Date: 19/2/2020 6:20

Customers Q&A on Crosman C11 Tactical

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  • Manuel from USA asked:

    Is this product available in Mexico?

    • Rodney from Canada asked:

      Is this product available in Canada? Its under 500fps so i dont see why not? Just asking because usually says ships to Canada

      • Cory from USA:

        At this time the box lists 550 fps so we can not export it to Canada.

    • Pellet_Poppa from USA asked:

      Why was this gun listed as being 550 fps and now its only listed as 480?

      • Cory from USA:

        This is the maximum achievable fps and the package is still listed at 550 by Crosman.

    • Vanderlei from Brazil asked:

      Can you sent it to Brazil with the accessories?

      • Cory from USA:

        Yes at this time we could ship this item to Brazil.

    • special ops from USA asked:

      is the compensator removable or do you have to break it off in order for that to happen

      • Tyler from USA:

        It is removable.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        You can simply unscrew the compensator to expose the actual barrel.