Date: 20/2/2019 7:24

Customers Q&A on Daisy Powerline 415 CO2 BB Pistol

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  • Darrell from USA asked:

    Can you use frangiblerounds on this unit?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I don't see why not

  • Bob from USA asked:

    Is there a way to make this gun less noisy? Thought I might be able to use it in my neighborhood to rid pests AKA squirrels but it's way too loud. Thanks

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, and I wouldn't recommend this gun for any type of pest control

  • Jeremiah from USA asked:

    So when I got this gun, it worked perfectly. Now when I pull the trigger it shoots, but it gets stuck on the bottom of the holder, is there anyway to fix this?

    • Hilario from USA asked:

      I just bought he Daisy Unisex Powerline 415 Pistol Kit and it comes with 3 Daisy co2 cartridges. Can I use other Co2 cartridges brands like Crosman?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes of course

    • Logan from USA asked:

      Can you add an optic to this bb gun?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No way that I know of to do it.

    • Gregory from Canada asked:

      What real steel handgun do you think this powerline 415 is designed after?

      • Reggie from Canada asked:

        Are they still made in Japan ? Or now made in China ?

        • Gregory from Canada:

          I have two powerline 415's that were purchased two years apart that are both made in Japan.

      • Ian from USA asked:

        What's the width of the bottom rail, ie, what's the width of the laser which can fit the rail.

        • Gregory from Canada:

          It is the standard M1913 picatinny/weaver rail, so any device designed for a guns picatinny rail Will mount on the rail.

      • Reggie from Canada asked:

        The puncture screw, for the co2 cartridge, is it made of plastic or metal ?

        • Jon from Canada:

          Incorrect. Unfortunately the screw is plastic. I know because mine stripped and I can't find any replacement. I would love to find this gun with a metal screw because it's a great gun. Really. Daisy made a huge mistake making that screw plastic. If yours is metal, please advise where you bought it from.

        • Triggerhappy from USA:


      • Philip from USA asked:

        what kind of laser can I put on the pistol?

        • Triggerhappy from USA:

          Any one you want.

      • Bob from USA asked:

        My Co2 cartage leaks without the pistol even being used, how do I fix this problem?

        • Triggerhappy from USA:

          Do as the first responded said, but, I always take the c02 cart out and put a drop of pellgun oil on seal to let it soak without the c02 cart in it. If you cant get to the seal that makes contact with the c02 cart then take an empty co2 cart and put a drop of pellgun oil on it and drop it in the gun but don't screw it in tight then remove and let it sit for a day or two.

        • Gregory from Canada:

          The first thing to try is to put a drop or two of crosman Pellgun Oil on the tip of a Co2 cartridge and put it in the gun...shoot a few dozen rounds to migrate the oil thru the gun so it can lube all the seals. Then leave it for a few days to allow the oil to work it's magic, and then always put a drop of pellgun oil on every co2 cartridge in the future. Hopefully this will fix your problem.

      • Gregory from USA asked:

        The BB Mag appears to be separate from the CO2 cartridge. Can you purchase extra BB Mags? If so, how much $? Thanks

        • Gregory from Canada:

          The BB mag is built into the is above the barrel.

      • Barry from USA asked:

        How many shots should Powerline 415 get per CO2 cartridge? (approximately)

        • Gregory from Canada:

          The consistent high velocity up to the 60th-70th shot amazed me with this pistol!

        • cory from USA:

          after 75 shots is when i noticed a dramtic loss of power, 75 shots is very good for this one because of its higher velocity, decades ago bb pistols got 50-60 good shots, today we see 60-100 in some pistols

      • JimA2 from USA asked:

        The description says fiber optic front side...the pic shows contrary???

        • cory from USA:

          this one doesnt have fiber optics i just got one recently, you are probably thinking about the official smith and wesson M and P bb pistol, this one is only a partial replica to that model and daisy version

        • Jerry from USA:

          The front sight is fiber optic