Date: 19/2/2020 5:50

Customers Q&A on Crosman Iceman CO2 BB and Pellet Pistol

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  • GLENN from USA asked:

    I feel that if any CO2 pistol has a rifled barrel, then lead pellets only is the best policy. If you want to shoot BBs, get a smooth bore BB gun

    • Ronald from USA asked:

      My gun fires powerfully on single action, but it fires weakly on double action. I bought it for the double action because I hate a long hard single action trigger pull. I've tried H&N field trophy pellets and Crosman hi-speed pellets, with the same result. Do I have a lemon, or do I need to try different pellets, or did I get what I paid for?

      • Jeff from USA asked:

        Is the Iceman plastic or metal (like the Beeman P17)?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          Mainly plastic.

      • Thomas from Mexico asked:

        BBs AND Pellets Rifled barrel, but it shoots BBs, doesn't that destroy the rifling?

        • Douglas from USA:

          Shooting Steel BBs in this rifled barrel will damage it and cause a loss of accuracy with lead pellets over time. Not recommended - buy a dedicated Steel BB shooter for Steel BBs.

        • Val from USA:

          Shoot Smart Shot BBs

        • Andy from Canada:

          If you like the Idea of shooting "BB's" w/ your Gun, I suggest you try .177 cal,. Lead Balls from H&N, in either Graphiteized Black, or Copper Coated(Gamo produces a "Lead Ball" ammo, but you'll be dissapointed w/ it's accuracy especially in a short barrelled gun like the 4" "Iceman",,,,If you still prefer to use regular BB's, make sure that they're coated, and not just plain "Steel". Cheer's Andy.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          They can damage the rifling over time.