Date: 30/11/2020 15:42

Customers Q&A on Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver, Silver

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  • Mohsen from USA asked:

    Are material of cylinder and body the same ? I recently purchased this revolver . As i see the material of cylinder is not soft as body . It is rough . Is it right ?

    • Mohsen from USA asked:


      • Mark from USA:

        They are different models. The 715 is better built than the standard Dan Wesson.

    • Aadil from South Africa asked:

      Can you load lead pellets into the 2.5 Dan Wesson bb revolver??

    • ElectricBill43 from USA asked:

      Is it exactly as pictured or does it have some kind of a plug in the end of the barrel like the ones' that shoot blanks do ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Exactly as pictured

    • anthony from USA asked:

      what pellet version shells are used with this gun?

    • Peg Leg Keity from USA asked:

      Is this the Crosman SNR357 CO2 Dual Ammo Full Metal Revolver ???

      • Christopher from USA:

        it appears to be so the mechanisms are very similar almost identical however this one has a chrome finish versus the you can satin or gun blue finish. Not sure on the FPS but the shells are almost exact the same if not the same and of course you're paying for the Dan Wesson name on the product

    • PRANAY from India asked:

      What are the recommended cartridges for this gun?

      • PRANAY from India asked:

        Can this gun be used for personal safety?

        • Drew from USA:

          Airguns should NEVER be used for personal safety or self defense because of its low power and small projectile compared to a real fire arm.

      • PRANAY from India asked:

        How far (distance) this gun can hit a target?

        • Peg Leg Keity from USA:

          Approx 70 Yards

      • Dick from USA asked:

        Will my Colt 357 Magnum cartridges be compatible with this model, or do Dan Wesson revolvers have a unique shell?

        • Dick from USA:

          No. The Dan Wesson cartridge is.015 smaller than the Colt and .036 larger than the Schofield. Dan Wesson is .050 at largest diameter. The Schofield cartridge will fit but has pressure loss due to smaller diameter and does not get full pressure at firing.

      • deepak from India asked:

        Den Wesson co2 gun 2.5 Is this permitted to use this gun in India without licence?

        • ?? from Korea (South Korea) asked:

          I want to buy this gun. Can you send to South Korea? According to regulations. For example, under the force 0.2j, color parts attached.

          • NESTOR from USA asked:

            Same question ! If I bought the pellets version shells ... could be work ? if not .. why Not ? Regards

            • Peg Leg Keity from USA:

              Yes ,,, Pellets shells WILL WORK ,,,

          • Khanh from USA asked:

            If I use the shells that come with the Dan Wesson pellet revolver (black head, gold body), it can shoot pellets?

            • Peg Leg Keity from USA:


          • william from USA asked:

            What type bb steel or cooper

          • Ruben from USA asked:

            I notice that when I use the crossman co2.. they leak over night .. is that common ?

            • Stanley from USA:

              They are not made to hold air indefinitely once you load a Co2 you must shoot it until its gone. If not it will leak out. It is common.

          • Ryan from Canada asked:

            can u deliver in Canada

            • john from Canada:

              have ordered a number of guns to Canada with no problem.

            • Leo Abyss from Canada:

              Well I can see the Ships to Canada there, but I am not sure myself

          • Ronald from USA asked:

            l have had my 357 2.5 silver hand gun now for about a month the barrel is getting loose along with the swing out sillender, there are more issues with the gun butis it going to cost me a mint to have this takeing care of.

            • Jerry from USA:

              I would contact the manufacturer

          • ?? from Korea (South Korea) asked:

            It is possible to pass through customs? I live in South Korea.

            • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

              You would need to check with Customs to see if there are any issues in importing this item

          • ?? from Korea (South Korea) asked:

            Is it possible to pass through customs? I live in Korea

            • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

              You would need to check with Customs to see if there are any issues in importing this item

          • Jason from USA asked:

            Does the refurbished gun come in a box

            • Val from USA:


          • JAYESH from India asked:

            I dont know this gun using have any license require?

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              If your in India, you generally need to be a member of a airgun club.

          • Daniel from USA asked:

            It doesn't say in the manual Am I supposed to put a drop of Oil on each co2 I do with all my other co2 guns ?

            • Dan the Man from USA:

              Yes, that is correct.

          • Terrence from USA asked:

            what all comes with it?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Includes detachable Weaver rail, speedloader and 6 shells and the pistol itself of course.