Date: 3/8/2020 16:33

Customers Q&A on Crosman Summit Ranger NP2 Air Rifle

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  • anthony from USA asked:

    Front sight just spins around rear sight is loose any suggestions to tighten and secure them or just go with a scope.

    • Mark from USA:

      The installation is suspect. You have a 5 year warranty thru Crosman , contact them.

  • James from USA asked:

    I received this rifle for a xmas present and I want to know what type of pellets to use ? Are the alloy pellets more accurate ?

    • Chevota from USA:

      My understanding is this model is only .177. If so then you should only use pellets weighing ~10.5gr or more. Alloy pells are light so not a good idea, plus they may go super sonic which is very loud.

    • Mark from USA:

      The best pellet for a gun is a trial and error process. Shoot some different pellets. Use the one which shoots the best. Alloy pellets are faster but considerably less accurate than lead pellets,

  • George from USA asked:

    What size screw do you use for the adjustment screw if you want to replace it with a longer one? I tried the usual size and found that the threads and overall diameter were just a tad to big. Love the gun just dont like the trigge

    • Chevota from USA:

      It should be 4-40, which it's been since ~2003. The other size used on most of their guns is M3 x .5.

  • Jeremy from USA asked:

    Is the muzzle break threaded on. Can it be removed or replaced?

    • Almond from USA:

      It is threaded on and can be removed, however it is also holding the front sight in place.

  • Jeremy from USA asked:

    Are the rear sights metal or plastic?

    • Mark from USA:

      The sight is a mix of plastic and metal parts.

  • Charles from USA asked:

    how can you mount weaver type scope rings on this rifle?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not without adapters. You would want 11mm dovetail mounts

  • Paul from USA asked:

    What is the weight of trigger pull and is it adjustable?

    • Chevota from USA:

      The only adj screw is to set the partition between stage one and two. To adj the pull wt you need to remove the trigger blade and swap out the little coil spring inside. I did and went from ~5lbs to <1.5. Misc spring I found at Home Depot and bent it until I was happy. The oem spring is .252" OD of .035" wire and ~.530" long. Pretty strong little guy. My new one is .026 wire and no doubt a weaker metal too. After you remove the stock I believe it's just one E-clip to get the trigger out. The sear will rotate down and spring should fall out. From there you'll see how it goes back in.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The CBT trigger is adjustable but usually comes out of the box in the 4-5 lbs range

  • Mary from USA asked:

    what is the cocking load for this rifle?

    • Tyler from USA:

      About 35 lbs

  • Frank from USA asked:

    I like this gun because it has open sights. Does it have any baffles, or will it be louder then the scoped versions of the nitro 2, with the thicker barrel/shroud?

    • Chevota from USA:

      Never tried the NP2 w/o the suppressor but the older Trail and XL it makes a big difference. The shooter mostly hears the guns mechanical noise, but the target hears mostly muzzle blast on a gun w/o a suppressor. If I had this gun I'd buy the suppressor and make it fit, or simply buy the suppressed version of the gun. Plus the shroud makes for a much nicer and easier cocking lever than a small dia barrel with a spike on the end.

    • Tyler from USA:

      It does not have any baffles. It may be slightly louder, but the majority of the noise from a gas piston/spring gun, comes from the action itself, so the noise increase shouldn't be extreme

  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Does this airgun have a "CREEP STOP HOLE" drilled in the receiver top?

    • Almond from USA:

      Yes it does and I use the Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1" Rings, High, 11mm Dovetail on mine plus it has an adjustable screw to fit into the stop hole.

    • Chevota from USA:

      I can't imagine it would not... In the pix it appears there's a hole or something there. Either way I'd get one of these two mounts; Leapers Accushot 1" Rings, Medium,... or Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1"..., which are very strong, look sweet and very cheap. Plus either are capable of holding w/o the hole b/c they have exceptionally strong clamping. I prefer the looks of the one-piece, but for appearance and extra clamping I add two extra screws. I use them on guns that don't have a hole, or the hole is not in the right spot, or the gun is too nice and I don't want a pin marring the metal.

    • Shawn from USA:

      Yes it does have a scope stop hole.

    • Stanley from USA:

      No .

  • Bong from USA asked:

    Would like to know if the muzzle break is removable\threaded and can be replaced with an aftermarket suppressor\silencer, will appreciate any feedback :)

    • Chevota from USA:

      If it is 1/2-20 as Steve says then I'd imagine it's simply the normal NP2 barrel? If so then you can buy the oem baffle, shroud and taper from Crosman which is ~$9.50 + $4 ship and it'll go right on. Parts list for the #'s: and while ordering I'd get a new main seal; CRS5177-012 which for some reason they don't show a part # for. If you do this let us know. I doubt any aftermarket suppressor would work as well, and they'd certainly be many times the $ and possibly risky to possess.

    • steve from USA:


    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes it can be removed . Unknown thread size ?