Date: 7/6/2020 0:50

Customers Q&A on Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston Air Rifle

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  • Bud from USA asked:

    I just received my Crosman Vantage 22 cal.. It is listed at 7.1 lbs. it is actually closer to 8 lbs. I wanted a gun right around 7 lbs. or less due to a shoulder replacement surgery. Why such a discrepancy in the stated weight? I have been handling and fixing guns for about 60 years and understand about differences in wood density, but this much difference is a first.

    • Mark from USA:

      The weights of guns are usually from the manufacturer. we do not weigh guns thru a production run. They change parts at will. It is probably a combination of a more dense stock and some heavier parts.

  • Roger from USA asked:

    Can a scope be added even though it has a sight?

    • Chevota from USA:

      Yes, it has a dovetail scope rail. Many Vantage guns come with a scope.

  • cj from USA asked:

    What pellet wight in .22 gives the 800 fps

    • Chevota from USA:

      John: Your Summit is clearly the NP2 version which makes more power. The original Summit, which is the same as this Vantage, cannot produce those velocities. Fyi you should check your seals for leakage because those #'s are a bit low for an NP2. Assuming you're interested, because most people do want it to make full power. Pretty much all of them need a new main seal, imo, which are ~$2 from Crosman. Crosman doesn't provide the part # for the seal (or trigger parts) in the parts list, so the seal is # CRS5177-012 I speculate it's because the seal and trigger part #'s are for the much older gun the NP2 is based on so the part # would be a clue the gun and trigger are not "all new" as they claim. I have both guns so it was obvious the NP2 is basically just a magnum version of the old gun. If you need the trigger part #'s, or are curious about the original gun, look up the Legacy, the old Legacy # B1K77 or B8M22. The next step in models was the RNP & NPSS, then finally the "all new" (cough) NP2.

    • John from USA:

      My .22 Benjamin Summit shoots the 8.18 grain Tin Alloy Winchester Max Speed Dome pellet across my Competition Electronics ProChrono at a 5 shot average of 1048 fps. Shot the 14.3 gr Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Dome at an average of 829 fps. H&N 13.0 grn Hollow Point at an average of 864 fps. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

    • Chevota from USA:

      Only the lightest, like 11.5gr, but no guarantees unless you tune it

  • cj from USA asked:

    what pellet for thirty plus yards on squirrel and rabbit?

    • John from USA:

      I have with 14.3 Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Dome. Woodys World.

    • Chevota from USA:

      Depends on the person you ask, but I'd say in 177: JSB 8.44 or 10,34gr, or H&N Crow Mag. In 22 I'd say JSB 14.3gr or Crosman round nose 14.3gr.

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    is this the same model rifle just with out the scope? looking for gun & not optics

    • Val from USA:

      this is rifle only.

  • wade from USA asked:

    The specs on this gun state barrel length is 15 in. Why then dose mine measure 18 and 1/2 in. from the break to the end of the barrel?

    • Chevota from USA:

      Whoever said that measured to the barrel block rather than including the block, which happens a lot.

  • neil from USA asked:

    Just ordered on and was wondering how loud it is. My Gamo Mach One 177 quieted considerably with heavier pellets and a few hundred rounds. I have a range in my back yard in a small town and the neighbors don't mind. Want to keep it that way.

    • Chevota from USA:

      Heavier pellets help here too, but they also sell a shrouded barrel that fits this gun, aka suppressor. You need the parts list for the Trail Hardwood gun (not the Trail XL or Trail NP2) here: Buy the barrel and three shroud pieces which total ~$20. You gotta call Crosman to do that btw, no internet parts buying with them. If you really want to be neighbor friendly you need a suppressed pcp, and a quiet one since many are not. I have a Marauder which is pretty quiet, but I extended the suppressor and now all you hear is the hammer spring and pellet impact, zero muzzle blast. It's literally the only airgun I can shoot without the neighbors hearing, as long as the pellet hits something soft. Optionally you can turn down the power of either a springer or pcp to make them quieter. I have a gun just this Vantage that I did that to, which shoots 177 ~700fps.

    • wade from USA:

      It is a bit quieter than a 3. The shot and report sound like a large nail gun

  • cj from USA asked:

    What weight lead pellet gets the 1000 fps in .177

    • Chevota from USA:

      Generally only the lightest, like 7.0gr or less, but some are capable of doing with a std 7.9gr.

  • Dwayne from Canada asked:

    Does this ship to canada couldnt find any information

    • Val from USA:

      It does not since it's over 500 fps

  • neil from USA asked:

    Is it built to to accept mounts with a stop pin?

    • Ringo from USA:

      It does have a stop pin hole to the rear of the dovetail.

  • Danny from USA asked:

    How long is the barrel? Its not listed in the specs.

    • Chevota from USA:

      18.5" like most all the B18 guns sold by Crosman.

    • george from USA:

      My new Vantage NP .22 came new with a 15" barrel.

  • Isaac from USA asked:

    Can you hunt mourning doves at 35 yards with this rifle

    • Jose from USA:


  • Matthew from USA asked:

    What weight lead pellets do you get 800fps from?

