Date: 25/3/2019 8:46

Customers Q&A on Crosman 2300T

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  • Tim from USA asked:

    My question from you or anybody else, 2300T gas tube has a front breech screw, not a hidden one under the probe.

    • JimA2 from USA asked:

      The description talks about the rear sight, but I see no rear sight in the pix. What am I not understanding? Help!

      • Whiteleather from USA:

        Every picture shows a rear sight.

      • Jeff from USA:

        The rear sight is shipped loose in a small bag with an allen wrench to tighten it down and a screwdriver tool to adjust the site (I believe it's shown in one of the pictures).

    • Gurpreet from India asked:

      Please tell me, crosman 2300T is suitable for ISSF compition , it is open barrel or close barrel Thanks Gurpreet Singh +919041908484

      • Bengt from Norway asked:

        Is it a possiblete that this gun is a like god gun that the 2300 S is, witout the backsighth ?

        • Phil from USA asked:

          Can the front sight be changed out or removed entirely?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            It can be removed.

        • tommy from USA asked:

          Crosman's website now states 420fps. Have they started de-tuning these so as not to compete with the 2300s? Or is it just a typo?

          • wade from USA:

            Check into the 2240 customized with a .177 barrel, ask Crossman if this will be more powerful.

          • wade from USA:

            Crossman states on there website 420 fps with lead pellets on the 2300t, yet they also state 460 fps on the 2240 with lead. I'm not sure why the .22 has more power than the .177.

          • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

            No, they are not de-tuning. The pistol can shoot up to 520 fps.

        • Craig from Canada asked:

          Ships to Canada @ 520 fps?

          • Andy from Canada:

            Get Yourself a Crosman 2240, a Steel Breech in .177, and a 10.1 " Lothar Walther Barrel, and Voila You Now have a 2300T,,,,,,Just Upgrade to a Williams Notch/Peep Sight for the rear, or even a MIM sight, Then either keep the Front sight that comes w/ the Pistol, or get a Crosman 22XX Muzzlebrake(available in Silver or Black), and Lastly a Trigger shoe,,,,,,,and there you go!,,,,I created one Hell of a Squirrel gun by doing everything I just mentioned, But I did add a shoulder stock, and a 24" Barrel, Accurate as all Hell, and you're not forced to use stubby pellets,,,On the 2240 I converted to .177 w/ the 24" barrel is primarily used by my wife or Son Due to it's Light weight. Cheers Andy,,,,,,,Also when you do the conversion yourself,,,You can expect a Velocity of around 525-550fps w/ LEAD (under 8gr,.!), W/ Skenco Type 1's, around 600fps!

          • Val from USA:

            Thank you for the good catch. We will update our system that we cannot ship this air pistol to Canada

        • Richard from USA asked:

          I recently purchased a 2300T from PA and Crosman says not to leave the CO2 in it for more than 24 hours. Will releasing the CO2, being so cold, hurt the seals?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It shouldn't do any serious damage. It would be best to dry fire the remaining CO2 out of the gun though. And make sure to use pellgun oil with each new CO2 cartridge.