Date: 19/5/2019 23:49

Customers Q&A on Crosman Doomsday Bug Out air rifle kit

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  • Kyle from USA asked:

    The Dennis Adler article has this gun with what appears to be laser etched backpacker branding, the PA product image shows stamped American Classic branding... what is on the shipped product?

  • Douglas from USA asked:

    You list this as 650fps but the same pistol (1322) w/o the "kit" is 460 fps?

    • cherokeesteve from USA:

      To be fair to Douglas, the most recent PA mailer Ive received includes this bug out kit and lists the max velocity at 460 fps.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not the same gun. This has a longer barrel...which will give a higher velocity.

  • thomas from USA asked:

    Can i get just the gun only?

    • Stanley from USA:

      No but it can easliy to built to these specs, and then some.So many mods are out there.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not available by itself at this time

  • Ray from USA asked:

    It says it is not scope ready, the additional pictures show several types of scopes mounted. Would like to have a red dot utg. Any suggestions?

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Do they make a holster to fit the 2289? If so, what is it?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I have never seen one. Though someone out there may make a custom one.

  • Keith from USA asked:

    Does this model come with SOS Kit Includes: two multi-tools, a whistle, emergency saw, compass, and fire starter tools ?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Gregory from Canada asked:

    How is the muzzle velocity for this 2289 .22 cal rated at 650 fps ? The P1322 is 460 fps, and I wouldn't think that the 14" barrel could add that much more power in order for the 2289 to shoot up to 650 fps?

    • cherokeesteve from USA:

      The back of the kit box states 650fps with lead free pellets, 550 with lead pellets. Crosmans site says its capable of 7.62fpe. To achieve that with the 14.3gr pellets that come with the kit the fps would be around 490 which is a more realistic estimate of this guns velocity.

  • Chris from USA asked:

    How hard is it to install the steel breach?

    • cherokeesteve from USA:

      Remove two screws, breech(in loading area) the other at breech rear, holds rear sight on. Replace with steel breech using same two screws (dont strip the tiny breech one).

    • Stanley from USA:

      Its a matter of removing one and installing the other.

  • Angelo from USA asked:

    hi, What model number is the corsman doomday bug out gun

    • Geno from USA:


  • Garth from Canada asked:

    Is this gun modified for the Canadian market? If so what is the velocity of the Canadian version.

    • Gregory from Canada:

      As a matter of fact the Canadian Law states on the RCMP website that muzzle velocity must exceed 500 fps AND muzzle energy must exceed 4.2 fpe in order to require a P.A.L(CDN gun permit)

    • Geno from USA:

      Well a max of around 490 with 14.3 grain pellets STOCK any ways

    • Henry from Canada:

      No, it is not. Max feet per second is 480, which matches the Canadian law of under 500. PA ships this to Canada too.