Date: 22/5/2019 15:56

Customers Q&A on Crosman PFM16 Full Metal CO2 BB Pistol

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  • KM from Canada asked:

    Just got a PFM16, loaded mag with 15 BBS, loaded CO2, carrying outside, muzzle down, a couple [or more] BBs fell out of the barrel. Anybody else having BBs falling out of the barrel?

    • Matthew from USA asked:

      So I just bought the PFM16 bg gun. I loaded the 20 bb max into the magazine for the pistol. Put the magazine in the pistol, take the safety off and fire it. But the bb's wont come out. I dont know if I'm doing something wrong or not. And yes the CO2 canister is in the pistol, and in the pistol correctly. Does anyone have any tips or answers for me?

      • Matthew from USA:

        Yeah. I figured it out. My stupid self didnt tighten the CO2 canister all the way in the gun.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Does the gun work without BBs loaded? Can you pull the trigger, fire the gun and CO2 comes out without BBs in the mag?

    • Henry from USA asked:

      I see most of the Questions arnt getting Answered ..but sems me like its the Magazine as the BB's just seem to start coming out like it might have been a Magazine Default works good for a Bet then BB's everywhere..Help me Out Here hate to Just Throw this Nice Sooting Gun Away ..Cant Seem to get any Magazines for it ..Amazon Not

      • Joel from USA:

        Try the Beretta elite ii magazines (it is the same metal stick mag that comes with this gun (PFM16) it is a perfect fit). I own 6 of them and they work flawlessly (it is the same mag!!!)

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Same here on the magazine hunt, even contacted Crosman and cross-referenced their replacement part number to the magazines. Bought a twin pack that were stated to be ALL METAL but only the back strap was. I have had no problems with the BBs falling out or the pistol sending fliers. I'd say just buy another. Iv'e put way too many down range. I cleaned mine finally and it did have a lot of carbon from the Copperheads which I don't use in anything else as per reviews on them leaving copper behind. It shoots Daisys and Copperheads about the same its just that the copper leaves rust on EVERTHING the ZINC Daisys not so bad. Someone PLEASE help us find mags that don't fall out or have to be held in place for this almost perfect plinker!! CHUNK

    • Bob from USA asked:

      When first got my PFM16 3 weeks ago, it worked fine. Now every time if fire it, it does not fire a BB and one gets lodged inside. I can see CO2 coming out of the barrel. Tried less than 20 BB's but it still does not fire a BB. I put in a new CO2 cartage, but got the same result. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do to get it to fire BB's. By the way, I am using Crosman brass .177 BB's.

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Clear it out if jammed. Cleaned mine lightly and started using Daisy Zinc plated. If that didn't work contact PA for a RMA their great to deal with. I don;t see a lot of problems with a full metal gun but it could have a bad day at the factory. I own 7 pellet and bb air guns and this has to be my favorite. Hope this helps, Chunk.

    • ISAAC from USA asked:

      I have the PFM16 air-pistol. I ordered the spare clips for the same. They don't fit. Where can I purchase the correct clip?

      • Joel from USA:

        Try the Beretta elite ii metal stick magazines (it is the exact same magazine that comes with this gun PFM16). I own six of those magazines and they work flawlessly (it is the same mag!!!)

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Jerry, let me know how they work when you get them please. Or give me the part number and I'll call PA or Umarex, thanks for the find... guess I should have read all the forum first :?

      • JERRY from USA:

        Simply call Customer Service Umarex 800-724-7486 approx $14 . I ordered 3 today by phone.

    • CRAIG from USA asked:


      • Joel from USA:

        Try the Beretta elite ii metal stick magazines (it is the same magazine that come with this gun PFM16). I own six of them and they work flawlessly.

    • Carl from USA asked:

      Will the clips at the URL below work with this air pistol? Crosman 2 Pk Spare Clips for P10, C11 and TACC11 BB Air Pistols Link:

      • Joel from USA:

        If it is the plastic magazines they won't work (they won't fit all the way through and won't feed the BB's into the gun, even though they look similar to the steel mag included with this gun these plastic mags won't work), try the Beretta elite ii steel magazine's they are the exact magazine that come with this gun PFM16. I own 6 of them and they work flawlessly.

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Bought these by Crosman replacement model number and mine did not fit. They fit flush but groves to hold it in place were off too much and the mags fell out. Read some about moding them to fit I spent less time returning them. This is not a high powered fire arm but a magazine failure is something I'm too familiar with just to let it slide. Jerry may have found some from Umarex just waiting for his reply.

    • Gerry from USA asked:

      Is it single and double action?

      • Gregory from Canada:

        Double action only trigger. This is designed so that the barrel moves forward when you squeeze the trigger, and then it slams back against the gas release valve.

    • Gregory from Canada asked:

      This looks like Crosman designed the pfm16 after the Berretta model 84 .380 cal semi-auto...I wonder why Crosman doesn't have this pistol on their website???

      • NutNBuTrouble from USA:

        Only 3 left from PA anyone want to race me?

      • Kenneth from USA:

        I think it is out of production already.