Date: 30/11/2020 6:50

Customers Q&A on Crosman 1077 CO2 Air Rifle Combo

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  • Robert from USA asked:

    Can the iron sights be used easily while scope is mounted?

    • Tyler from USA asked:

      Someone else asked a similar question; will this air rifle work for varmint hunting and small game (squirrels, rabbit, etc). I notice that someone had previously answered that it would NOT work for that purpose, but a pellet rifle at 600fps should be plenty to take down small varmints like those mentioned. If u find me a rabbit or squirrel that can survive a pellet traveling at 600fps, I'll show u the Bruce friggin Willis of rabbits/squirrels. That's just unheard of. That rabbit/squirrel would have to be wearing the rabbit/squirrel equivalent of a Kevlar vest!

      • Tyler from USA:

        It's often a question of if the rifle is ethical for hunting use. Sure, we've all seen less velocity take out game, but that doesn't mean it's the right tool for the job. Also, you have to factor in distance to target and the accuracy of the gun in question. At what distance can you guarantee a shot to the vitals of any game animal? These are all questions you would have to answer for yourself before you should consider any gun for hunting.

    • Adam from USA asked:

      Would this be sized correctly for a youth? My son currently has a BB rifle and I am looking to move him up to a pellet rifle. He is 7 years of age.

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Yes, with adult guidance this would be a perfect fit for all ages. I'm a child of 50+ and still get a kick of how this riffle feels under my chin. This 1077 maybe designed after some cock rifles but its not! With the right scope it is 'dead' on accurate. Pyramid has many training videos online that I suggest you and your young gun watch together as it is a perfect bonding tool. It may feel small to an adult as I need to order a bigger but-stock for mine it is great fun for backyard plinking. Check out "Backyard Plinking with Charles" on Youtube, he maybe slow to the draw but darn accurate.

    • Jerry from USA asked:

      will the Crosman 1077 work for pigeons?

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        No, I dont know of a Crosman 1077 pistol this will work with. Its only designed for the 1077 rifle which is famous for its reliability and accuracy. I bought one from Pyramid last week and its 12 round strong at 5+ meters.

    • jamesagallagher from USA asked:

      Is this 1077 powerful enough to take down small game at short a squirrel?

      • Ashley from USA:

        It is not powerful enough to be recommended for that usage.

    • Devon from Canada asked:

      how many shots until i have to change the co2

      • Cory from USA:

        There is a lot of variables in this. For the most part you will see a decrease in velocity after about 4 clips. This does not take into account many variables including temp that will greatly change this approximation.

    • Amélie Renoncule from USA asked:

      This units "Piercing Tube Cap" does NOT employ an O-Ring or Seal?

      • Cory from USA:

        The CO2 seals on the front where it meets the piercing pin so it in not needed where the cap is threaded.

    • adam from USA asked:

      whats the fps

      • Val from USA:

        625 fps according to the specs tab

    • Richard from USA asked:

      What laser and flashlight do I use with the crosman 1077?