Date: 19/5/2019 15:24

Customers Q&A on Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 Pellet Revolver, Silver

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  • mattias from USA asked:

    I got one of these a month ago. The cylinder is very loose. It's so loose that if I hold the gun on its left side the cylinder pops out. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Arthur from USA asked:

      I noticed the hammer has a lot of play upon unboxing. Feels loose has a lot of play side to side. Is this normal?

      • Brian from USA asked:

        How accurate is this pistol? I already have the "BB" (smooth bore barrel) version of this gun along with a bunch of extra pellet shells and after tinkering with the sights its pretty darn accurate at 15'-20' shooting any kind of pellets in my garage I figured the barrel is so short having rifling wouldn't make much of a diferance... So does it?

        • Loren from USA asked:

          Will the 715 pellet revolver cartridges fit in this model?

          • John from USA:

            Yes..they work perfectly and soooo much better then the shells that come with the gun!!

        • Tom from USA asked:

          Does this gun come with the orange tip barrel? I want to purchase this to use in conjunction with my alarm system and surveillance cameras to help deter would be robbers but if it's orange tipped it would defeat that purpose.

          • Val from USA:

            no. Please do NOT use it for self-defense as this is NOT firearm and may potentially put you in harms way if robbers are determined or do own a firearm

          • AIRGUNNERMO from USA:

            No orange tip.

        • Michael from USA asked:

          What kind of pellets can you use so that the pellets do not fall out of the shell before shooting? The one's that I have used do not stay in the gun, but fall out just by tilting the gun.

          • Val from USA:

            get something with slightly wider skirt. Do you unscrew the cap of the shell and then insert pellet, then screw shell-cap back in?

        • Jacob from USA asked:

          would this gun shoot bb's if you use bb shells?

          • John from USA:

            Yes..but in time it could damage the rifling in the barrel!

          • Val from USA:

            probably, but why risk damaging rifling?

        • Vernon from USA asked:

          Once the CO2 cylinder is installed and used a bit, how long can it stay in the DW revolver without replacing [does the CO2 bleed out]?

          • william from USA:

            Need use mostly all co2 or your blow the valve put make sure you oil everytime co2 goes in

        • Kade from Canada asked:

          Is it possible for you guys to do a comparison photo between the size of the 6'and 2.5' side by side

          • Donald from USA asked:

            Do these Dan Wesson Pellet Revolvers have trigger pulls that mimic the weight, staging, and force curves of a conventional DA revolver?

            • Joe from USA:

              video covers the same gun in 6"

          • Scott from USA asked:

            How many shots (approximately) can you get per co2 cartridge?

            • Joe from USA:


          • Douglas from USA asked:

            Can this 2.5" gun be had in black

            • Joe from USA:

              2.5" pellet gun version not produced in black currently