Date: 23/11/2020 23:9

Customers Q&A on Crosman Vigilante CO2 Revolver

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  • edwin from USA asked:

    You showed the triple barrel vigilante kit a bit ago, would the 8 inch barrel still be available?, or is it not possible to get one????

    • Mark from USA:

      Pyramyd Air does not have parts for the Vigilante, Contact Crosman for the 8" barrel

  • david from USA asked:

    Why does my co2 cartridge leak out completely when putting in?

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is defective. It needs to serviced or returned ( if you are within the return period)

  • SAI from India asked:

    In the package they will give extra co2 catrigers and pellets

    • Mark from USA:

      The bundles on the website have extra magazines,CO2 and BB's or pellets.

  • Dallas from USA asked:

    Does this come with at least one rotary clip

    • Mark from USA:

      You get 1 BB magazine and 1 pellet magazine

  • max from USA asked:

    Where is it made?

    • Mark from USA:


  • David from USA asked:

    I lost the side parts that cover the co2 tank can i buy a replacement?

    • Mark from USA:

      Parts would come from Crosman

  • carolyn from USA asked:

    I have severe arithis in my fingers. How hard is it to pull the trigger?

    • Mark from USA:

      The Vigilante has a pretty stiff trigger pull. We feel it would be uncomfortable for you.

  • Andrea from Thailand asked:

    i have a couple questions about the vigilante gun: 1) this gun should mount a rifled barrel, but when i watch inside the hole i just see a simple smooth barrel !!! why? 2) if i push on the muzzle the steel barrel can move upward and forward inside the gun ..its normal? should the barrel move like that?

    • Andrew from USA:

      1 Mine has a nicely rifled barrel. Double check. If yours is truly a smooth bore, something is wrong. 2) Yes - the barrel moves a little to accommodate the magazines and pellets. These loosely fitting parts may not instill a lot of confidence, but it actually works great! I suggest you just try it, and you'llsee it works well.

  • leopoldo from Mexico asked:

    can send it to mexico ? It would be better if they answered Spanish

    • Christopher from USA asked:

      How much psi runs through it per shoot

      • Roger from USA asked:

        What red dot reflex sight fits on the weaver mount on the crosman vigilante pistol?

        • Andrew from USA:

          I use UTG Sub-Compact ITA Red/Green Dot Sight, 30mm Tube, Weaver/Picatinny Mount available on this web store. I love it. The quick disconnect is really useful.

        • Guy from USA:

          As several reviews mention, the Vigilante works very well with a number of dot sights. The potential problem is mounting: The top Weaver rail has only one cross-slot, about 1 3/16" from the place where the gun opens. The locating cross-bolt from your sight needs to hit this slot. In addition, the part of the rail behind the slot is significantly more rigid than the part before; you need to clamp to the rigid part. If the sight is too long, it will overhang the release button that opens the gun, and make it difficult to open the gun to reload. Examples: Bushnell TRS-25 -- fits with no problems. "Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles" -- two problems: (1) Locating screw cannot be aligned with (only) groove, so you need to mount it using only one of two clamp screws, friction hold only. No apparent slippage problems. (2) To clamp the rigid part of mounting rail, the sight must be far enough back to partly cover the release button; you need to use some tool to open the revolver to reload. This was a major nuisance and I soon bought a different sight.

      • Ivan from Brazil asked:

        How many pellets can I shoot with 1 CO2?

        • Andrew from USA:

          I am getting 55 rock solid shots. From 55-60 it degrades. So plan on 6 magazines worth. After 60 it drops off badly. Your mileage may vary! I've read people saying they get 90 shots ... maybe, but it's my experience that all accuracy is history after 60 shots.

      • Dustin from USA asked:

        So every time I put a co2 in my pistol it just leaks out right away like I screw it in and ten seconds later no air

        • Michael from USA:

          I have a few vigalantes . picked up one for cheap that leaked. Opened it up and found the tube from piercing to next block was leaking. put a drop of pipe dope and closed her up. I did pull the trigger with it open and had to peak in another vigalante to get it right. My piercing block looked almost cracked however the leak is gone. Wouldn't recommend opening her up unless you have 2. There are no good pictures online the schematic does no justice.

