Date: 21/3/2019 6:59

Customers Q&A on Dan Wesson 6" CO2 BB Revolver, Silver

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  • CARLOS ALBERTO from Peru asked:

    Is a really beautifull gun... Can you ship to Peru?

    • Franklin from USA asked:

      If I buy .177 plastic BB's will it fire?

      • Colby from Canada asked:

        Can you order this online in Canada?

        • Franklin from USA:


      • Anthony from USA asked:

        Are there any substitutes available for the Weaver attachment on this pistol? Is the original part available? I used the one from my 6" Wesson on my Gamo 776, and want another one since it works really well for me. Thanks for the help.

        • Michael from USA asked:

          I've scratched my head over this for a while so now I'm just going to ask, this is basically a Crosman with Dan Wesson's signature on it and a different logo in the grips, right?

          • Wilson from USA:

            No, while they are cosmetically similar, they are different guns. You can best see this by comparing the barrels. I do not know however if you can exchange the shells.

        • Miguel from Chile asked:

          can i use pellets in this bb gun? or interchange bbs withs pellets?

          • Ali from USA:

            The bullets it comes with has a round hole at the tip to hold steel bb's in. I'm almost certain it won't take pellets.

        • jeff from USA asked:

          Does it come with weaver scope mounts or not?

          • Stanley from USA:

            It does.

        • Dean from USA asked:

          Is the barrel supposed to be stiff to release?

          • deepak from India asked:

            Gun is with box case or not

            • Wilson from USA:

              When I got it, it came in a Styrofoam box.

            • Stanley from USA:

              No comes in a plastic clamshell .

          • deepak from India asked:

            Required licence?

            • Ali from USA:

              No, this is a BB gun, not an actual gun. Still considered a firearm, I wouldn't walk around in public with it.

          • hannah/david from USA asked:

            what is the outside diameter of this cartrage, will the gamo shot shells work in this gun, I need a handgun for house rats, plz email me at I cannot always find this page D

            • Ron from USA asked:

              What is the triger pull on double and single action?

              • Michael from USA asked:

                How many shots do you get from 1 CO2 cart? The video for the 8" version says they got 176. Is that true?

                • Wilson from USA:

                  I normally get about 120 shots from mine but it fluctuates depending on the temperature outside.

              • Tha First Born from Canada asked:

                Can u shoot steel bbs and plastic bb's or vice versa??

                • Val from USA:

                  just steel bbs

              • Tha First Born from Canada asked:

                I have the 6 inch version and it came wit plastic bb's which i didnt want! Can i use steel bb's in it also?

                • Val from USA:

                  this is a traditional BB guns, that shoots .177 steel BBs. 6mm plastic BBs will NOT work in this revolver

              • Robert from USA asked:

                What caliber revolver is this replicating?

                • Dan the Man from USA:


              • william from USA asked:

                Will the shells that fit bbs work with the pellet version of this air gun

                • Val from USA:

                  no, these are two different shells

              • Alford from USA asked:

                How many shells ships with this weapon... 6 or 12?

                • Val from USA:

                  6 shells. Black version used to come with 12, but not anymore

                • william from USA:

                  6 but I heard another website sells this air gun with 12 shells

              • demian from USA asked:

                are you guys going to sell the new dan wesson pellet version

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  Yes, Pyramyd's just waiting for the next batch to come in.

              • V8quattroguy70 from Canada asked:

                I just ordered mine a few days ao, can't wait until it gets here! I was wondering if it's possible to order the brown grips?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  Not at this point in time.

              • Dan from Canada asked:

                i live n nova scotia I want to order this gun but is this gun allowed in Canada your site says ships to Canada but the customs site says replica firearms are illegal so how do I own this gun someone help

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  If Pyramyd's site says it can ship to Canada, then you should be fine. If you have problems getting one, call them at 1-888-262-4867.

              • JAMES from USA asked:


                • bruce from USA:

                  This pistol has a great finish on it.

                • Matthew from USA:

                  I have this gun and I believe it's chrome plated, but I'm no expert. I love the finish. It stays clean, isn't a magnet for fingerprints and hasn't scratched up or anything yet. Check out this youtube video, switchingtomac does comprehensive reviews and shooting accuracy reviews on the guns