Date: 23/3/2019 3:33

Customers Q&A on Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk Air Rifle

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  • Danny from Canada asked:

    How can i use a sling with this rifle? It does not seem to have anything i could attach one to. Thanks.

    • Chevota from USA:

      You can do it like how they did with the Trail Hardwood by buying the fwd sling mount (~$1.15 from Crosman). The spot where that goes in the barrel bock is wider on the Trail, so you'd need to grind out some metal on your block to make it fit. You can also just buy the Trail barrel and associated little parts which should be ~$20-30 depending on whether or not you buy said parts or recycle those from your existing barrel. Some people screw the sling to the wood, off to one side so the linkage doesn't hit it, some attach it to the barrel but you'd also have to rig that to stay put. chevota at hotmail if you need more details

  • Sasha from United Kingdom asked:

    How do you safely discharge this Air Rifle without firing it?

    • Danny from Canada:

      From the manual, you can not discharge without firing it.

  • Tricia from USA asked:

    is the scope that it comes with a good one, or would you suggest getting a better one?

    • John from USA:

      The scope may be good to you or not. Try it first. Make sure you mount it properly. To mount, set, zero a scope it is more difficult than shooting the air rifle. Could take more time than you are willing. I have not encountered a scope I could not set and zero in from 80 feet. You could have opted for the 20 for $20.00. Your scope would have arrived to you mounted, set, and zeroed in. The 4x32 scopes are not that complicated once you get it mounted on the rings properly. If you get frustrated get a new one. I would/will not pay more for the scopethan the cost of the rifle. I have 11different Air Rifles. I am 67 yrs old and have been shooting air rifles since 1963. Setting and zeroing scopes since 1968. Its all about knowing what you are doing. You can do it, get it done. Woodys World.

    • Chevota from USA:

      It's certainly not "good" but it works. All depends on what you think of it. I just bought a couple Leapers/UTG 3-12x44 side focus (~$100), which are much nicer but I'd try this one first to see what you think.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Typically gun/ scope combos are not very good , some say they are some say no ? Personally go with a better quality scope . Hawk, or UTG . Its your decision ?

  • Tricia from USA asked:

    hi i was just wondering what kind of animals this beast can take down. rabbit, raccoon, maybe even fox? and if so what pellet would you suggest? thank you!

    • Chevota from USA:

      It can kill all those things but there are some things to think about. The range is important because pellets lose power fast, so ~50yrds you have ~half power. Accuracy is another, and since many chinese guns could only hit them in a good spot at close range. To humanly kill you really a brain shot. Each gun has different accuracy and issues so you'd really need to get the gun and see, then decide what range it shoots accurately enough. Really I think you need a more powerful and accurate gun, like the Benj Marauder.

  • FRANCIS from USA asked:


  • FRANCIS from USA asked:


    • Dan the Man from USA:

      I would use shooting sticks or a mono pod.

  • lester from USA asked:

    What is the barrel diameter of this beautiful gun?

    • Jerry from USA:

      Yes it comes in an.22 version

    • Jerry from USA:

      I have the .177 version and my barrel is .586 or 9/16 inch from stock to suppressor

    • Val from USA:

      It comes in .177 or .22?