      • Donald from USA asked:

        I own a Crosman Vigilante revolver. Where can I purchase a new set of hand grips? Don from USA

        • Stanley from USA:

          Contact Crosman.

      • Garrett from USA asked:

        Can i mount any kind of red dot scope on this

        • Tyler from USA:

          You would need one that will fit the picatinny slot on the top of the pistol. UTG makes a few that use a single slot picatinny mount. I like this one: UTG 1x30mm Compact ITA Red/Green...

      • James from USA asked:

        Is it made in the USA?

        • Souriya from USA:

          It says BUILT IN AMERICA on the box

        • Tyler from USA:

          Don't believe so

      • Esger from Azerbajan asked:

        This gun metal? where metal in this gun?

        • Douglas from USA:

          The trigger, the hammer and the internal barrel are all metal.

      • bailey from Australia asked:

        will you ship to Australia?

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Ethan from USA asked:

        Does this ship to boston ma i ordered this with a visa gift card. And if it doesnt ship would they be able yo give me money back

        • anthony from USA:

          I have had no issues receiving air rifles and pistols in MA. I doubt they sort different Boston. Amazon won't deliver airguns to MA even though they are not illegal but that is their glitch.

      • rickson from USA asked:

        Im having trouble with co2 cartridge not opening completly. It only makes a small hole but not deep enough to give proper co2 to shoot the gun, but deep enough to waste the Co2 if i unscrew it to get it out of the gun. Believe me, i have put some muscle trying to tight enough and still give me trouble.

        • John from USA:

          If the CO2 cartridge is open it should propel pellets. Have you tried loading the gun with pellets and shooting them after opening the CO2 cartridge? If no gas is going down the barrel when you fire the gun, and there are no pellets jammed in the barrel, take it back to where you bought it, and/or contact

      • keith from USA asked:

        Is it possible to attach an Reddit sight to this pistol ?

        • John from United Kingdom:

          John from UK. We call them red dot sights in UK. Bought a Vokul Tactical Red dot to fit to the 22mm rail. Goes on OK but cannot close gun with sight on. Sending it back to Amazon for a refund.

      • Anthony from USA asked:

        is there a safedy lock on it

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes there is a manual safety . You could also install a trigger lock just a real firearm .

      • peter from United Kingdom asked:

        how to pay in pounds im in uk can you please let me no

        • Tyler from USA:

          Paypal would be your best option

      • luka from Bosnia asked:

        can you ship it to bosnia and herzegovina

        • Tyler from USA:

          I do not show any restrictions. But check with your customs to make sure they will allow it.

      • luka from Bosnia asked:

        can i buy it for 5 days

        • Tyler from USA:

          Not sure what you mean

      • Mathew from Canada asked:

        What are the best pellets to use with this gun? Thanks

        • luka from Bosnia:

          best are crosman ore benjamin

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        Will the crosman weapon led light fit this pistol?

        • luka from Bosnia:

          it can fit pefectly

      • clarence from USA asked:

        Jamie USA For protection? Will this pistol slow down a intruder?

        • Val from USA:

          It's inappropriate for self-defense.

        • alp from USA:

          He will slow down to think what he will do with you when he gets there..... You would have more destructive power with a slingshot, a bow or something like that.

        • alp from USA:

          He will slow down to think what he will do with you when he gets there..... You would have more destructive power with a slingshot, a bow or something like that.

      • santiagoflorez from USA asked:

        I am in other country, I can not to import the vigilante, but I can to import the barrel. Can I put the barrel in one of my old crosman357w? My goal is to have a "357w" for pellets wit rifled barrel. Thanks!

        • John from USA:

          I don't know about restrictions on shipping parts. The barrel on the Vigilante is designed for pellets and bb's. I contacted Crosman and ordered a 357W6 barrel for my Vigilante, because the rifling is deeper on a barrel designed for pellets only. It shoots much more accurately now.

      • Diego Dos Santos De Matos from Brazil asked:

        Hello, you send to Brazil? I want to buy, and if fast delivery, always buy with you! I have a shop here in Brazil! thank you, and hopefully answer.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          You need to check with Brazilian customs to see if your allowed to receive it.

      • KABIR from Singapore asked:

        Hi, i would like to ask is this gun made entirely of good quality plastic? And can you ship it discreetly by printing the discription as a replica toy gun? If i place an order from Singapore?

