Date: 30/3/2020 1:14

Customers Q&A on Crosman Optimus Breakbarrel Air Rifle Combo

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  • Max from Canada asked:

    I am from canada and i do not have a liscence. Can Pyramid air Detune this gun to make it below 500 fps

    • Mark from USA:

      We do not de-tune airguns. You would have to get a low power model in Canada

  • Giles from Canada asked:

    why will some pellets work and others not. The ones that don't, I have to pull out, scrap and then try a new one? The pellets I bought with the rifle are Crossman Destroyer

    • Paul from USA:

      Crosman, only one s .

  • Brian from USA asked:

    How many holes or grooves does it have for scope stop pins? Are there any up front to restrain the front scope ring?

    • Dean from USA asked:

      can the trigger be adjusted or creep removed??

      • Tyler from USA:

        While it is adjustable, you may not be able to remove all of the creep.

    • akino from USA asked:

      is this gun smooth bore

      • Paul from USA:

        Read the specification.

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Brandon from USA asked:

      Can I shoot BB's instead of pellets?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Nikita from USA asked:

      Can you leave this rifle cooked?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Being a springer i wouldn't leave it cocked even it was on safety .

    • Stephano from USA asked:

      Theres not much parts for it

      • Stephano from USA asked:

        What spring can i put to my optimus .22

        • stanley from USA asked:

          Is the optimus the same as the quest 1000x in .177 cal. ? I have the 1000x and I have been watching you tube for videos on the quest 1000x, all I can fiend is foe the optimus. Can anyone tell me if the optimus and quest are basically the same rifles?

          • Jose from USA:

            They are the same rifles.

        • Dennis from USA asked:

          What pellets run best for the .22 cal model?

          • Ringo from USA:

            You can try gamo master point, Crosman premier hollow points & domed, these worked well for mine but may not in all.

          • Chevota from USA:

            It varies from gun to gun, but typically the better quality pellets perform better. I like JSB and H&N at ~14.3gr, the Crosman Premier are good too. You really have to try as many as you can to see which the gun prefers because the next identical gun off the assy line may like a different one so experimenting is the only way to find the "best"

        • Dan from USA asked:

          What are the differences between the Optimus and the Vantage? They seem like the same rifle.

          • Todd from USA:

            The main diff is the stock. Like Tyler said the Vantage is also available with a nitro spring. While the Vantage doesn't come in .22, the 800X is more or less a Vantage in .22, same gun but lighter color stain. The barrels are interchangeable btw, and you can buy whichever barrel in whatever caliber you want as a part from Crosman :) This is also the same gun as the Phantom, Quest, 1000x Fury, TR77 and some others, the stock is the difference. Also some have open sights, some a muzzle brake. You can verify by checking the part numbers of the parts at the Crosman site

          • Tyler from USA:

            The Optimus comes in .177 and .22 where the Vantage only comes in .177. The Vantage also is available with a Nitro Piston. Other than that, and the name, they are the same.