Date: 16/2/2019 5:19

Customers Q&A on Crosman 760 Pumpmaster

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  • peter from Canada asked:

    can i get 760 pump cup,, and cloth washer that absorbs oil behind the cup ,,, how much cost to send to nova scotia canada, difficult to find parts for 760 pump pellet ,bb, rifle,, thanks

    • Scott from USA asked:

      Crosman states this is a 760 B , and is more powerful then the previous 760 . Is this true and what are the fps differences?

      • Miles from USA:

        Yes thus is true now I do not know the exact difference in speed of the pellrt/bb but there were modifications from the original 760.

    • Larry from USA asked:

      According to the FSP/FPE calculator my brand new 760 should be quite capable of killing a squirrel at 25 ft. with lead pellets. Why then, after two vital hits this morning, did the squirrels merely jump as if stung and run away?

      • Jon from USA:

        I don't see the number of pumps the person used in that video. He did the Daisy 880, and the Crosman 760. His velocities both look way slow.

      • Adrian from USA:

        I did a quick search on youtube to look for a Crosman 760 chronograph video and of course it depends on the weight of your ammo, the results averaged in the 200-300 fps range. Here is the link to the video I am referencing.

      • Ashley from USA:

        This gun would never be recommended for hunting.

    • Stick from USA asked:

      I thought the newer 760's had a rifled bore... ? My old one from the 1070's was smooth bore.

      • Luis from USA:

        The modern 760B has a smoothbore. The newer Crosman 664GT kit has 20" rifled barrel and shoots a little harder and looks almost exactly like a 760.

      • Eric from USA:

        Mine from 1989 is rifled. I noticed they switched back to smooth bore at some point since then.

      • Stick from USA:

        Well, I see the present-day specs say smooth bore...