 cartridge but, if the gun is new, you should just send it back and get a working one. Air gun manufacturers seemed to have completely missed the six sigma quality control trend. I think that all new products should arrive in working condition. Even if quick fixes are possible, you shouldn't have to imo...

        • Edith from USA:

          Put a drop or 2 of Pellgunoil on the tip of every CO2 cartridge before inserting it into the gun. This lubes your seals throughout the gun with every shot. You cannot overlube with Pellgunoil. If your gun won't hold any CO2, then I suggest quickly inserting the lubed CO2 cartridge and dry-fire as many shots as you can before it all leaks out. Insert a second lubed CO2 cartridge and dry-fire it again. Usually, by the end of the 2nd lubed CO2 cartridge, you've fixed your gun! Airgun writer Tom Gaylord does this when he's found a gun that leaks. If it's not fixed by the end of the 2nd cartridge, then you need to have the seals replaced. Tom Gaylord buys non-working/leaking CO2 guns at a really low price from people who don't know their guns aren't really broken and then fixes them with the method I just explained. Pellgunoil is like the fountain of youth for CO2 guns!

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Are you using pellgun oil?