        • Douglas from USA:

          It is made of good quality plastic and has a steel trigger and hammer and barrel.

        • Douglas from USA:

          It is not suitable for Self-Defense and will only [email protected] off any intruder!

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          It's mainly plastic, but well built. No, Pyramyd has to list the items it ships on the shipping manifest.

      • stan from USA asked:

        How long is the weaver rail ?

        • jody from USA asked:

          anyone have problems releasing the co2 screw? i had an old 357 model and needed a pliers to tighten and loosen the co2 screw.

          • John from USA:

            I'm going to guess that the seating seal for the CO2 cartridges is worn out. Contact Crosman for parts or to find a service center near you.

          • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

            Have not heard anything about any issues from other customers on this revolver

        • Marty from USA asked:

          I used to have the 357 years ago when all they had were six shots. What is it about the six shot clip now that is BB only? Is there no way for pellets to work?

        • James from USA asked:

          Anyone have any problems with getting this gun to shoot BBs? I've had to get replacement BB mags for this thing and they still won't work right. It shoot pellets no problem, but I can't get the BB mags to work with it at all. It won't fire, and they don't rotate like a revolver should. Thanks

          • John from United Kingdom:

            John in UK. Just a thought, Pellets should be loaded from the back (ratchet) side of the pellets magazine but BBs should be inserted from the front (non ratchet) side. Is it just possible you have been trying to load BBs from the wrong side?

          • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

            We have not had any customer feedback stating that there are issues with shooting BB's

        • calvin from Canada asked:

          Is the barrel interchangeable with either crosman 357 or smith and wessons? Or anything else? I have the CCP8B2 and would love a 2.5 barrel, even a 4 inch would do nicely, thanks

          • John from USA:

            I was in contact with Crosman the other day. Crosman no longer makes barrels in other sizes for the 357 and/or Vigilante. The Crosman 357W6 barrel is rifled for pellets only, making it more accurate than the standard barrel on the Vigilante. Smith and Wesson parts are not interchangeable with Crosman parts.

          • Michael from USA:

            The Vigilante barrel assembly can be used on a Crosman 357. I ordered the barrel assembly from Crosman and installed on my older 357C with no issues.

          • Jerry from USA:

            barrels are not interchangeable

        • Christian from USA asked:

          can it use plastic airsoft bbs

          • Val from USA:

            No, it cannot

        • Felipe from USA asked:

          Can I hunt small game with this gun ?

          • Jonnie from USA:

            It works great for killing Copperhead snakes.

          • Douglas from USA:

            No it would be cruel and and unusual punishment to use this against any living creature.

          • Val from USA:

            No, you cannot. It's not powerful enough.

        • Daniel from USA asked:

          Can a scope be placed on?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes accessory rails on top and bottom for lasers , flashlights , red dot sights can all be used.

        • Charles from USA asked:

          what is the best red dot sight to use on the Vigilante just plinking and targets

          • kenneth from USA:

            Walther Competition II Top Point Sight, 24mm, Green Dot, 10 MOA, Integral Weaver/Picatinny Mount. The break barrel for loading needs room and I have this site on my Vigilante and it fits without any interference. They sell that site here at Pyramid.

        • Larry from USA asked:

          Is this gun have a plastic barrel with a rifled insert, and is the rest of the gun body metal?

          • Douglas from USA:

            It is mainly plastic with a Steel hammer and trigger and internal barrel.

          • John from USA:

            Yes, this gun and the 357W6 that came out before it have a plastic barrel housing with a rifled steel barrel insert.

          • Val from USA:

            The barrel is metal.

        • marshall from USA asked:

          What kind of red dot laser will fit the Crosman Vigilante?

          • Johnny from USA asked:

            Why can't the BB and Pellet be 10rds? BB are practically the same size.

            • John from USA:

              .177 lead pellets and 4.5mm steel bb's are not exactly the same diameter, and tolerances come into play!

            • Steve from USA:

              They are the same size and many guns hold either in the same chamber. Different mags for pellets or BBs doesn't make sense to me either.

            • Val from USA:

              .177 pellets and .177 BBs are NOT exactly the same diameter.