Date: 16/2/2019 3:27

Customers Q&A on Crosman Doomsday Bug Out air rifle kit

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  • Douglas from USA asked:

    You list this as 650fps but the same pistol (1322) w/o the "kit" is 460 fps?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not the same gun. This has a longer barrel...which will give a higher velocity.

  • thomas from USA asked:

    Can i get just the gun only?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not available by itself at this time

  • Ray from USA asked:

    It says it is not scope ready, the additional pictures show several types of scopes mounted. Would like to have a red dot utg. Any suggestions?

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Do they make a holster to fit the 2289? If so, what is it?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I have never seen one. Though someone out there may make a custom one.

  • Keith from USA asked:

    Does this model come with SOS Kit Includes: two multi-tools, a whistle, emergency saw, compass, and fire starter tools ?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Gregory from Canada asked:

    How is the muzzle velocity for this 2289 .22 cal rated at 650 fps ? The P1322 is 460 fps, and I wouldn't think that the 14" barrel could add that much more power in order for the 2289 to shoot up to 650 fps?

    • Chris from USA asked:

      How hard is it to install the steel breach?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Its a matter of removing one and installing the other.

    • Angelo from USA asked:

      hi, What model number is the corsman doomday bug out gun

      • Geno from USA:


    • Garth from Canada asked:

      Is this gun modified for the Canadian market? If so what is the velocity of the Canadian version.

      • Gregory from Canada:

        As a matter of fact the Canadian Law states on the RCMP website that muzzle velocity must exceed 500 fps AND muzzle energy must exceed 4.2 fpe in order to require a P.A.L(CDN gun permit)

      • Geno from USA:

        Well a max of around 490 with 14.3 grain pellets STOCK any ways

      • Henry from Canada:

        No, it is not. Max feet per second is 480, which matches the Canadian law of under 500. PA ships this to Canada too.