Date: 30/10/2020 19:14

Customers Q&A on Crosman R1 Full Auto BB Air Rifle with Red Dot Sight

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  • Rusty from USA asked:

    What is the proper battery for the red dot?

    • Naadir from USA asked:

      Why is only one of my co2 cartridges being used

      • Mark from USA:

        The magazine is defective. You have a 1 year warranty thru Crosman.

    • JAMES from USA asked:

      Is this a full size replica?

      • Mark from USA:


    • Jorel Brian from USA asked:

      Is the trigger replaceable like the stock or pistol grip?

      • Mark from USA:


    • nwrob from USA asked:

      Are spare magazines available for the R1?

    • Jorel from USA asked:

      Which parts are replaceable with common AR parts other than the pistol grip? Stock, charging handle?

      • Mark from USA:

        Customize it with your own AR Stock and or Pistol grip AR compatible Buffer tube AR compatible Pistol Grip

    • Colby from USA asked:

      Is the buffer tube mil-spec or commercial spec?

      • Mark from USA:

        The stock is not to any mil or commercial spec. It is made just for the R1.

    • JimA2 from USA asked:

      I am not finding what size CO2 cartridge this uses. Help?

    • jean sebastien from Canada asked:

      Will this also come out in an all black version?

      • Mark from USA:

        That is a question for Crosman.

    • buck from USA asked:

      I would like to buy another speed loader for the mag that comes with this gun. Anybody know where?

      • Mark from USA:

        Contact Crosman. The speedloaders are not sold separetely

    • Joe from USA asked:

      Does it last for more then a year?

      • Mark from USA:


    • Terry from USA asked:

      what do you have to do to make gun shoot. how does it get its power

      • Mark from USA:

        2 -12gm CO2 cartridges fit in the magazine for power. 25-round drop-free magazine w/Allen key for CO2 installation/removal

    • Richard from USA asked:

      What is the difference between the R1 and the Bushmaster?

      • Mark from USA:

        The internals are the same. Barrel length and stock configurations are different.

    • Chris from USA asked:

      Will the upper receiver of the DPMS SBR fit on to the lower receiver of the R1?

      • Chris from USA:

        I talked to a Crosman representative Mark.

      • Chris from USA:

        I just talked to a Crosman representative and they told me that the top receiver of the DPMS will fit the bottom receiver of the R1 and vice-versa. Also... the muzzle break IS removable and is 14mm CCW. Basically... it is exactly the same design as the DPMS and the Bushmaster..they just changed the esthetics of the gun, and of course the price.

      • Mark from USA:

        That is a question for Crosman .

    • William from USA asked:

      Is this all metal construction?

      • Chris from USA:

        It is NOT full metal construction... the entire outside is a strong polymer plastic.. but most of the guts are metal.

      • Val from USA:

        Yes, although there are plenty of synthetic parts, it's considered to be full metal replica

    • Robert from USA asked:

      I just got this but can not get the CO2 in without the whole cartridge just emptying in 2 seconds. What am I doing wrong? I twist the magazine one way with one hand and the allen wrench the other way with my other hand. And yes I used oil on the CO2 cartridges

      • Chris from USA:

        You need to insert the left cartridge first... then the right.

    • Michael from USA asked:

      What red dot comes with it? Is it worth the extra money over the one without or better to get something different?

      • Mark from USA:

        a Centerpoint red dot. It will work fine.

    • JayFlankie from USA asked:

      Are the handgaurds easily replaceable with actual AR-15 handgaurds?

      • David from USA:

        You can not replace the handguards on this gun because you don't have a delta ring and or an option to screw one on it. As of this date your only option for doing such a thing is to get a softair M4 or AR15

      • Foley from USA:

        There are a couple screws located at the end near the upper receiver you may be able to unscrew it and put an aftermarket ar15 handgaurd

      • Mark from USA:


    • Wayne from USA asked:

      What is the length of the barrel? Is it longer than the DPMS sbr?

      • Val from USA:

        Same length

    • Donald from USA asked:

      I was wondering if somebody can help us out so I noticed the question has been asked if the muzzle brake can be on unthreaded one person said yes another person said no does anybody know if the muzzle can be unthread and if it's still a 14 mm thread

      • John from USA:

        If you are talking about the muzzle break (birdcage), yes, it absolutely can be removed. It is a 14mm negative or counter clockwise thread.

    • Greg from Canada asked:

      How long is this, is it the same as the DPMS? Greg

      • Mark from USA:

        They are vey close. We have not measured the length.