    • Chevota from USA:

      Kodiak in 177 can hit 800, but I think you're asking about 22 right? In 22 only the lightest, like ~11.5gr or less.

    • Fred S. from USA:

      Beeman Kodiak

  • Kenneth from USA asked:

    a suggestion on hat type of scope to install.

    • wade from USA:

      Center Point works great, any of them. If you go Hawk you will need to go with a 30mm tube, 1 in. are not made for springer's.

    • Stanley from USA:

      A 3x9x40mmA.O. would work great probably a UTG or Hawk .

  • Tricia from USA asked:

    what is the biggest game you would hunt with this rifle.

    • Elijah from USA:

      I killed a woodchuck with mine earlier this year. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Keep in mind this was at about 5 yards precisely into the base of the skull under perfect conditions. I wouldn't dare go further than that or aim for any other spot. Shot placement is of utmost importance with any air rifle.

  • david from USA asked:

    What scope mounts, with stop pin work with this rifle's curved dovetail top surface?

    • wade from USA:

      Go with B K L and don't bother with a stop pin. I have over 700 shot w/ these rings and no creep or retightening bolts

    • Greg from USA:

      I have had great luck with Hammers scopes and mounts.

  • Katherine from USA asked:

    Would the Williams Diopter Sight work well with this rifle? Would you need to replace the front sight as well?

    • wade from USA:

      You can mount one, how ever most diopter need a domed front sight and there is no replacement front sight I can find for it's 15mm barrel.

    • Allan from USA:

      Yes and No. Just get the correct Williams sight.

  • dereck from USA asked:

    what is a good pellet for it . that is 11 dollors or less

    • John from USA:

      14.3 grn Premier Ultra Magnum Dome and 10.5 grn Premier Ultra Magnum by far the least expensive for 500 count tins. Woodys World.

    • Fred S. from USA:

      Best pellets by far, after trying dozens--Beeman Kodiak and H&N Barracuda Match

    • wade from USA:

      Crossman Premier for both the .177 and .22 (14.3 gr for .22) work great with in 45 yards.

    • Ed from USA:

      If you have the .22 plain old cheap Crosman HPs do great. 14.3 gr.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Take a look at the Air Arms Diabolo 8.44 grain, they tend to do well and are made by JSB.

  • Don from USA asked:

    Do they make a Cocking aid for it? I know only 40lb but need it easier.

    • wade from USA:

      It is closer to 30#'s after it breaks in. It is a bit heavy to fire standing, if 40#'s to cock is to much for you . Maybe the Benjamin nitro might be easier for you.

    • Chevota from USA:

      It's closer to 30lbs, but the sight is in the way. If you use a scope you can put a muzzle brake on it which will not only give you more leverage, but the fatter handle will make it feel lighter than it is. The shrouded barrel like on the Trail does the same thing, plus it's quieter, but if you want that you have to buy the whole barrel assy which is ~$30 direct from Crosman.

    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

      No, not at this time

  • Carl from USA asked:

    what is the cocking effort???

    • Chevota from USA:

      28-32 depending on friction.

    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

      About 40 lbs

  • Christian from USA asked:

    Can the sights be removed when you mont a scope?

    • wade from USA:

      Chevolta is correct.

    • Chevota from USA:

      The rear sight is held on by two screws. The front is glued on, so you can pop it off if yo need. The only real negative is the barrel has a flat spot cut on the top of the muzzle which the sight fits so it'll only go on one way. This makes it look a bit odd, but if it bothers you then you can get a muzzle brake to cover it, which are very cool to have anyway.

    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

      No, I do not believe so

  • Oscar from USA asked:

    hello i just received this rifle and want to know what cleaning kit or what you are supposed to do to maintain this rifle. ex: oil,cleaning etc.

  • Carlos from USA asked:

    Another member stated that Crosman offers a .22 barrel for $16...anybody have a link to this, no can find.

    • george from USA:

      Crosman has moved the manuals to the 'support' tab on the sight. I was able to download both owners manual and parts diagram without signing in.

    • Chevota from USA:

      Direct from Crosman. Choose a barrel from another similar gun in .22. The Quest has open sights, a Titan has a muzzle brake, a Trail has a suppressor. Part #'s are in the parts diagrams at The barrel itself is ~$16, but you may need other parts depending on what you rob from your old barrel assy. You can write me at chevota at hotmail if you have questions

  • Andrew from USA asked:

    What ammo would be best for this air gun?

    • Fred S. from USA:

      After trying dozens the best were Beeman Kodiak and H&N Barracuda Match.

    • Greg from USA:

      As with most air guns, what works best in mine, may not shoot well in yours. Mine shat well with Crossman 14.3gr Premiers, RWS Super J Points, and JSB Heavies 10. gr. Mine did not shoot H&N FTT, Barracuda Hunter Extreem, or RWS Super Points. It shot well with most pellets under 15gr and more than 13.5 gr.

    • Chevota from USA:

      My personal faves are JSB 8.44 & 10.3gr. RWS Superdome. H&N Barracuda. Crosman Premier 7.9 & 10.5 are good too. All of the above in round nose btw.. For hollow point #1 (imo) is H&N Crow Mag.